Happy New Year

Someone posted that January 1st never feels like the beginning of a new year. I have to agree. Numerologicaly speaking each person’s new year doesn’t change until their own birthday. I’m not sure why anyone decided to make January 1st the start of a new calendar year. It seems that things seem newer in the spring and fall than the summer or winter. It has always felt arbitrary to me as well. But here we are again, starting a new year.

Sorry to be absent for about a week I was on vacation.

More to come this week…

Best wishes and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year

One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. New Years is celebrated on Jan 1st, because Janus was the god of thresholds. It was established by Julius Caesar. It was celebrated historically by torturing Jews. I researched and blogged this last year, because, like you, I have never understood why we celebrate the new year in the bitter cold.

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