Karma… ( part 1)

I received an interesting e-mail from Carol in Australia, she asked:

Hi Denise,

What are your views on Karma?  Do you think there is such a thing as ‘The Universal Law of Karma’ or do you think it is a man-made-up concept?

The concept of karma is something I’ve thought about a lot. Perhaps too much, and from early childhood when I thought I’d invented the idea and told my mother about it, she informed me it was already a religious idea in play called karma.

In physics Newton’s 3rd law of motion is expression: To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction (here’s a link to the 3 basic Newtonian laws: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_laws_of_motion)

I believe that karma works in much the same way as this law of physics. It is not a judgment from God and/or directly related to anything divine. If something bad happens it could be bad karma being created which calls for a reaction or it maybe a reaction from some previous action. There is no way to know or judge. If someone does something good the same is true. It’s just energy calling for a reaction. I believe this rule or law of the universe exists to keep balance.

However westerners often have a distorted view of karma because they see the idea through the Judea/Christian lens.  Karma as most people view it is often distorted and inaccurate in my opinion because our notion of God is askew. To really understand (in my opinion) God/Goddess/Universe or the Divine is pretty much impossible. As a result we have anthropomorphized Him/Her to find a pathway into the incomprehensible. However the Divine is actually neither male nor female, nor is the Divine anything like what we have been trained to imagine it to be.

The further one gets into the depths of esoteric wisdom from all or any culture, the more one finds that the exoteric notion of God (sold to the commoners) when it gets deep into the esoteric understanding breaks down and becomes increasingly more vague, abstract, metaphoric and difficult to grasp. In the western esoteric tradition of Kabbalah (which was guarded for centuries and only relatively recently were women or married men able to learn it) the tree of life is broken down like this:
At the top is Kether. But what one can’t see (at least in this depiction) is the line between Kether and the rest of the tree.

Kether occupies a space beyond the veil of understanding, beyond anything we can know or understand in a sort of cosmic soup of oneness where there is no duality, no male and female, black and white, right or wrong.

It is actually the feminine side of the tree which triggered creation (and if one looks into the esoteric beliefs of Judea/Christians, it is the female side of God or the Goddess who brings the Universe into being.) Of course this idea pre-dates Judaism and perhaps is a carry over from all early religions when it was thought that the Great Goddess (name dependant on what part of the world looked at) gave birth to the Universe. The idea of a creator God is a modern notion that came about with the Jews. As the world went from nomadic and separate yet with equal places for men and women’s mysteries, to a patriarchal/agricultural way of life – where owning land (and women by extension as they were often associated with the Goddess/Mother Nature/or the Earth) led to dynasties and empires, the west transformed into a feudal society with a strict caste system of peasants and overlords which our American forefathers rallied against as they were merely land owners, most were not of royal blood.

History, spirituality, philosophy anything and everything, actually is filtered through the lens of the society that literally shapes our brains, our understanding of organization and our sense of self. It even shapes the form our government takes, the way we organize our home, how we feel about our bodies, sexuality, everything. Whether we are religious or not, the predominant paradigm shapes us whether we like it or not. Often people who claim to be atheists are really rejecting the Judea/Christian form of God. They in fact know nothing else and ironically in their rejection show a deep seated belief indoctrinated into them from childhood. I understand their feelings, yet, they are often shut down to anything spiritual due to their negative experience with Jehovah. Ironically, and as we know from history (hindsight is 20/20 as the saying goes) mistakes and philosophical cracks become obvious in retrospect.

… part 2 tomorrow…

Karma… ( part 1)

Brown Question & Obama…

I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to break the bad news to everyone about the Republican win. I haven’t wanted to address politics lately due to my feelings that Obama is in jeopardy of being seen in the light Jimmy Carter was. Here is an erudite, brilliant, compassionate, articulate, idealistic man who is talking to a group of schoolyard bullies (the Republicans) as if they have what most of us in the middle and on the left have – reason. Here’s the thing – it’s basic. It’s not just the glue of greed that binds Republicans together its the overuse of the reptilian part of their brain. They don’t live lives of reflection, but rather go forward into the world, unthinking, to dominate and take their place in the tribal pecking order (I could use a more derisive term like pack but I’ll stick with tribe).

Even before Obama became president I always worried that his cool, reasoned approach would be seen as weak among those who look to a leader to be a charismatic Ogre (or alcoholic father as the model went for Bush). When leading a group of people who don’t want to think, one has to do the thinking for them, one can not engage them in public discourse. They don’t want public discourse. They truly want to be bossed around, sent to bed without their dinner and derided for not doing what Big Daddy President said.

Until Obama realizes what he’s dealing with on the right – that he will never be able to engage them in an intellectual discussion of the issues or have an interesting debate and accept the fact that they need to be led like an alpha wolf leads a pack, then we are going to have serious trouble in the ranks. And really we will be in a major stale mate. Unfortunately for Obama those who are rational, sensitive, intelligent want to be engaged in the way he engages and like feeling we have a president and not a dictator.

My advise to him would be to appeal to his base with his usual calm reasoned intellect and keep the wolves in place with some good hard core training. I think he’s starting to get this. I just wish he would have gotten this a lot earlier. I think Hillary being in public life for so long knew this from the beginning which probably would have made her a much more effective leader early on – however when women are Alphas they are known as bitches. And it would seem that in our society sexism still trumps racism. We at least think about racism, I don’t believe we even question the ingrained sexist notions we have.

Sorry I couldn’t get to the question earlier…

Many blessings and I’ll post Karma part 2 soon.


Brown Question & Obama…

Psychic Ability & Children…

Here’s a post from Karina:

Karina // January 19, 2010 at 8:40 pm | Reply (edit)

Hi Denise — As I was picking up my 11-year-old son today from school, he noted how incredibly windy it was. (We live south of LA, in San Diego.) This strong wind, combined with the rain, is very unusual.

On his own, he said, “I think we are going to have a hurricane or a tornado.” I’m not claiming that my child is psychic, but it was rather unusual. Not until later did I read this blog, and hear about the tornado warnings for LA. That is strange!

Hi Karina,

Actually he is. I think nearly all children are, in fact in some tribal cultures children are seen as having magical powers akin to sorcerers. A child has to be very disconnected from being a kid in order to cut off their imagination, creativity and psychic ability. Now I’m not saying psychic ability is always seen for what it is or that it is even as we are taught to think of it. It is actually a sister to imagination and creativity.

When the military looked for people to train for their secret psychic warfare division, they looked for candidates (among those who were already in the military) who were creative and interested in the arts. Adults often ignore children which is why their wisdom and ability goes unnoticed (in my opinion) this was particularly true the further back in western culture one goes. I think it’s only been in the last 25 years or so that parents have adopted softer, gentler techniques including listening which is key to seeing the patterns kids display.

So I think your son is psychic, and he did pick up on what was going on. However much he exhibits this ability, only you will know based on  watching and listening to him. We all have some ability. Just as we can all run, whether one can go to the Olympics is another matter. Psychic ability can be cultivated and trained as well. And like everything else human, it has an element of talent to it, but it’s not just talent that makes a psychic consistently accurate on command, it takes training as well.

I wanted to mention to everyone out there that I still haven’t checked my e-mail and it’s piled high to the sky so I’m going to start a new e-mail address for those of you to correspond with me and I will post it soon, probably tomorrow. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. At this point it would take me more than a month to slog through all of it and I don’t have the time. So please forgive me.

Many blessings to all of you kind people,


Psychic Ability & Children…

Tornado Warning for Los Angeles?

I’ve lived here since 1985 and never experienced a tornado warning. Yes, back in the Chicago area but Los Angeles? I think this is the other component of the dream I had before the earthquake in Haiti. Now this tornado warning has been expanded to orange county as well. I know some people on the blog have had dreams of tornados as well.

Don’t believe in global warming? Well, hello here it is. I talked to a scientist about 15 years ago who grew up here in California. According to him there had never been a recording of as much as a funnel cloud until the early 1990s. And at the time I talked to him those funnel clouds had not actually touched ground. Since then we’ve had the very rare funnel cloud seen with an occassional swift touch down that resulted in very little damage. He said that due to the mountain range and the ocean we had been protected (here in CA) until the weather patterns began to change due to global warming.

Also if I lived in La Canada I would evacuate. I think houses will come down in that area. I woke up thinking about that to day and had a feeling there would be houses sliding down the hill. So please leave if you are asked to evacuate. Don’t be foolish and risk your life. Follow your gut and if you don’t have any intuition, follow mine. Get out if you are in a risky area.



Tornado Warning for Los Angeles?


From Lenora:

These aliens people have been seeing, which ones are they? Here is a list and description of known types of aliens:


I have my own theory and would like to see if others are thinking the same thing I am. I just wondered why they picked on the Haitians who seem like pretty harmless as far as weapons that might cause damage to an alien craft are concerned. i do believe these aliens have a fear of our atomic weapons.

I clicked on the link of different alien types. I think the author is correct about a lot, if not all of his assertions and types of aliens. I have never seen or heard anyone put together the alien agenda in the way I felt it was, which is pretty much what came to me before the quake in Haiti. Why (if this is connected to the aliens) they would want to destroy or start their war in that part of the world, I don’t know. It makes me wonder if it was due to the extreme poverty and the desire to do as much damage as possible to the Collective psyche of our race as possible. The devastation there is palpable, I can’t help but feel it – have had a migraine for a week now that will not go away. I don’t think I’m alone in the effect so many people are and have been feeling since this has happened. Perhaps it was meant to throw us off so other attacks would be easier, our minds fixated on this crisis and our emotions frazzled by the horrifying destruction.

I hope what I saw was just a metaphor and had no literal truth to it. This is always a problem when dealing with inter-dimensional beings whether they be aliens, angels, spirit guides or ghosts. It’s very difficult to get a handle on whether these beings are presenting an image of what they want to project or if people/sensitives are seeing them as they truly are. Or if they are speaking in metaphor, riddle or literally.

Please keep the comments and dreams coming.




Karina’s Comments & Readers Dreams…

It’s interesting that Karina had nearly an identical dream, my husband also had a similar dream and others have told me they too had dreams that put this earthquake together with aliens. I’m not sure if the dreams are symbolic yet or if there really is/was an extraterrestrial component to this.

Interesting to note that the other dream I had about the terrible storm seems to be taking form in a very bad storm coming toward southern California and fears that it will cause mud slides in the areas burned last summer.

Please keep posting dreams. I’m going to go over the dream journal and see if there is anything in there that seems related to the now (what appears to be a collective dream of at least 3 people). Please post any dream you have that you feel maybe related to these either on the front page or in the dream journal. Let’s see if there are patterns that can be deciphered.

We are all one, we all have the ability to see the future – time is an illusion.



Karina’s Comments & Readers Dreams…

Chart of Haiti w/analysis about the Earthquake…

I found this chart of Haiti on-line. It was taken from a book according to the blog I found it on. The astrologer who posted it said something about Haiti being in a Saturn return. Well, that’s very unlikely to cause anything like the devastation we have seen. If this were so every 27-29 years each country would go through a horrible disaster, and if this was a measure of a Haitian Saturn return than there would be no Haiti by now.

Events like earthquakes and major disasters (in my opinion) can only be truly predicted by the very outer planets and perhaps we will find (with research over the next several years) the trans-Neptunian objects. So here’s the chart and I’ll tell everyone what I think really happened.Here’s a PDF of the same chart: Haiti

You can clearly see the collection of planets in Capricorn at the bottom of the chart from the 3rd and into the 4th house.  While transiting Saturn was hitting natal Saturn by a little over a degree on 1-12-2010 at the time of the earthquake, it is the square to the transiting Pluto which was in exact conjunction to Mars at that time and also conjunct the 4th house cusp (which rules the motherland.) Of course, the houses are difficult here due to the impossible task of figuring out the exact moment of liberation. This chart uses 0 hour of January 1st as a guesstimate. It could very well be that Mars is nataly in the 4th which would explain the constant uprising and fighting and also the deadly destruction when Pluto hit that Mars on the 12th.

Haiti has a number of planets in Capricorn and as Pluto goes through and hits them there will be likely many changes in that country. The next hit will activate a sextile to natal Pluto and could mean the restructuring of the government, how relief organizations and the health care system work in Haiti (it’s in the 6th) through the friendly intervention of more powerful allies. Ultimately, this horrible tragedy will bring the world’s attention to the need for Haiti to be restructured both literally and metaphorically. It will take many, many years – at least a generation for Haiti to rebuild and when it does it will be a very different place.


Please keep the Haiti in your prayers,


Chart of Haiti w/analysis about the Earthquake…

Earthquakes, Dreams & Synchronicities…

I read several posts about the earthquake vision/dream I had. One person said that they had experienced the loud thud after a dream on the outside of their home, another said they had dreams that seemed to refer to earthquakes and in retrospect it seemed to be Haiti. Also a reference to Nostradamus about a great machine that would cause earthquakes in unnatural patterns that they had just read about.

For the past couple of days the vertigo has come back. Every time I try to tune into what’s going on in Haiti I get it. I’ve been through a major earthquake before and know that it’s very much like vertigo, the ground constantly shakes and moves underneath you. Before the Northridge quake in 1994, I had a bought of vertigo, but the vertigo was quick and violent much like the quake ended up being. Also I knew there was going to be an earthquake in southern California leading up to it for several years. I had squirreled away enough sterno, canned goods and water to last a couple months and had bought earthquake insurance 6 weeks before the quake. I ended up getting my family out of the area just before the freeway was shut down and we gave the supplies to our neighbors who ended up being served by the Red Cross for a couple of months. They were without heat, water, gas or even a working bathroom for that period.

Back then I noticed certain patterns that proceeded the quake. Several of them were very strange and I think I should put them out there as a warning to anyone who is potentially in a quake zone:

1: Everyone had a terrible headache. I had a severe migraine that wouldn’t go away. Everyone around me had a terrible headache and when I went to buy Excederin at the drugstore I was told  there had been a run on aspirin that day, everyone seemed to be complaining of a headache. Even the clerk who sold it to me complained of the very same ailment.

2. My normally feisty cat was a lump of fear. His eyes were glossy, he was completely unresponsive. I put him in a bunch of different positions to see if he’d snap out of his strange state. He did not. Once I let him go he hid. He wouldn’t come out or respond (which he normally did) to his name.

3. People were driving very strangely. Everyone on the freeway (which turned out to be near the epicenter, and about 30-45 minutes before the quake) was weaving like they were wasted. I mean going over the white lines several lanes at a time. Even my husband was doing this. I begged him to pull over and let me drive. He wouldn’t. I asked if he had been drinking. He said “no,” which I already knew to be true. I asked why he was weaving like that, he couldn’t explain it and told me he didn’t know why he was driving that way. He was just compelled.

Earthquakes are very terrifying. They aren’t just one event, but a series of constant shakes, and you never know if the one you are experiencing is the beginning of something even bigger and more frightening or if the shaking is going to end and turn out to be nothing. The ground doesn’t stop moving. The earth feels like being on a rocky ship.

The day after the news came out about Haiti I was coughing and told my husband I smelled smoke. I looked outside expecting the sky to be engulfed in darkness, but it was clear. He heard me coughing and was concerned. When I told him I smelled smoke he informed me that he did not and had not. I realized it was a psychic thing and figured it was related to Haiti. I turned on the news and the coverage was all about fires raging down there. This is of course to be expected after an earthquake.

This morning, I woke up smelling a combination of death and fire aftermath. It was horrible. I also felt my left side pinned and felt a broken arm. I realized this person I was tuning into was stuck in the rubble and I worried that she would die before being rescued.

My spiritual guide/higher self told me that would be about a quarter of a million people who will pass over during this earthquake and if resources continue to go slowly, as many as half a million who will die both directly and indirectly due to the earthquake there.

I urge everyone to give whatever you can to the relief effort. Just thinking about the area gives me a terrible migraine and makes me dizzy. I wonder now if the severe vertigo I had a couple of months ago was related to these earthquakes. It was odd. I noticed that whenever I would tell people about the vertigo they all knew someone who was having a similar thing happen. I was sort of blown away by how many people were experiencing vertigo (for a period of about  2 months) at or around the same time that I was, and wondered if this was some sort of massive psychic shock to the collective, or if there was some weird virus going around. All the people happened to be women, which I also thought was interesting.

Please keep posting your insights and information.

Many blessings,


I continue trying to get clarification about the vision/dream. I’m going to run a chart of Haiti and continue asking for understanding about a possible unnatural cause of this horrible disaster.

Earthquakes, Dreams & Synchronicities…