Almost Done…

It’s been 2 weeks of ongoing construction in my house. And of course a million emergencies. To all my clients I apologize for the inconvenience of my home being torn asunder with nowhere and no reprieve in which to work with you right now.  I’m hopeful that next week I will be able to get a few people who have been waiting patiently in, I’ll e-mail you guys on Saturday when I’m sure the workmen will be gone from my home. If there is debate and a chance they don’t get it done (which is very possible as it was just supposed to take at most a week and it’s twice that now) I’ll post on the website the supposed end game.

There were some things I wanted to write about but it appears some of them have already come to pass. So, what can I do? Seems my lead time has gotten shorter. I found a poem I wrote in early summer of 2008 about my feeling that something terrible was about to hit. I came across it looking for an old story idea I had jotted down. It was before I pinpointed the stock market. I kept hearing “something wicked this way comes,” which is of course a famous literary work, but for some reason I knew it was literal and not about writing or the story.

Here’s the poem, don’t judge it as a poem, it was really just written stream of consciousness without any editing, but for some reason psychic information has always come to me (or often) as poetry. Just look at the info instead contained in the goofy (never meant to be read by another human – I must say I feel pretty brave showing it to you) verse. Perhaps it’s my Mercury in Pisces that organizes information in rhyme.

Here goes:

Something wicked this way comes

I’m not sure what it is or what’s to be done

But I’m sure something wicked this way comes,

Is it depression, famine, plague or war?

The spider in the garden knows the score,

I can feel it in the air,

In the strange night breeze,

But I don’t know what it is,

Tell me please,

Is it just for me?

Or my family?

Or something changing in the world we see?

But wicked it is, I can feel it in my bones,

I know by the fall it will have begun,

I pray for all of us,

For me and my family,

Hoping its powers will not reach me,

I’ll burn protection and say my prayers,

hoping against hoping nothing will be there…

I put the part most applicable to what I was starting to hone in on in bold letters. I’m showing you all this to see that psychic knowing is often a puzzle, a collection of words that cycle in one’s head, a dream, a vision of something that hits in the middle of the day, an inner voice speaking with insistence, a poem, a flash out of the corner of one’s eye, even a meeting with an unexpected animal in a strange place or a strange experience with an animal such as being in a forest and having a deer come up to you and stare for several minutes into your eyes. Pay attention, signs are everywhere. The Great Intelligence is always communicating with us, most of us just fail to listen.

Be vigilant….

Many blessings,


Almost Done…

Plumbing Problems…

OK now I’m feeling alright, but we started smelling a horrible mold stench and had a plumber look under our home, and found that the pipes were seriously leaking. So we are in the middle of a re-pipe and every day something new comes up. So I’m very sorry for my lack of posting and for those trying to reach me for readings, I’m sorry to you as well. I haven’t had a chance to check e-mail or much of anything besides deal with this and a bunch of other stuff that has come up. Things should be back to normal next week so e-mail me mid-next week if you want to schedule a reading. You can either e-mail: or Or do both to make extra sure!

I’m hoping 2010 which officially begins right about now (according to the Chinese) will bring with it good health, happiness, and prosperity for all.

Best wishes,


Plumbing Problems…


Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago when I warned that the hillside in La Canada would slide and cause major damage; it happened last week (for those who are not local.) Luckily, no one was seriously injured which is a miracle. These poor people have had to evacuate a dozen times or more over the last 6 months and I’m sure are fatigued at having to do so. But it’s a good thing most people complied or things would have been much worse.

OK and the stock market, let’s just say I’ve been sticking to my original prediction that the market would take a double plunge and until late fall of 2010 the market would and will remain unstable. I know things are going that way again. So I hope those of you who have been looking at that part of the blog have kept in mind my advice to stay away from the whole mess for 2 years from the initial crash. Unless of course you are an expert in which case you are in an entirely different ball game and perhaps unable to stay out even if you want to.

More on karma coming this week…

Best wishes and many blessings…



E-mail hell…

I’m going to finish the series on karma but I just wanted to let everyone know that once I tried to import my contacts from the old e-mail address into the gmail account it actually took all my mail with it, spam and everything.

I’m currently buried under a pile of e-mail 10 times worse than I was. I should have left well enough alone. I was trying to make things easier. Oh well, hope everyone is well. I’ll look at the comments in the next few days after I’ve finished the final part of the karma essay. I’ll answer questions once I read everyone’s comments.

Have a great weekend. It’s my birthday on Tuesday so… I’ll try to prepare ahead of time.

Best to everyone,


E-mail hell…

Karma (part 3)

See Part 1 & 2… (continued)

So back to how I believe the Universe works and how “karma/darma” operates. The Universe is intelligence beyond our comprehension.  Ours is one of an infinite number of Universes and ours is one of an infinite number of dimensions. The best way to describe it is a circle within a circle within a circle forever smaller and larger than the circle we occupy. The Great Intelligence is infinite in every direction without beginning or end. It does not directly create, have judgment or take sides.

Actually, it is my belief that the Great Intelligence (I don’t want to call it God or Goddess because these terms are to anthropomorphic and loaded) is an energetic field in and part of all of creation – meaning each of us carries a piece of this animating force known in occult literature as the Higher Self or in religious vernacular, the soul.

So we literally have direct access to the Great Intelligence. All of us are equally connected, equally a part of this Great Intelligence as the Great Intelligence experiences/learns and grows through our processes of individuation which is also and equally a part of the Great Intelligences’ individuation and growth process – in other words we are one and the same, all of creation is directly linked to the Great Intelligence.

This being said, conversely the Great Intelligence is eternal, all-knowing, pure unconditional love. And I don’t mean love as an emotion, but love as a beingness or energetic glue of oneness which in our language is best expressed as love. The Great Intelligence is in a constant state of creative evolution and experiences all of Itself (of which I’m including you, I, and everything in the Everythingness) as an extension of itself. The Great Intelligence does not possess human emotions, motives or anything we can remotely wrap our heads around. This is where karma/darma comes in. Each Universe is set up with a set of rules and conditions that those who occupy that Universe must abide by. Our Universe is dualistic; we have light and dark, good and evil, black and white, man and woman and all that lay in-between these opposites.

In our Universe we can not know one side without experiencing the other. It is through contrast that we learn and evolve, for whatever reason this is the path our soul took in this lifetime to learn whatever it needed to in order to further our own individuation and add to the collective growth/knowledge and self-understanding of the Great Intelligence. Or, hey, maybe we just like it and find it fun and entertaining.

We know through science that time is an illusion and actually as quantum physics evolves (through string theory) the notion of parallel dimensions has become a primary component, without this string theory is rendered useless. Just by extrapolation of this theory (which dovetails well with ancient occult teachings) there are endless versions of our world where: you are born, you are not born, you decide to marry, not marry, have children, not have children, etc. And of course you are but one component of the endless possibilities and how all these things coalesce to make for the current universe we inhabit. In a sense karma helps to keep the balance among all these possibilities, without this law our souls could not make the connection between the light and dark or between action and reaction.

Karma in other words is the connective tissue between the call and the answer. I don’t believe it is punishment or favor. It is nothing more than a universal law set up so we may understand how our actions create and effect our world, loved ones, future trajectories, and really everything.

In eastern religions it is thought that we are on a wheel of Samsara or suffering. That our world is a kind of purgatory from which the ultimate goal is to ascend. I don’t believe that either. In this version of karma the idea is to reach a state of karma-lessness through meditation, and never causing injury (or help for that matter) to anything whether it be ant or human. The problem with this idea is (of which there are many in my opinion) is in order to live someone else has to die, be that plant, animal or even microbes that one breathes. There is no escaping the impact one will have by the very act of being alive. And hiding away on a mountain to meditate all night and day, eating only things without faces is a form of escapism (in my opinion, not that one doesn’t learn a lot about the soul and ones connection to the Great Intelligence this way, one does, and there is great wisdom to garner from a lifetime spent in meditation, but it won’t get anyone off the wheel).

I have this opinion because I would like nothing more than to spend all day in a tower meditating, having someone else put some bread and a bowl of soup at my door for me to “evolve” off the wheel of Samsara. But from my own memories I’ve spent many lifetimes doing just that, and I’m still here. And we have the example of the Dali Lama who keeps coming back despite leading countless ascetic hermetic lives. I’ve had to make a conscious effort not to hide away in this lifetime because I realized life was and is meant to be lived, mistakes are meant to be, and one moves off the wheel, or off this planet whenever one feels he or she is ready. It’s really that simple. What isn’t simple is our souls are far wiser than we are and hold us to a standard not easy to pass until we are truly ready and have exhausted all growth needed to move on

….In other words I believe we participate out of choice, a choice to grow and become greater than we started and whatever it is in the human experience that moves us forward, it is one of many experiences our soul will have in its eternal life. And we can choice to incarnate here or there or wherever. We have to play by the rules of the game we get into and that is that. Let’s face it hanging on the astral plane and reading the Akashic records all day would get pretty boring after awhile and one would hunger for a new way to experience the self just as the Great Intelligence hungers to grow more intelligent and to experience the self through all of Its many facets and pieces.

In part 4 I’ll talk about heaven and hell…

Best to all,


Karma (part 3)

Karma (part 2) new

So in my opinion karma/darma is one in a set of governing laws provided as boundaries/laws which evolved to move us and the Great Intelligence (of which we are one with) forward. Christ said, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within,” a quote often overlooked and in many ways misunderstood. What he meant isn’t you can find internal peace or happiness inside, but that the way to Heaven (or the Great Intelligence) is through the divine part of the self, the part that is at one with the Great Intelligence, the part that returns to the eternal oneness, the part that is itself eternal just as the Great Intelligence is, sometimes referred to as the soul, spirit, higher-self.

We are like innumerable sparks taken from the Great Intelligence, cast out by It on myriad of adventures to expand, grow and bring back greater knowledge of the Great Self.

I had a knowing in my early 20s that we were all Individual and all One at the same time. That the nature of our dualistic universe does not allow us to see beyond Ain Soph to Kether. These restrictions are placed on us so we will stay grounded in our agreed upon time and space, so we may interact in order to learn the lessons we feel we need to learn in order to grow.

As odd as it seems, it’s been my experience and belief that to a lesser or greater degree we are co-creators of our lives. I do not believe in The Secret‘s idea of this. It is far more complicated, delicate and random than the New Age has sold this idea. I do not believe people born into poverty or to terrible parents did awful things in their past lives. Chances are better that these are highly evolved souls who choose a more difficult path, one they knew would be fraught with sacrifice and hardship in order to learn far more than those who live an easy life.

I do not believe being wealthy, famous or born into those privileges are a blessing. Instead I believe they create distortion, a bubble of isolation, misunderstanding of the world around, often a lack of empathy, a feeling of aimlessness and self-absorption. Faust sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune and indeed this metaphor is apt. In our narcissistic culture it seems everyone is all too ready to sell even their children soul (such as Balloon Man) for a taste of fame – a tiny rush of power and a chance at prosperity.

Yet all that we seek here in the west, fame, fortune, power over others – those things that have become hallmarks of being “special,” actually take us away from the true experience of life and those things that are actually precious. It is no accident that Christ said, “It’s easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than a rich man into the kingdom of heaven.” And what he meant was: the more one looks outward for reward (through riches, power, fame) the further one gets from their connection to God/Great Intelligence as they fall into a bubble of narcissistic power tripping that others are all to happy to indulge due to their own ego driven narcissistic tendencies.

Take for example the recent example of Andrew Young’s book The Politician which exemplifies this idea. From Young’s interview (I haven’t read the book yet) he seemed to lack insight and of course this was and is to his benefit. He sold his soul to be close to power. John Edwards may have been his devil, but Young was surely Faust, and his attempt to purge his conscious and clear his name lacked the same insight. He didn’t seem to understand the position Elizabeth Edwards was put in, or have much compassion for her – a woman who was diagnosed with cancer and had her husband lie and cheat on her. I suppose this was because his ego was bruised from his participation in her injury and the fact that she took out her anger on him in her desire to believe her husband. I’m not saying she was perfect or that she didn’t have issues. But it’s clear that she was a typical woman, she’d been in love and married to the same man (faithfully) for 30 years. Gone through the loss of a child with this man, supported his dreams and sublimated her own desires for his. Young mentioned that they had an “odd” relationship, that Elizabeth was more like a mother than anything else to John.

Well, this is often the case when both partners are in love with the same person – in other words she was in love with a narcissist, but I’d hate to give narcissists such a bad name, I think we can go several steps farther and say this man was more likely a non-violent sociopath (they do exist – an excellent book on the topic is called The Sociopath Next Door). John Edwards not only lacked empathy, he was pathological in his lack of care for those he “loved.” His crazed narcissistic high was so great he was willing to throw everyone,  under the bus, including his dying wife, his best friends, his mistress and the whole of the Democratic Party for his own selfish ambition. Let’s face it if the dude had gotten the nomination and his affair and love child came out then, well, hey we’d have 8 years with Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the red button. That to me proves he is at the darkest levels of selfishness besides his pathological lying, cheating and general douchbaggery.

Part 3 of karma tomorrow…

Karma (part 2) new