OK, Super Weirdness…

I just googled the title of my novel Americhrist and found that it is an actual church! And one that freakishly seems in keeping with the one in my book. My novel just gets creepier and creepier. It seems almost like I tapped into the future and just dictated back to myself from 30 years in the future. So much of it has already come to pass…

And a footnote in it is a 3rd WW which doesn’t kill everyone and isn’t really like the first two which I can see coming in all the nations charts I’ve looked at.

Getting chills yet? I am. I remember when I was writing the book the writer’s in my writing group were all saying, “Wow, Denise you have such an imagination,” and stuff like that. That was back in late 1999 early 2000 as I was writing it I was reading it. As time passed and I went through editing, and the Bush administration went forward with their agenda they all confided in me at different times that they thought often about the book and how bizarrely accurate the forecast was looking and becoming.

You can click on the page Americhrist if you want to read it. The book is posted here. Here’s a link to the freaky church with the actual name. It seems they are being sued for defimation which would make sense if they are anything like the weirdos in my book and I’d have to think they would be… knowing me.
And a link to the explanation of AmeriChrist Ltd. which seems to be in keeping with the twisted “Christian Values” in my book:

Seriously if everyone read the novel I think it would scare most of the population into doing something about global warming and the twisting of Christianity found in churches exemplified by the AmeriChrist of my book.

Best wishes and happy holidays,


Here’s a link to my book to make it all that much easier:

As a side note there seems to be some part of my brain that taps into very specific information when I’m writing. Perhaps it’s like automatic writing or something. Every story I’ve ever written (fiction) within months I’ve met people with that story or with the names of the main characters or it has become a headline story much later. I guess the psychic in me can’t get out of the way no matter what I do.

OK, Super Weirdness…

2 thoughts on “OK, Super Weirdness…

  1. grace43 says:

    This is an unrelated question, but it has had a dramatic impact on my and your lives this year. I’m talking about contagious illness. My entire family has been so ill with contagious illness this year, it has sent us to the doctor and emergency room several times.

    My husband has developed what seems to be a permanent heart condition from all this illness. Now we read that Brittany Murphy died of a heart attack following a several week battle with the flu. My husband cannot help but think he missed the bullet by having a physical in the middle of all this illness. He could have died from dangerously low potassium as well.

    Last spring, the ped nurse told us there was a massive wave of all types of stomach bugs, colds, flus, etc moving out of Western Virginia into WV and all points in all directions. Since we live about two hours drive from the nexus, it hit our area and my family personally hard last year.

    This wave made the local news in places like Winchester, VA, but for some reason never made the national news even though several young kids died of these illnesses in my county alone. By several, I mean 7 or 8 in a county with a population of about 27,000. To me, that is lot.

    Now, the rest of the country seems to be wrapped in a wave of contagious illness. I am wondering if this is the same wave that already hit us, a new side effect from global warming or a new wave.

    The only places that seem to be unaffected are the desert areas like AZ and NM. Now, while the rest of the country seems to be sick, my area is strangely disease free. I am hoping this is not the calm before the preverbial storm, because all this illness is causing me to loose sleep and cry my eyes out in fear of yet another illness. Hey, after 11 of 12 months of puking, coughing and all other matter of grossness, you would cry too at just the thought of more of the same.

    I just want this all to be over. My question for you is, is this finally ending or is this a new trend? Also, could you tell me why it all started in Western Virgina? Not West Virginia, over the border in Winchester, VA is where it all began. I can only think lack of travelling until recently prevented the spread of this.

    I am guessing your family has been sick so much this year because you have had Appalachin or VA area visitors. Thank you.

  2. hopeandaplan says:

    Hey Denise, Happy New Year. What do you think of the blue moon on New Year’s eve? And I have a wierd feeling about docks, shipping or San Francisco – any thoughts? Hope you are all healthy, wealthy and wise!

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