The Darker Side…

OK, as I’ve said I don’t want to bum people out and lately I have been trying to focus on the spiritual side of things to help lift us out of the mess we are in. However the intensely dark side of things, of which I had more than a glimpse and it literally made me sick for about 6 months off and on, is starting to be made more public. So technically I’m not telling anyone about the future I saw, just disseminating information that we should be aware of so we may prepare ourselves and our families for.

It’s a good time to grow some vegetables, to store basics and to figure out who your real friend are so you can help one another out.

A reader sent this article to me. I will reprint it in total and also add the link for those who want to make sure of its legitimacy. Who knows if the assessment in the article is accurate or if there isn’t another agenda at work, but it is pretty scary and even if it is one tenth as bad as this article states it’s pretty darn scary.

Toxic Oil Spill Rains Warned Could Destroy North America

Here’s the article:

Posted by Europe on May 24, 2010 | 98 Comments

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A dire report prepared for President Medvedev by Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources is warning today that the British Petroleum (BP) oil and gas leak in the Gulf of Mexico is about to become the worst environmental catastrophe in all of human history threatening the entire eastern half of the North American continent with “total destruction”.

Russian scientists are basing their apocalyptic destruction assessment due to BP’s use of millions of gallons of the chemical dispersal agent known as Corexit 9500 which is being pumped directly into the leak of this wellhead over a mile under the Gulf of Mexico waters and designed, this report says, to keep hidden from the American public the full, and tragic, extent of this leak that is now estimated to be over 2.9 million gallons a day.

The dispersal agent Corexit 9500 is a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now manufactured by the Nalco Holding Company of Naperville, Illinois that is four times more toxic than oil (oil is toxic at 11 ppm (parts per million), Corexit 9500 at only 2.61ppm).  In a report written by Anita George-Ares and James R. Clark for Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc. titled “Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview” Corexit 9500 was found to be one of the most toxic dispersal agents ever developed. Even worse, according to this report, with higher water temperatures, like those now occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, its toxicity grows.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in discovering BP’s use of this dangerous dispersal agent ordered BP to stop using it, but BP refused stating that their only alternative to Corexit 9500 was an even more dangerous dispersal agent known as Sea Brat 4.

The main differences between Corexit 9500 and Sea Brat 4 lie in how long these dangerous chemicals take to degrade into their constituent organic compounds, which for Corexit 9500 is 28 days.  Sea Brat 4, on the other hand, degrades into an organic chemical called Nonylphenol that is toxic to aquatic life and can persist in the environment for years.

A greater danger involving Corexit 9500, and as outlined by Russian scientists in this report, is that with its 2.61ppm toxicity level, and when combined with the heating Gulf of Mexico waters, its molecules will be able to “phase transition” from their present liquid to a gaseous state allowing them to be absorbed into clouds and allowing their release as “toxic rain” upon all of Eastern North America.

Even worse, should a Katrina like tropical hurricane form in the Gulf of Mexico while tens of millions of gallons of Corexit 9500 are sitting on, or near, its surface the resulting “toxic rain” falling upon the North American continent could “theoretically” destroy all microbial life to any depth it reaches resulting in an “unimaginable environmental catastrophe” destroying all life forms from the “bottom of the evolutionary chart to the top”.

Note: For molecules of a liquid to evaporate, they must be located near the surface, be moving in the proper direction, and have sufficient kinetic energy to overcome liquid-phase intermolecular forces. Only a small proportion of the molecules meet these criteria, so the rate of evaporation is limited. Since the kinetic energy of a molecule is proportional to its temperature, evaporation proceeds more quickly at higher temperatures.

As over 50 miles of the US State of Louisiana’s coastline has already been destroyed by this spill, American scientists are warning that the damage may be impossible to repair, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service:

“The gooey oil washing into the maze of marshes along the Gulf Coast could prove impossible to remove, leaving a toxic stew lethal to fish and wildlife, government officials and independent scientists said. Officials are considering some drastic and risky solutions: They could set the wetlands on fire or flood areas in hopes of floating out the oil. They warn an aggressive cleanup could ruin the marshes and do more harm than good.”

And to understand the full import of this catastrophe it must be remembered that this disaster is occurring in what is described as the “biologically richest waters in America” with the greatest amount of oil and toxic Corexit 9500 set to come ashore in the coming days and weeks to destroy it completely for decades to come.

Reports are also coming from the United States that their government is secretly preparing to evacuate tens-of-millions of their citizens from their Gulf of Mexico States should the most dire of these scientific warnings start to come true.

To the greatest lesson to be learned by these Americans is that their government-oil industry cabal has been just as destructive to them as their government-banking one, both of which have done more to destroy the United States these past couple of years than any foreign enemy could dare dream was possible.

But to their greatest enemy the Americans need look no further than their nearest mirror as they are the ones who allowed these monsters to rule over them in the first place.


The Darker Side…

13 thoughts on “The Darker Side…

  1. Juno says:

    I looked around the EU website further and it seems to be a front for some sort of agenda. As you said, even if the oil spill is only a tenth as bad as predicted it will have long-lasting environmental damage. What’s weird is this happening in conjunction with Israeli troops firing on that aid ship for Gaza yesterday. It’s not looking good for that region either. Didn’t you mention some sort of planetary shift that just happened that could be contributing to the world nuttiness?

  2. barry says:

    This report was posted at by Sorcha Faal. I have to admit that her website is one of my guilty pleasures but I never know what to believe on it. There are some bizarre stories there that I just can’t believe are true. I did a google search on her and some people say that she may not be a real person. Does anyone here have any information on her?

    The news stories she posts by country I think are real. They seem to be from published news organizations from around the world.

  3. jeff says:

    there have been much worse oil spills and far more dangerous chemicals and methods used in the past. The russians have nuked deep wells on at least 2 occasions to stop oil leaks. i live in the energy capital of the world (houston) and live amongst geologists and scientist in the industry. this is bad, but it is not anything close to catostrophic for mankind. bp is too blame, and so our government in thier ineptness in supporting the clean up efforts. talking to friends who work for bp, the amount of beaurocratic red tape hindering this from getting efficiently is mind blowing. there is no leadership. a microcosm of the usa right now.

  4. mary ann says:

    This article really freaked me out, so I asked a meteorologist his opinion about it and he said:

    That article appears to present a worst case scenario, but I’m a little skeptical about the dispersant evaporating into the atmosphere. While it does get hot in summer, over the Gulf of Mexico(where the oil/dispersant lies), temperatures don’t get nearly so high. The article even notes that temperatures must get high enough for evaporation to occur(the dispersant…not water vapor). What that is, I don’t know, but it must be higher than in the 80s (common over the Gulf temperatures). Should some actually vaporize, the wind flow pattern must still carry rain bearing clouds across the continent. Even with a hurricane, the areal extent of polluted rain clouds would be limited by the storm size.
    Also, nearly all the polluted rain(and oil at the surface) would fall out near the coast(summer steering currents are weak…clouds travel much more slowly).

    As bad as the all that oil coming ashore is, my concern would be for the coming years ahead. If global warming trends continue, a warmer Gulf may allow for better mixing of ocean waters from the bottom(where most of the dispersant is being poured…at the site of the leak). It doesn’t have to reach the sea surface to affect sea life. Eating fish from the Gulf could become risky for long term health. I think you’re going to hear more about the after effects in coming months (well after they cap
    the leak).

  5. zoma777 says:

    I’d like to say that while it may make us all feel better to believe his statements (written above) they are not true. The fact remains that this BP oil spill is the worst ecological disaster in human history and I, along with other psychic people I knew had horrible premonitions about this disaster before it happened. The gulf may very well be one giant dead zone if we don’t stop the bleeding soon.

  6. Carol says:

    Hi Barry . . . I like your link thank you. I came across a good article last week which I will try and find some time during the day. Just a bit busy at the moment and having some dizzy/fuzzy spells from a head injury I sustained a couple of weeks ago.

    The oil spill is a complete utter tragedy and there is no excuse for it to be down played in any way whatsoever.

  7. barry says:

    Thanks again Carol. I have read many books on Edgar Cayce and had forgotten his prediction on the volcanos Vesuvius and Pelee. Maybe because when I read those I did not live in California but now I do. If they go off it would be a great excuse for early retirement overseas.

  8. Juno says:

    Speaking of volcanoes and EQs, has anyone else living in SoCal been feeling all the earthquakes we have been having lately? Very worrying. The weird thing is my neighbors seem oblivious to them.

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