Toe Nail Fungus & Tea Tree Oil Update

It seems this post has gotten a lot of hits so I wanted to update people on some new information.  Tea tree oil is used by Aboriginal people for skin infections and as a disinfectant, in a similar way that alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is used but tea tree oil has one very important advantage. Because it is an oil it can penetrate through layers of skin, nails or anything porous to get to the root of an infection. I’ve used it to stop skin infections by making a *poultice out of it. It will turn the skin white and you will almost immediately feel it killing the infection. Skin infections are very serious things so if after a couple of nights of sleeping with this very stinky poultice on you, there are still signs of infection go to a doctor immediately.
Now the toe nail fungus treatment I discovered worked this way. I put a poultice of tea tree oil on the infected toe nail. After a couple of days the entire nail turned white. I knew at that point it had killed the fungus but for good measure put the poultice on another night or so. Eventually the toe nail as it grew out became normal again. The weird thickness went away, the discoloration, all gone. The treatment worked amazingly well but at first I wasn’t sure as I’ve never had anything like this happen and the thickness of the nail had to grow out for several months first. So don’t lose heart if you try the treatment and your toe nail takes a while to look and feel entirely normal. The old infected part needs to grow out first.

And the best part is it won’t destroy your liver and is perfectly safe and natural.

Best wishes and many blessings,


(*A poultice is a piece of fabric or square of cotton soaked in whatever, in this case tea tree oil, and wrapped around the infected area.)

Toe Nail Fungus & Tea Tree Oil Update