Aliens, Telepathy & Telekenisis

First I want to say that I’m sorry I can not speak about the future right now. And actually when I tried to post something relatively generic (about that subject) my computer seized up and I was not allowed to. So I will go onto talk about a phenomena that has haunted me since as early as I can remember – bizarre telekinetic experiences, physical manifestations, electrical bizarreness and the like. My first year of college I couldn’t keep a room-mate but as I became less freaked out the phenomena settled down. I have noticed that the more upset and worked up I am the more intense the manifestations become. As of late we’ve had knocking (very loud – woke my husband and I out of a dead sleep at 4 in the morning), the TV turning itself off and on especially if I get close to it, the washing machine turning itself on and off (we just bought the darn thing a few months ago) and the other night the DVD player decided to freak out. It was so obnoxious, beeping every time it went on and off that I asked my husband to video tape it, thinking this would get it to stop. Usually, making the phenomena concrete by documenting it  works to calm the energy down. I don’t know why. I have a crappy video of it that he sent me via his Iphone that I’ll post on utube and make a link for people to see. He makes a joke and its hard to hear what I’m saying or tell exactly what is going on.

I’m also going to make a video of a phenomena I noticed recently where I was able to make my daughter’s magnetic drawing pad write with the use of my finger. I thought at first this was due to a problem with the toy, but so far no one else has been able to do this so, again, it appears to be related to me. It’s a hard thing to explain but I can feel myself making the phenomena occur (not always – sometimes it’s spirit phenomena). It’s almost like a part of me is in the machine. I could go on to freak people out with weird stories (perhaps someday) that seem so far out except that they happened in the presence of different people throughout the years, this has been the only thing that enabled me to know for sure I wasn’t a total nut case, maybe just a little bit of a nutcase but aren’t we all?

Now the alien thing is interesting because I decided to just google aliens and found that there appears to be a theory of a race called the Arcturians who are a sort of benevolent spiritual group who have been looking over us as guardians. According to Edgar Cayce they are the reason we haven’t been invaded by extremely negative extraterrestrials. I found this to be interesting due to the bizarre vision I had where I was told that a guardian race of spiritual beings were no longer able to protect us from the negative karma we had accrued and that there was a negative race of extraterrestrials who were going to help us self-destruct.

I’m strange and I take all these things with a giant grain of salt, but it was pretty weird to find so much that dovetailed with the vision I posted a couple of months back that it kind of freaked me out a bit.

So again, it’s very important right now to help lift the consciousness of humankind with prayer, meditation and working on oneself. We are about to embark on some very crazy things. Uranus is going into the warring sign of Aries and Neptune will be hitting Pisces making loss, big loss a major player. We have (as always) the chance to make lemonade out of lemons and grow from all of this, the sooner we get on it, the less painful it will be. I’m adding a couple of links to this group of aliens of which I’d never heard of before:

Many blessings to all of you. I will post the weird difficult to see video soon and also video of me doing the thing with the magnet. Of course some people will think it’s bunk because you really have to see it in real life to get it. But I thought those of you who were open to unusual phenomena might find it interesting. Oh, and my faucets as of late have been good, no turning on by themselves. It’s been about 6 months. So that’s nice of them.

Seriously, I feel bad for my husband and daughter that they have to deal with this craziness. As a kid my mom used to get really freaked out by this stuff and make up the craziest explanations to rationalize what was going on, they were so nutty they made less sense than just dealing with the paranormal idea. My brother was so scared he spent a good chunk of his childhood hiding in closets and hampers, etc. It’s not easy living with someone like me and I’m thankful that I have a husband who most of the time can laugh it off.

Best wishes and many blessings to all of you,


Aliens, Telepathy & Telekenisis

3 thoughts on “Aliens, Telepathy & Telekenisis

  1. Jane says:

    Denise: I’m a new-ish visitor to this site, and I think you’re wonderful and pretty fascinating. I am not nearly as evolved as you are, but have also experienced weird electrical phenomena (lightbulbs exploding and appliances going on and off) since a bout with cancer 11 years ago. It’s comforting to read this post.
    The warnings you’re sharing are unsettling—I’m trying not to freak out. Wish you could tell us more. The hardest thought for me is that I may be spiritually ill-equipped to handle what is coming. Love and light to you, Denise, and everyone reading this. Jane

  2. Justin says:


    Greetings! I found this post very interesting and will read more of your stuff. I was wondering if you could point me to the Edgar Cayce reading about the aliens. Keep your spirits high!

    Peace, love and happiness,

  3. Abel says:

    I indeed enjoyed your post Denise and was fascinated by your remarks about your new found devotion to the spiritual beings called the Arcturians. Justin, you can seek more information about Edgar Cayce and Arcturians at this website:

    As for what you mention about their inability to further help us in our devotion to love, peace, joy and harmony I will have to disagree with you. You see, Humans possess one of natures most unique and untouchable virtues that most other races lack, and that is the power of free will. Free will is what allows us to make the decisions we make on a day to day basis and this is the reason why Arcturians are able to influence our thoughts when we decide to let it happen. Despite the strong opposition given by the manipulative Reptilians, Arcturians are still able to show humans the way to what they call the “light.” Also, seize your worry and focus your conscious thoughts on the positive. When emotions and thoughts of negativity begin to fill you mind take a deep breath and state, I am at peace, until you are. Arturians teach a us how vital thoughts are and you can read more about them in many sites but the one you referenced has some Arcturian lessons that may benefit you. Every night before you find yourself dosing off tell your self that you are full of peace, calmness and joy. Do the same when you first wake for one week and you will witness a power within that you haven’t felt in awhile. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

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