Brown Question & Obama…

I’m sorry I missed the opportunity to break the bad news to everyone about the Republican win. I haven’t wanted to address politics lately due to my feelings that Obama is in jeopardy of being seen in the light Jimmy Carter was. Here is an erudite, brilliant, compassionate, articulate, idealistic man who is talking to a group of schoolyard bullies (the Republicans) as if they have what most of us in the middle and on the left have – reason. Here’s the thing – it’s basic. It’s not just the glue of greed that binds Republicans together its the overuse of the reptilian part of their brain. They don’t live lives of reflection, but rather go forward into the world, unthinking, to dominate and take their place in the tribal pecking order (I could use a more derisive term like pack but I’ll stick with tribe).

Even before Obama became president I always worried that his cool, reasoned approach would be seen as weak among those who look to a leader to be a charismatic Ogre (or alcoholic father as the model went for Bush). When leading a group of people who don’t want to think, one has to do the thinking for them, one can not engage them in public discourse. They don’t want public discourse. They truly want to be bossed around, sent to bed without their dinner and derided for not doing what Big Daddy President said.

Until Obama realizes what he’s dealing with on the right – that he will never be able to engage them in an intellectual discussion of the issues or have an interesting debate and accept the fact that they need to be led like an alpha wolf leads a pack, then we are going to have serious trouble in the ranks. And really we will be in a major stale mate. Unfortunately for Obama those who are rational, sensitive, intelligent want to be engaged in the way he engages and like feeling we have a president and not a dictator.

My advise to him would be to appeal to his base with his usual calm reasoned intellect and keep the wolves in place with some good hard core training. I think he’s starting to get this. I just wish he would have gotten this a lot earlier. I think Hillary being in public life for so long knew this from the beginning which probably would have made her a much more effective leader early on – however when women are Alphas they are known as bitches. And it would seem that in our society sexism still trumps racism. We at least think about racism, I don’t believe we even question the ingrained sexist notions we have.

Sorry I couldn’t get to the question earlier…

Many blessings and I’ll post Karma part 2 soon.


Brown Question & Obama…

3 thoughts on “Brown Question & Obama…

  1. sharon says:

    George Noory had on authority on Nostradamus & the occult, John Hogue on his radio show. He said Obama will be reelected again if stay connected with I guess the middle class people.

  2. Lenora says:

    I just watched American Experience: Jimmy Carter last night. I was struck by the similarities between the two men. Hopefully, Obama will not go the same way as Carter. I am very worried the Republicans will get control in 2012.

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