Some Encouragment

I want to encourage people to take place in the dream journal and post your dreams. I was reading through them and many of them seemed like premonitions. Here’s how I can tell if I am having a premonitory dream or a psychological dream.

Signs of a premonitory dream:

Everything is hyper real.

It is in full color, often colors one can not see with the naked eye.

There is often (for me) a presence standing next to me that I can not see but who narrates the events and fills in the missing pieces through telepathic communication with me.

I will often be in a mundane dream and be pulled out of it and put into one of these hyper real (or as one of the readers here described it, HD style) dreams.

Psychological dreams:

They are often fragmented and have emotions heavily tied to them. Anxiety dreams about being chased, or hurting someone or doing something shameful examples of this are: losing a tooth dreams, back to school nightmares, having to take a test and being unprepared, being chased, dreams of death or dying, hospital dreams, hopefully you can see the trend here.

They are often either colorless, black and white or the color is not memorable. The dreams are often not that memorable either.

Dreams that repeat. If you have a dream over and over again, chances are very good its psychological and not a premonition. The reason it repeats is because you aren’t getting the message. If you spend the time to try to figure it out, the dream should go away. Usually, repetitive dreams are more common in children – so if your kid keeps having the same dream, try to listen to them and figure out what the symbols mean to him/her and also what emotions are at play, then have a talk with your child about your interpretation and let them help you figure it out. After that fix the problem as best you can and help the child deal with his/her feelings about the deeper anxiety that is causing the dream.

Hope this helps and encourages you to participate in the universal dream journal experiment here on my blog.

Also I’d like to reprint something that Buddha Dreamer wrote in a comment and also answer a question about UVB rays while I’m in the blogging mode:

Hullo Denise, You remember my previous post, where I spoke about the global crisis, etc, and its effects. First class detective work on this one, auto-immune diseases are becoming an epidemic.
Not only that, let me tell you a secret. A prominent environmental journalist I know in uk went to greenland, a couple of years back. He was horrified to be told that the population has almost completely stopped producing boy babies, only girls, and that the men have fertility problems.

This is because the weather system of th vast swirling vortex of the weather factory around the poles, concentrates all the environmental pollution in the northen hemisphere there. So they are the first to get what will be a wide spread collapse of trh male birth rate.

Male fertility in western industrial countries has also dropped 40% in 30 years. what a disaster. You will see this spread, slowly southwards, as things get worse. We have gone beyond one of the so-called tipping points, on this one
Scientists can see no way out
at the moment.
Buddha Dreamer

I did hear a report on NPR that exactly about this subject and it freaked me out! I didn’t remember the exact statistics and it was several years ago. I’d nearly forgotten about it. But yes, I’d heard that male fertility rates were dropping. I’m glad Buddha Dreamer brought it up because it is another bizarre effect of climate change/environmental contamination that I’d forgotten.

And to answer a reader who asked how to protect from UVB rays: Just check the sunscreen you buy. In the past several years most manufacturers have added an agent that blocks UVB rays as well, but not all. And I believe (but I’m not 100% sure about this) the rating of sunscreen protection is based only on the UVA blockage so I suppose doing some research on whatever sunscreen product you buy would be in order as well.

Best wishes – keep praying, it’s helping,

Many blessings,


Some Encouragment

9 thoughts on “Some Encouragment

  1. Juno says:

    By the way, I am finishing a book called Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. It’s an old book from ’95 or so that a friend recommended. He talks about levels of consciousness and mentions Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields, or M-fields. Fascinating stuff, and ties in nicely with what you have discussed about paradigm shifts. Highly recommended.

  2. Chris from LA says:

    Well, I’ll kick start the postings with this one. I had a very sad dream last night. Here is the wrap up:

    I was tasked, along with a few others, to eliminate people. Something was determined to be “incompatible” with them, although it was never said exactly why.

    We had device that was placed between the eyes and caused a third eyebrow to grow. It didn’t close the gap between the brows though.
    The beings that were being executed did not know what this device was. Most of them were quite willing to be terminated. Although, usually one in every batch gave a small verbal plee. Always calm and rationally too, I might add.

    By the end of the dream, I was crying uncontrollably and couldn’t bring myself to execute any more beings. I kept sobbing, “But there is nothing wrong with them! They didn’t do anything wrong!”

    This dream was very real, very emotional. I woke up feeling very sad. I don’t remember color or not.

  3. Juno says:

    HI Denise —

    I have 2 random questions–

    1) What are aspects in a person’s astrology chart? Why do some “celebrity” astrologers focus on these and say that people with 5 or more aspects are complicated or just plain nuts?

    2) This shows a California bias, but what do you think of the candidates running for office in the California elections? Any predictions? So many are uber-wealthy dot-com types. Does Jerry Brown have a chance?

  4. Lenora says:

    Can you tell if Obama is going to be reelected? I am concerned should the Tea Baggers take control. Obama seems to be the only sane choice for the future.

  5. Nathalie says:

    I had a nightmare/night terror where I was terrified that there was something watching me sleep. I can’t tell what or who but my mind was working tirelessly thinking of Thor and the uncertainty of religion and what if this and what if that. It felt like I was awake and I was so scared of sleeping with my face toward the middle of the room. I then proceeded to feel wet dripping on my head and thought that something (which I would prefer not to name) was over me. I struggled with my arms, frantically trying to hit it, to no avail. I screamed but nothing came out. Just a measly little cry. I bolted up and had goosebumps on my legs and arms and was terrified. Didn’t want to go back to sleep. I’ve had dreams like this before where there is something watching..

  6. thandeka ngoma says:

    hi i need your help the is this thing that takes place sometimes.i wake up at night out of no where and see something i cant explain approaching and it terifies me.when i call out for help it stops.My family think im imagining it.

    1. zoma777 says:

      Learn the Lesser Pentagram Ritual it will stop. It is the only thing I have found that will stop any malevolent being from having access to you. It works better than any other protection. Look up how to do it on this site in the search button. You can also watch some videos on youtube showing you how to do it. It calls the four main protector angels to you and uses the secret names of God (in the Judeo/Christian tradition) to protect you. It really works.

  7. Manaia says:

    I had recently got back together with my partner of four years and he lived with me and my mum -I dreamed he and I moved out into another place and I think we were arguing and I pushed him (u know when u play squash and theres usually an audience up the top watching through what looks like a large rectangle window but there no glass there) well I pushed him through that on accident and he flipped an landed on the ground when I looked down from uptop I thought he was dead. Months went by and he and I moved into a three story house with a family at the top, he and I on the second floor in a one bedroom and below was a squash court, our lounge wall is the old squash court Windows, when I went down to the squash court I looked up and saw that the opposite side of our lounge wall was boarded up. So we’re still currently living here and I hope nothing bad happens.

    Another thing that’s happened is I was watching tv I got home from school just after 3 and sat down turned on the tv and I saw this ad about growing grass had came on and from the time it came on I couldn’t do anything but stare at the dirt under the grass and when it finished I felt this overwhelming feeling that someone had died and it made me cry a lot couldn’t figure out who but I knew someone had passed away, when my mum got home from work at around 5pm she was upset because our local mechanic had sadly drowned at sea around 3 o’clock.

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