Almost Done…

It’s been 2 weeks of ongoing construction in my house. And of course a million emergencies. To all my clients I apologize for the inconvenience of my home being torn asunder with nowhere and no reprieve in which to work with you right now.  I’m hopeful that next week I will be able to get a few people who have been waiting patiently in, I’ll e-mail you guys on Saturday when I’m sure the workmen will be gone from my home. If there is debate and a chance they don’t get it done (which is very possible as it was just supposed to take at most a week and it’s twice that now) I’ll post on the website the supposed end game.

There were some things I wanted to write about but it appears some of them have already come to pass. So, what can I do? Seems my lead time has gotten shorter. I found a poem I wrote in early summer of 2008 about my feeling that something terrible was about to hit. I came across it looking for an old story idea I had jotted down. It was before I pinpointed the stock market. I kept hearing “something wicked this way comes,” which is of course a famous literary work, but for some reason I knew it was literal and not about writing or the story.

Here’s the poem, don’t judge it as a poem, it was really just written stream of consciousness without any editing, but for some reason psychic information has always come to me (or often) as poetry. Just look at the info instead contained in the goofy (never meant to be read by another human – I must say I feel pretty brave showing it to you) verse. Perhaps it’s my Mercury in Pisces that organizes information in rhyme.

Here goes:

Something wicked this way comes

I’m not sure what it is or what’s to be done

But I’m sure something wicked this way comes,

Is it depression, famine, plague or war?

The spider in the garden knows the score,

I can feel it in the air,

In the strange night breeze,

But I don’t know what it is,

Tell me please,

Is it just for me?

Or my family?

Or something changing in the world we see?

But wicked it is, I can feel it in my bones,

I know by the fall it will have begun,

I pray for all of us,

For me and my family,

Hoping its powers will not reach me,

I’ll burn protection and say my prayers,

hoping against hoping nothing will be there…

I put the part most applicable to what I was starting to hone in on in bold letters. I’m showing you all this to see that psychic knowing is often a puzzle, a collection of words that cycle in one’s head, a dream, a vision of something that hits in the middle of the day, an inner voice speaking with insistence, a poem, a flash out of the corner of one’s eye, even a meeting with an unexpected animal in a strange place or a strange experience with an animal such as being in a forest and having a deer come up to you and stare for several minutes into your eyes. Pay attention, signs are everywhere. The Great Intelligence is always communicating with us, most of us just fail to listen.

Be vigilant….

Many blessings,


Almost Done…

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