Eris – Rulership and Rehabilitation

After an astrologer friend suggested the notion that Eris was the true ruler of Libra I thought about it (for a very long time – about a year now). It was her opinion that Venus didn’t seem to be the true ruler of Libra but rather Taurus and we talked at length over the course of this year about the legend of Eris and some of the qualities that really don’t fit Libra. First of all there are more Libra generals than pretty much any other sign, they are amazing tacticians and well-known for being fierce competitors, and in my experience they are the most competitive of all signs. They are creative and visual, no doubt which is why they fell under the purview of Venus for so long. However they are not sensual like Venus, Taurus however is. Taurus loves great food, fine wine, beautiful things, and has a curvy sensuality that Libra is missing. Libras are more intellectual, more in their head and often disconnected from their bodies. While it is true that they like nice things as long as they are intellectually stimulated they can do without them. Taurus however needs to eat a great meal no matter how little money they have they will use what little they have on the perfect gourmet spice or amazing wine. They are also willing to work for other people without taking this on as their identity. They can separate work, seeing it as a means to an end – the end being a nice lifestyle where as a Libra would rather be a pauper who works for himself doing what he loves than a rich man who works for a paycheck just to support himself in a luxurious lifestyle. Now I’m not saying all Taurus people live a life of luxury, I’m just saying that work is work and their lives are not defined by it in the same way – it’s just a job. To a Libra its time wasted when they could be busy daydreaming or working on something of value to them personally.

At first I resisted the idea that Eris was the ruler of Libra after all she isn’t really considered a very “nice” Goddess and Libras are generally thought to be very nice – they avoid conflict, they don’t like disharmony and I have Mars in Libra and have many Libra friends so I felt sort of bad thrusting this sort of odd ball Goddess on them. However after much thought I think my friend’s observation is correct. Eris is the sister of Aries. Aries is the other side of the astrological coin to Libra. And in many ways she fits the Libra traits if we strip away some of the judgment put upon her by the ancients.

The legend or myth basically tells the story of a wedding in which all the Gods were invited except Eris (due to her association with disharmony). She was upset by this and came up with a strategy to get even in a very clever and covert way, she threw a golden apple into the proceedings which read: To the fairest. Of course all the egotistical Goddesses thought it was for them, Hera, Aphrodite and Athena. The three women fought over it and then asked Zeus to judge who the apple was for, being the father and husband he decided it wasn’t a good move to judge such a competition and asked Paris to do the honors. Each of the Goddesses offered him a bribe. Aphrodite’s won out and he was given the most beautiful mortal woman in the world to take as his wife Helen of Troy. This of course caused the Trojan war.

Now on the surface this is kind of a nasty thing to do, however one must admit that Eris was prejudged and instead of internalizing the hurt she turned it around in a clever way to make a point. She waged a war against those who had castigated her. If she had been a man, this would have been a sign of strength – she was in fact a warrior. Her strategy used psychology and surprise – very modern war methodology, in fact it very much resembles the Trojan horse that was to come in the wake of this supposed event. She used her enemies vanity and megalomania against them and in fact they are the ones who chose to respond with bribery and promises in order to win this imaginary and empty competition. She used her understanding of psychology to manipulate those who had hurt her, in order to teach them a lesson – after all they had been unfair to her.

Now her strategic genius would make sense in relationship with Libra. It would explain why there are so many generals who have been Libras and (I believe famous chess players as well). It would also explain the competitive spirit Libras have – the challenge they find and need to fuel them in their work, whether it is competing with themselves to do better, or with a rival they want to show up.

I was told by a prominent astrologer I studied with early on (many, many, many years ago) that there were more people born with Libra rising in the US than any other sign. He said it was something close to 50 percent (or something of that nature) totally out of balance with what one would expect, due to the fact that we are far north, and Libra rises for the longest period of time during most of the year. And we are by far the most competitive people on the planet, we take great pride in our work and love being entrepeneurs and working for ourselves.

In many ways Libras have much in common with Aries people, except Libras, instead of being direct and straightforward, work behind the scenes, get their ducks in a row and then strike. They don’t like being in the center of an arguments especially prolonged ones. They prefer to plan their attack and then let nature take its course. This can upset the apple cart, but that’s OK as long as they aren’t there when it turns over (much like Eris).

So instead of seeing Eris as the Goddess of Discord I prefer to take her back to what I imagine was probably her proper place – before her power was taken away due to the change from a matriarchal society into a patriarchal, and think of her as a supreme warrior and brilliant strategist capable of winning even when all the odds and all the Gods were against her!

I’ll dissect how it affects people as individuals and what it means in people’s charts in the next post on her.

Best wishes and many blessings,


Eris – Rulership and Rehabilitation

13 thoughts on “Eris – Rulership and Rehabilitation

  1. Abra says:

    I am a libra w/a Aries asc…and I love to cook, love good wine, am sensual. I am direct and prefer to be above board. I can relate to being a fighter but I don’t think I want to give up Venus as my ruling planet. According to ancient Maya, Venus sitings were associated with war/aggression. On a side note, when my mother started taking astrology classes when I was 9, I learned that my ruling planet was Venus… I told everyone in my 3rd grade class that I was from Venus. The teacher called home needless to say 🙂
    Ever loving the Morning Star/Evening Star,

  2. Thanks Denise. I am just finishing off an essay on Eris and had come to the conclusion that Eris was the higher octave of Venus and was mulling over Eris ruling Libra. So I checked the net to see if anyone else had had that thought and bingo you beat me to it. I have to sort out a few things on my website but it should be there next week if your interested. Cheers, Nutsie

  3. Raki Brown says:

    Makes perfect sense, being the sister of Mars and fit’s much better with the Libra’s that I know… I am a Taurus and have always felt a bit offended that Libra is meant to share MY planet 😉 They seem to have no understanding of the nature of sensuality and love, the richness of life etc. in fact the ones I know couldn’t be any further away from any real understanding of Venus… I have never been able to relate to Libran’s until reading this article, now it makes sense and I think that you are spot on here, makes me appreciate their qualities for the first time… Just a bit curious, I’ve got Mars conjunct Eris in Aries in the second house, any thoughts?? Also, Eris being on the outer edges of the solar system would be a perfect position for the born tactician and it being a light planet with no atmosphere also fit’s perfect with the Libra personality.

  4. Raki Brown says:

    I also think that it’s good to have another sign in the chart that has a bit of a bad reputation rather than just poor Scorpio… Seems as well that being a tactician and one who creates discord seems to be two qualities that fit very well between Virgo and Scorpio…

  5. Dear Denise

    I have always found Aries to be the most competitive sign but I would put Libra second. Margaret Thatcher (born 13th October 1925) who was victorious in the Falklands War is almost the living embodiment of Eris.

    Best wishes from Simon

  6. neilcrabtree says:

    Dear Raki – I concluded that Eris has the qualities of being a socially envigorating, idealisticaly challenging and hence transformative influence – the higher octave of the personal planet Venus. Mars in the 2nd would tend you to want to gain supremacy via your superior sense of values which would then satisfy your Taurean need for smooth social relationships. Mars is a survival instinct stretched to the extreme and considers only the self whereas Eris challenges the notion of personal glory and would rather see Venus raised up so that the whole is considered. So I would expect that you have had a number of makeovers in regard to relationship values and the role of materialism and primary urges. Cheers, Neil

  7. Kaiia says:

    Sometimes I didn’t like being a libra because the way how they described us.Wishy washy exc.But maybe that’s just me.I don’t like having to be that needy need a guy type,same with friends.If you gravitate towards me then you this Eris stuff might be true.And I’m also a loner at times but a majority of the time I overanalyze like crazy and this turns to stress then depression so maybe it stll is Venus.

  8. zoma777 says:

    Maybe as we evolve we have found these planets and new qualities are coming out in us. Perhaps as we get further down the road with the planets the influence will become more obvious and perhaps even stronger. Not too long ago Scorpio was ruled by Mars – before Pluto was found. So… There may come a time when we can’t believe we didn’t see this sooner.

  9. Thomas says:

    It is all interesting, and I wonder about newly discovered objects in the solar system, like Makemake.

    When I was studying numerology I finally came to the conclusion we have all the elements within each of us, it’s just how they come out due to the external influences, such as planets, colors, sounds, and all the other vibrations in this reality.

    I often wonder about souls setting their life’s course via birth, such as being born prematurely, like Suzanne Vega being born 2 months early, and coming out nearly at the same time and place as myself. Using Astrocartography I found the optimum place in the US for popularity, which worked almost immediately, and I found myself being invited to the Mayor’s house for dinner. I absolutely hated all the attention, and moved away quickly. Suzanne Vega moved into her “spotlight” at a very young age, and maybe that’s why she can tolerate it? Maybe she finds enough solitude to stay sane, lol.

    The more I get caught up in all the beliefs surrounding material manifestation, the more I find myself letting go of it all, if nothing more than to just have peace in my mind.

  10. Thanks Thomas I just finished a first draft of an essay titled the Illusions of Reality in which I conclude: ‘The finite world may be an illusion since it does not sit well with infinity, while our scientists tell us that our Universe is infinite. So perhaps the value of meditation comes from its ability to bring on the ‘knowing’ which then leads us towards a better and more perfect world.

    ‘Letting it all go’ I guess is what meditation is all about – turning it off.

  11. Thomas says:

    This is going to bug me. I woke up this morning hearing “The Surrey With The Fringe On Top” which is a surrey pulled by two white horses.

    Last night I was dreaming about two VW buses, one white and the other cream colored, and in the song one of the horses is white and the other milk colored.

    I was reading something about horses pulling the sun and the moon the other day, and I thought it was here. I looked it up and it must have been about Helios.

    Somehow this is all connected, sun and moon, white horse, alignments, etc.

    I ordered another telescope the other day, and I’m going to a “Blood Moon” star party on the 27th.

    “White horse” is somehow connected to premonition dreams about cities being destroyed, more specifically Chicago and Phoenix.

    There was an Arab looking man in my dream last night, just like the dreams that kept me out of Manhattan on 9/11. In the pre-9/11 dreams the Arab looking men were trying to kill me with knives. In last night’s dream the Arab looking man was in a cream colored VW van, and I thought he had something to do with stealing my white VW camper bus.

    Transportation being stolen from me is a reoccurring theme in my dreams, which I believe started somewhere around 2006/2007.

    An online friend of mine, originally from Chicago, had a very large wolf in her yard the other day, and being Native American she took it as a sign.

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