5 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien…

  1. Lenora says:

    The coverage given to this ‘feud’ is exactly what makes people make their children hide in the attic while they create an elaborate hoax or to have 14 babies through invetro. I don’t understand why Jay Leno wants to put himself up there with Octomom and the Gosselins, but this seems like where he wants to go…

    The coverage the most innate things get is insane. I read a story about a dog who saved an old man’s life today. He got 5 or 6 sentences and consigned to a back corner. Doing stupid, selfish things is made to look more admirable than heroic things. *shakes head*

  2. Nancy says:

    Conventional astrological wisdom says it’s not a good idea to begin projects during Mercury retrogades. Conan began his Late show gig just as Mercury was going direct after being retrogade. Jay Leno went on the air in Sept. during a Mercury retrograde period. It’s usually better to wait after Mercury goes direct.

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Denise,
    First, I’m not a Leno fan. I don’t like him or find him amusing. Rather, I find him irritating. But I find your comments smacking of age discrimination. While I agree with you that this Conan vs. Jay situation does not bode well for Leno or his network, I disagree with you that he should step aside for those coming up. Your comments are representative of why older people find it hard to get and keep employment. He should step aside because he’s a hack not because he’s old & had his day in the sun. Jeff Zucker should step aside because he’s incompetent.


  4. barry says:

    I havn’t followed this story because I watch neither one of these shows. But it seems to me that Leno and NBC must have discussed contingency plans in case the prime time show didn’t work out. Maybe that is all they are doing now.

  5. Joe says:

    There is talk among the psychic community of seismic activity in 2010 around the ring of fire which includes California; do you get any vibes on any possible earth quakes in California this year?

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