Coming to an end…

I’m sorry it’s been so long, the construction in my home is finally coming to a close.

I have felt though that there was a reason I wasn’t able to blog lately. I felt it was best to lay low and take a time of rest. I have some things brewing and received a new spirit guide in the last month which I have yet to completely figure out. I don’t know why he has appeared, but in this period of transition (in terms of spiritual guidance and my literal home and many other things) I have felt it necessary to pull back and figure out the new paradigm I’m going to be working with. I don’t want to go off half cocked. This new spirit guide has brought with him lots of poltergeist activity, phones jumping off the sofa on their own (my husband was witness to that) loud wrapping on the outside of our home at 4 in the morning and general stuff moving around on its own. It’s all gentle enough, but each person and/or spirit guide has a different way of communicating. I’m trying to make sure I don’t misunderstand him which has been why I’ve been reticent to make any predictions as of late. But so far my suspicions about the symbolic language and images he’s given me seem to be panning out the way I thought they would. In other words it won’t be long before I start blogging again, this time armed with a new perspective.

As I said I’m not sure why this spirit guide was recently sent. I suppose he has a perspective I need now that I didn’t before. Hope all out there are well.

Pray for all the kind, good people in need and send protection to the earth and all its creatures. We are all in transition right now. It has the potential to be good if we direct our energy that way.

Many blessings,


PS. To my clients if you want to finally schedule readings I can do so starting next week. E-mail me at or I check more frequently right now so it’s best to try that first.

Coming to an end…

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