Dream Information About Commercial Real Estate

I was told in a dream that the commercial real estate market was going to crash soon. I don’t know exactly when but it felt pretty close. I was woken up before I could get more details than that. I worry this might be another huge burden on our economy and have bigger repercussions which is why I was told about it in the dream time. If I get anymore details in the dream time or someone wants to ask a question about it please post. I’m sorry I’ve been too busy to answer everyone lately.

The other thing I woke up about a week ago feeling urged to repeat that the stock market is not safe for the ordinary investor for 2 years from the original big crash that happened. I know people are jumping back in and things seem to be back to normal but unless you are on the inside I would not invest right now. Or you risk loosing money as the market is still unstable, for the period I was given. So if you want to invest (and you’re like me, just a normal person – I guess that’s a matter of opinion, perhaps average investor is a better way to put that) wait until after the fall of this year. It’s not long. I really don’t know why this will make any difference but my guides have told me repeatedly that the roller coaster ride was 2 years long.

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Dream Information About Commercial Real Estate

2 thoughts on “Dream Information About Commercial Real Estate

  1. Lenora says:

    I am very concerned about all these militias that have been springing up. They really scare me. I’ve been having lots of nightmares. Every time I close my eyes, I see a vision – more like a snapshot- of rotting corn. A little bit of the corn is okay on the very top and it gets progressively worse until the stuff on the bottom is just sludge. I grew up on a farm, so this imagery may be unique to me. I don’t think this vision is related to the government. I think it has to do with all these scary militias and Tea Baggers. What do you think? Are these insane right wingers going to do something really, really bad?

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