Plumbing Problems…

OK now I’m feeling alright, but we started smelling a horrible mold stench and had a plumber look under our home, and found that the pipes were seriously leaking. So we are in the middle of a re-pipe and every day something new comes up. So I’m very sorry for my lack of posting and for those trying to reach me for readings, I’m sorry to you as well. I haven’t had a chance to check e-mail or much of anything besides deal with this and a bunch of other stuff that has come up. Things should be back to normal next week so e-mail me mid-next week if you want to schedule a reading. You can either e-mail: or Or do both to make extra sure!

I’m hoping 2010 which officially begins right about now (according to the Chinese) will bring with it good health, happiness, and prosperity for all.

Best wishes,


Plumbing Problems…

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