Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago when I warned that the hillside in La Canada would slide and cause major damage; it happened last week (for those who are not local.) Luckily, no one was seriously injured which is a miracle. These poor people have had to evacuate a dozen times or more over the last 6 months and I’m sure are fatigued at having to do so. But it’s a good thing most people complied or things would have been much worse.

OK and the stock market, let’s just say I’ve been sticking to my original prediction that the market would take a double plunge and until late fall of 2010 the market would and will remain unstable. I know things are going that way again. So I hope those of you who have been looking at that part of the blog have kept in mind my advice to stay away from the whole mess for 2 years from the initial crash. Unless of course you are an expert in which case you are in an entirely different ball game and perhaps unable to stay out even if you want to.

More on karma coming this week…

Best wishes and many blessings…



6 thoughts on “Predictions…

  1. barry says:

    My thoughts on the stock market are the same and I was wrong most of 2009. Is the Working Group on Financial Markets (aka the Plunge Protection Team) intervening to keep stock prices up? Is JP Morgan shorting 75% of the silver futures and a lot of the gold futures to keep prices down so no one sees precious metals as al alternative to paper fiat money? My non psychic mind believes there is. I think the world will see this soon too and things are going to get ugly. Sooner or later the gold and silver shorts will be run over and will have to cover their short positions with gold and silver they won’t be able to obtain. Or I could be wrong and their illegal shorting will continue forever? Will anyone ever be prosecuted for fixing these markets?

    How can silver be selling for fifteen dollars an ounce when it is being used up everday for industrial reasons and no major mining discoveries have been found for decades if not a century? Supply is going down. The price should be several times more than that in a normally functioning market.

    What about the Federal Reserve Bank? Did you know that it is not a part of the US government?
    It was created in 1913 by bankers for bankers and since then the value of the dollar has lost about 95% of its value. That is no accident. The founding fathers worst fear was bankers getting ahold of the money supply. That is why they wrote in the US Constitution that money can only be made by the government in silver or gold. Now it is made by a non goverment entity in paper backed by nothing but promises. When will US citizens get rid of this criminal syndicate?

  2. SFislandgirl says:

    What are you feelings about an earthquake happening in Northern California (specifically the San Francisco Bay Area) in the near future? Your predictions on natural disasters are pretty spot on!

  3. barry says:

    Market manipulation has taking place before. Zerohedge today discusses it. It is a long read.

    Here is their conclusion for US citizens.

    If after reading this historical evidence of Central Banking treason, senators are unable to pass Ron Paul’s Fed Transparency Act then there has to be open social action to clean out the Senate of all those who claim that the Fed’s actions are pure and true, as they are merely corrupt cronies, bought entirely by interests of the Federal Reserve, and thus Wall Street.

    I have never voted for a republican and now after Obama keeps Bernanke and Seantor Feinstein voting for him I am through with the democratic party too. Obama never wanted change.

  4. Sinead says:

    Hi I know this has nothing to do with earthquakes etc. When do you think that the economy will get better? I’ve been looking for a job for sometime now (even though I have one already) and nothing is posted. NO JOBS! I am starting to feel that we will never get out of this mess…

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