Oil First, Gold Next…

I really don’t like doing stock market predictions as things seem a bit off the charts and in a bubble right now, but people have asked me to look into oil and gold due to past accuracy in regards to my predictions. Since the crash of the market my laptop crashed as well and I lost the original chart I had based many of my oil predictions on, luckily one of the many kind readers out there sent it to me. Here it is:

Although there are 2 here, the one on the left is the one I’m using, so you can disregard the other for now.

I looked at this chart and compared it to the Gulf disaster and found on the day of the Gulf disaster, this chart had transiting Neptune at the top, conjuncting the natal mid-heaven and inconjuncting transiting Saturn which was making a waxing conjunction to USO’s south node in the 5th house in Libra, which means the accident started a trend of oil going down due to worries about other accidents, safety, legal and partnership problems and worries that one giant might fall leaving the other companies unstable.

Ultimately,  for USO as Saturn approaches the full conjunction of the south node and moves through the 5th house it will stabilize the marketplace, but also keep profits conservative. It will level out in other words and keep a cap on fluctuation of any real kind.  This period will go on until December of 2012 when the full effects of the spill and losses are known and the market can comfortably recover. Until then there will of course be ups and downs but they will be more of a minor nature.  Around then the full devastation and price tag, amount of work to recover will be known and it will put serious financial constraints on BP which is one of the largest oil producers, this will affect USO capping their ability to grow or expand and putting the emphasis on finding new reserves as the oil will be drying up.

With Neptune in Aquarius at the start of USO it indicates loss through accidents and of course Neptune rules the oil industry.  I would not invest in oil at this time as Neptune will be going into Pisces, its natural ruler – Pisces rules loss. Over the next few years there will be a serious move away from oil as it becomes obvious the resources are running low and new technologies will have to be employed thereby making fossil fuels less valuable, even though there will be less fossil fuels. This may sound crazy, but an industry can not run on a few drops of blood it has to have a host to suck off of or it will die out and I think we are in the twilight years of the oil industry now. There will be a rally when oil prices go up due to their scarcity and people will have a run on buying in May of 2012 this will die down about 2 months later and start-up again in a bigger way in March 2013, peaking in April of 2013 when it will hit a high point, then slide a little in May of 2013 and go up again in mid-July 2013 then start sliding in late August of 2013, sliding for a while until it hits another high at the end of January 2014 until late February of 2014 after that it slides until mid-late October of 2014 cachinging until mid December 2014 where it will then start to slide again that will be the end of it.

After that point Neptune will be approaching USOs Uranus in the 10th house – this is when the public will start to discover the truth that there isn’t enough to make a market any longer, that period will start leaking out in April of 2016 – this will mark the beginning of the end of the industry. That’s about 6 years away, big oil’s death throes will go on until the 2020s at which time there will be no more denying the truth and the industry will collapse. Kind of a bummer, but hey what can I say, this is why I’ve been avoiding giving predictions lately. One good thing is it will force us to move away from fossil fuels – necessity is the mother of invention. So if you want to be the next gazillion start working on a way to convert gas engines into some other type and gas stations into a place that will sell some other type of fuel. Or come up with a solar panel car – this would be the ultimate but in reality we’ll need some sort of transition as many people will still have gas based engines.

There should be a bump in oil prices this month August 2010, starting at the beginning and sliding in early September 2010. And then another bump up in early February until early March 2011.  Another upswing should occur in August of 2011 – hitting its peak in mid-September through all of November, December and ending after the first week of January. There will be a rise with more money to be made at the end of November until the end of December of 2010 – this will have something to do with corporate mergers and big money being infused into USO.

I do however urge people to take care when investing in this resource as it is in flux and while this industry will exist for another 10-15 years it will change pretty radically which means it will be difficult to predict unless one has special information. The next 10 years should be OK but it’s still dodgy and the further into it the more dodgy it gets. Better to invest in new business models and inventive new companies.

Best wishes,


Oil First, Gold Next…

9 thoughts on “Oil First, Gold Next…

  1. barry says:

    Not many people invest in oil directly. They invest in companies that look for and drill oil and/or natural gas either in the US or around the world, rig suppliers, refiners, pipeline companies, giant oil companies, Canadian oil sands companies, etc. The only thing I see from this point in time to get off of oil is natural gas. The US has perhaps centuries of it available and prices are cheap. It is probably available over a lot the earth and can be transported internationally by changing it into LNG. Burns clean too. If I was in the market for a new car I would probably consider one of these.

    Gold is different. People do buy gold but until recently I think most people who wanted to invest in gold just bought the stocks of gold and silver miners. Some people theorize that is why the gold and silver mining companies stock prices aren’t higher. People that would have bought these in the past are now buying the exchange traded funds GLD and SLV. A small percentage are actually buying the gold coins and bars themselves but not many, probably far less then 1%. Lastly many intelligent people who follow this industry think the banks that run GLD and SLV actually don’t have the gold and silver they say they do. That these exchange traded funds were created so these same banks could manipulate the and suppress the price of gold and silver. Suppressing gold and silver keeps printed money like US dollars from having competition so they can print as many as they want. That can’t be done with gold and silver.

  2. JOJO says:

    Oil is undervalued when you can compare the gold price and $ US dolar value index. However about investments you said to stay away from stock market because will collapse soon. When?

  3. @barry,

    True, true…

    When something works well, why should we change it? Of course, I’m aware of the oil problems, but as it was said – people don’t really care. Voices of those who care does not matter, voices of those who care only about their money does matter.

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  5. Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several weeks of hard work due to no data backup. Do you have any solutions to prevent hackers?

  6. jay says:

    Natural gas was mentioned above, that interests me greatly – especially as it is so controversial here in aus. Can you shed further light using astro on the longevity nd viability of natural gas?

  7. Fantastic website you have here but I was curious if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics talked about here?
    I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get advice from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Many thanks!

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