Tornado Warning for Los Angeles?

I’ve lived here since 1985 and never experienced a tornado warning. Yes, back in the Chicago area but Los Angeles? I think this is the other component of the dream I had before the earthquake in Haiti. Now this tornado warning has been expanded to orange county as well. I know some people on the blog have had dreams of tornados as well.

Don’t believe in global warming? Well, hello here it is. I talked to a scientist about 15 years ago who grew up here in California. According to him there had never been a recording of as much as a funnel cloud until the early 1990s. And at the time I talked to him those funnel clouds had not actually touched ground. Since then we’ve had the very rare funnel cloud seen with an occassional swift touch down that resulted in very little damage. He said that due to the mountain range and the ocean we had been protected (here in CA) until the weather patterns began to change due to global warming.

Also if I lived in La Canada I would evacuate. I think houses will come down in that area. I woke up thinking about that to day and had a feeling there would be houses sliding down the hill. So please leave if you are asked to evacuate. Don’t be foolish and risk your life. Follow your gut and if you don’t have any intuition, follow mine. Get out if you are in a risky area.



Tornado Warning for Los Angeles?

3 thoughts on “Tornado Warning for Los Angeles?

  1. Karina says:

    Hi Denise — As I was picking up my 11-year-old son today from school, he noted how incredibly windy it was. (We live south of LA, in San Diego.) This strong wind, combined with the rain, is very unusual.

    On his own, he said, “I think we are going to have a hurricane or a tornado.” I’m not claiming that my child is psychic, but it was rather unusual. Not until later did I read this blog, and hear about the tornado warnings for LA. That is strange!

  2. Lenora says:

    I grew up in “tornado alley”. Very few people in the Great Plains states are ever injured or killed in these things, because they just “know” when they are coming. After living through hurricanes and tornadoes, I prefer tornadoes. At least, they are quick. Stay safe in the basement if you have one. China has been having these F5+ tornadoes for the past few years. I think only weather fans like me have heard much about them. Megastorms are just a part of global warming. :o(

  3. miley c.lurk says:

    well in savannah we never had tornadoes it be cacelled well i cant spell but we didnt had torndoes till like in the 80s we had one

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