Earthquake… Haiti…

I would not normally post a vision that I hadn’t really decoded completely or one that could be seen as so strange an absurd, but I felt in light of the earthquake in Haiti and the nature of this vision I had to go forward. I wish I would have posted it the night I received it, but usually my visions are not so close on the heels of disasters like this. There is usually more lead time…

I had a strange vision a couple of nights ago as I was falling asleep. I told it to my husband and as it turned out he had had a similar/almost identical dream. I was looking out or sort of hovering over the ocean I thought I was off of the West Coast pretty far North, probably near Oregon, maybe as far as Washington or as south as far Northern California near the border of Oregon. Above me was a strange UFO, like something I’ve never seen, not even in depictions of any kind. It was dark and octagonal. As I watched it, these strange legs appeared and from the legs bright lights shown. The word bipedal came to me although there were more than two of these legs, perhaps it only used two to walk on land or sea. Anyway, it was black, ominous and metallic and definitely alien in origin. However it did not have good or even neutral feeling about it. This thing was here to start a war on earth. A war against the earth as we have known it, using all the disadvantages we have provided by way of global warming and whatever natural earth changes scheduled to come down the pike.

I was also told there would be an explosion deep underwater near or in the Bermuda triangle area and this would cause a terrible series of earthquakes. People would not know that these earthquakes were not entirely natural, of course they would assume as I or any rational person would nothing unusual about them other than the nature of these earthquakes themselves. I also so that where this strange UFO was hanging out, over an obscure (literally) off the radar place in the middle of the Pacific, there was a base being set up.

OK, this may sound insane, but I was told this was the beginning of a war of the worlds. The end game of two alien races, both with different agendas for our planet. The one I was seeing was the very evil one. The other alien race I think was/is the Grays – whose purpose is more neutral in regards to us and our planet. Not benevolent, self-serving on their part, but sort of like a giant experiment they had started ages ago which they need to see through and also because they have a vested interest in us as we are a hybrid race related to them. In a strange way they are mining our reproductive systems in order to keep their own race alive.

I was then startled out of the vision by the sound of two loud bangs on the outside of my home. I’ve had this happen before major earthquakes before and wondered if perhaps southern California was also going to get hit but dismissed that notion for the time being.

Now the thing that kept me from posting this (other than it is completely crazy sounding) is that often visions and dreams in a metaphorical language which needs decoding. The aliens could be an alien culture. Symbolic language is often exaggerated for emotional impact. The fact that the aliens were going to detonate some sort of nuclear device deep under the ocean floor to cause these earthquakes could mean that there is something unnatural about the earthquake in Haiti or the earthquakes themselves could be so extreme that they are “mind-blowing” like a nuclear explosion. Again the Bermuda Triangle and the Bahamas were the area were this energy was despite the feeling the UFO I was seeing was somehow connected to the West Coast. This also confused me so I figured I’d wait it out to decipher the meaning but again the voice told me this would be a series of earthquakes all over connected deep under the earth which made me wonder if there wasn’t going to also be something happening up in Northern California sooner rather than later, again the whales, the sea lions also seemed like signs…

The next night I had a dream that I was flying in an aircraft when a terrible storm came, and somehow the aircraft ended up adrift in the water in what looked like a bay of a large island near the Bahamas although I’ve never been to the Bahamas or anywhere near there, I knew it was the area. When I saw some news of the Haitian earthquake after being at an amusement park all day for my daughter’s birthday, I saw the very same bay that the airplane was floating in from the dream. In the dream I was amazed the aircraft was able to float and we seemed to be OK for the time being before I was awoken by my husband to go to the amusement park.

While we were at the amusement park waiting in a dark room for a show to start my husband told me about some friends of his who were going to go to go on a cruise (work related) to the Bahamas. I freaked out and said, “No, you can’t go it’s too dangerous there. Something terrible is happening there.  I’ve had a bunch of dreams about it.” This is when a bunch of those references started really coming together in my head. As it turned out it was at about 2:15 PM PST right around the time or just after the major earthquake in Haiti was happening.

Now one could dismiss all this as coincidence and as I’ve said I normally don’t put out the crude version of a vision without proper deconstruction, but I felt that my husband having had a similar dream and the earthquake happening in Haiti yesterday are reasons to fly my freak flag, perhaps some part of this that I haven’t figured out yet someone else will and it can help someone out figure something out that needs figuring.

By the way there is a terrible storm coming this way next week. And actually it has just started raining here. I will meditate on this and try to make more cohesive sense of it all. Sorry to go the long route but sometimes things are literal and sometimes metaphorical and sometimes it’s not for me to figure out completely. Maybe for someone out there they will read this and it cause someone to reflect on a strange dream and another piece of the puzzle will come together. Please post if anyone has had similar strange dreams related to any of the issues discussed here…

Best wishes and please pray for the Haitian people,


Earthquake… Haiti…

18 thoughts on “Earthquake… Haiti…

  1. Ria says:

    I find what you wrote about your dream about the Earthquake in Haiti very interesting. I actually was just reading a book about Nostradamus and in Century IX, Quatrain 83 he speaks of a weapon developed that can produce earthquakes that will at first appear to most as a natural event but is only after many happen that the scientific community begins to realize these quakes are not following a natural order. I do not know exactly what to make of all of this but after doing some searching things about this quake do seem odd. Thank you for sharing your dream.

  2. johanna says:

    I had a strange, totally out of the blue urge to research earthquakes on Sunday. I looked up regions where earthquakes have happened, and magnitudes. The next night I had a dream about a tornado in the tropics, along a beach somewhere. I’m not 100% sure it was a tornado, it was a big scary black thing in the sky and everyone was going inside to hide. But inside wasn’t safe because there were dangerous animals. The next day (tuesday) i heard about the earthquake. That day also happened to be my birthday. I don’t know what it means if anything…but just thought I’d share it.

  3. Juno says:

    Hi Denise – I had re-read the dream journal posts and there was a spike in March or apocalyptic dreams – Sally posted one about exploding cones coming out of the earth – I had several about cities being destroyed. Sally’s in particular seems to tie in with the alien nature of what you described in this post. I am going to be more vigilant about writing down my dreams again…

  4. nj says:

    One week to the day before the recent Northern ca earthquake, I had this dream: I was in the office where I used to work. A Black man came and began closing all the blinds. I protested saying it is too dark. He said, “there is going to be an earthquake where many of God’s pople will die.”. That same day my daughterinlaw was in the garage and came running in and said “are we having an earthquake I felt a shaking.”. I said no I didn’t feel a thing. One week later the earthquake in northern ca occurred. I have relatives in San Francisco and figured I had this dream to warn them which I did. The next few days a smaller eq happened in so cal where more of my family live but there was no damage. Thennn the Haiti earthquake happened. After the fact I now understood why the man in my dream was of the Black race. He was referring to Haiti. I was puzzled about the blind closing until I read that keeping blinds closed is a preventive measure during an earthquake

  5. Lenora says:

    When i first of the earthquake in Haiti, it reminded me of the tsunami in Asia in 2006. I told my husband a few days before, wouldn’t it be strange if geological events started happening in unusual places like volcanoes in Kansas. Aren’t earthquakes unusual in this region? It’s almost as if the earth is trying to kill off some people and it’s just their bad luck wherever it happens.

    I do not ascribe to that loonie Pat Robertson’s notion that this is divine retribution for something that may have happened over 200 years ago. Is there any hope these voices of insanity (like pat Robertson) are going to be silent or at least a little quieter and less influential? Thanks in advance!

  6. becky diorio says:

    DEnise, a friend sent me your dream. I seem to remember reading a long time ago that Haiti was where Columbus first landed, and reported that it was a virtual paradise. It became stripped of it’s lush nature and resources long ago. Perhaps the destruction to our environment also leads to negative forces finding easier entry. I don’t know -this is just a thought. Certainly when we pollulte and destroy nature, there is a feeling of desolation as the spirits depart the land. Also many years ago when meditating I became frozen with fear when something pounded so hard on the side of my house (twice) that my house shook. It sounded as if a giant with a giant sledgehammer was trying to get my attention. Later I told a psychic friend about this and she said it was the result of aliens. Who knows? In any case there are humans that are tampering with the weather. Buckminster Fuller wrote about this decades ago. The earthquake and the suffering is not a good omen for 2010, many of us are feeling depression and disquiet as a result.

  7. hopeandaplan says:

    Hi Denise, Two weeks ago I had a dream that the space shuttle (metaphor) would crash across the desert and open up fissures in the earth, like plates splitting, I kept running and jumping away and then a second one would land, not crash but the earth was still unsettled. There were aliens too. On another note, there was an earthquake today in Venezuela. In 1967 there was a major earthquake and there were sightings for nearly ten days of three ufos hovering above and then diving into the carribean right before the quake. Another thing is that Cuba is now drilling in the carribean for oil. Destabilizing the earth further. Just a bunch of random stuff to add to the coffers for thought.

  8. karina says:

    OMG — I’ve been searching the internet much of yesterday and today trying to fully understand two dreams I had about the Haiti earthquake. Denice, your blog is the closest to helping me put it all together.

    First — I am not accustomed to having prophetic dreams. This is VERY weird for me.

    This is what happened—- On Sunday morning, Jan. 12th, I dreamed of being in a room that heaved and hoed, with a giant rocking motion, due to a horrible earthquake. There were many flying saucers. The connection between the flying saucers and the earthquake was so apparent that finally the government had to declassify UFO information, and finally admit that UFOs were there in Haiti.

    The dream was so real, it was more like a vision than a dream. It did not fade upon awakening. It was of a different character than a normal dream.

    The second dream/vision was two days later, in the early morning of Jan. 12th. In the second, vision-like dream, I was in the same room with the same frightening rocking motion. I then said to myself, in the vision/dream, “Oh, this is the earthquake that I dreamed about two days ago!” It was a HORRIBLE earthquake, far worse than anything I have ever experienced and I was in California’s Loma Prieta quake in ’89 (a 7.1).

    With a nervous laugh, I told friends and family of both dreams the next day— I feared a Calif. earthquake. Then, late afternoon, I heard the news of the devastating Haitian earthquake.

    Survivors described the exact rocking motion that I experienced in my dream. Even the front page of the CNN website showed the severe rocking motion via a static security camera that recorded it on tape.

    I know for certain that I had “seen” the Haiti quake in the dream, but why me???? I’ve been on the internet trying to see if someone I know was caught there….What exact spot was I “seeing” in my vision……Were UFO’s spotted by Haitians?…….Did other people aside from me have visions about the Haitian earthquake?…..Was all these ugly deaths”preordained” by God, and unescapable for the victims?

    I really don’t have any answers, just befuddling questions. This is completely new to me. You are the only other person that I have found on the web that had a similar experience to me.

    Please, let’s try to work through this together.

  9. Karina says:

    Denice, After re-reading your initial post, I realized that I forgot to mention the freakiest part of the dream/vision. This also relates to what you saw.

    In my dream the aliens also wanted humans because they were able to regenerate themselves by using human bodies in some way. One human-looking female “alien” I spoke to in my dream/vision said that she had just been reborn into her “new” human body. She said her body was only four-years old. I said, “No, it’s not! It’s an adult body.” And she replied rather casually, “Oh, we modify the growth hormones so the new bodies grow to maturity much quicker than what they would do on their own.”

    I was very shocked. Apparently these aliens were gaining some degree of immortality by being able to slither out of their old bodies, and then able to inhabit a new “human” body. “How can they do that?!?” was all I could think about. I sensed that they grew new human-like bodies, starting from embryos, and did not take-over existing bodies, for which I was greatly relieved.

    Anyhow, this is all very weird, and I am only pursuing it because I have never had anything like this happen to me in the past. After the horrible news from Haiti, I feel I have to find out why did this information come to me??? Can it help someone? Is there any truth to the latter part about aliens regenerating themselves with human bodies? It is all just too weird, and then you had a similar dream !!

  10. farah says:

    Hi Denise,

    I had a dream around Christmas time. In it I was flying around in my dream body. There was this place under the earth that seemed sort of negative. It seemed like a subterranean foundry of some sort. I felt like if the beings there noticed me I would be in trouble, so I flew through the rocks into some other dark underground space that felt like a void almost. In that void a voice talked to me. It felt like a collective voice talking from some sort of a base but I couldn’t see anything. That was just my impression. It told me ”You have now gained the ability to harm us. We cannot allow that”.

    I woke up thinking that I didn’t think that I could personally hurt any alien race. But then I thought maybe they were talking to me as a member of the human race. I got the sense that there were beings that existed in the interior of the planet. They weren’t malevolent, but they were defensive and unfriendly.

    Maybe some of the things we have done have disturbed the balance of their lives somehow?


  11. Frank says:

    The end of last year I started to research on-line about astrological earthquakes predictions and surprisingly I found a comment about the European Particle Accelerator CERN that re- started to function at almost full power beginning of January 2010, a few days before the big earthquake in Haiti and today I found another new website at with astrological maps of major earthquakes in the past.

  12. lindsey says:

    maybe if the only way to plug the oil spill is too set off a nuclear bomb under the water it may set off a series of volcanic eruptions

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