Gen-X as a Uranus/Pluto Metaphor… (via Astrology and Psychic Predictions)

Check it out, it seems even more timely than when it was written way back when.

Thomas Paine was quoted as saying, "People are more like their generation than they are like their family." He would say that being an Aquarian. Astrologers have often undermined the importance of the outer planets in astrology but I have found them to be amazingly important in the psychology, physiology and general fate of those born under the influences of generational planets. I've even seen physical traits that seem to defy logic among genera … Read More

via Astrology and Psychic Predictions

Gen-X as a Uranus/Pluto Metaphor… (via Astrology and Psychic Predictions)

Rulerships: My list

So to break it down here’s how I see the rulerships:

Capricorn = Saturn

Aquarius = Uranus

Pisces = Neptune

Aries = Mars

Taurus = Venus

Gemini = Mercury

Cancer = Haumea

Leo = Make-Make

Virgo = Ceres

Libra = Eris

Scorpio = Pluto

Sagittarius = Jupiter

And there you go.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is the notion of not just rulerships but dignities and of course where planets would now be considered in their fall. In the old system Mars rules Aries so its opposite sign of Libra is considered a weak place for Mars to be and thus in its fall. So accordingly if one were to apply these ideas to the new rulerships I have mentioned Ceres rules Virgo and thus would be in its fall in Pisces, Haumea rules Cancer and thus is in its fall in Capricorn, Make-Make would be in its fall in Aquarius and Eris in its fall in Aries.

However, I don’t put much stock in rulerships and the weakened point  of a fall, meaning I don’t find that a planet is necessarily stronger in its “natural” sign or weaker in its fall. The planet just has an easier flow of energy (in my opinion) and the same could be said for the opposite that a planet in its fall is not weaker, it just operates in a way that is seemingly contrary to its organic nature. But often with opposites or rather planets in their fall they make just as much sense as any other sign would, and sometimes even more than most, take for example the ever expansive Jupiter which naturally rules Sagittarius – and Sagittarius rules higher education, the higher mind, philosophy and comedy, well Gemini rules lower education, the lower mind, writing – so one can see they actually have a lot in common and Jupiter hardly seems debilitated in Gemini, expanding the basic intellect and ground that Sagittarius arises from.

More on these ideas later…

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Rulerships: My list