Gurggle, Gurggle…

More plumbing issues – pee and poop coming up through the bottom of my shower and running over into our bathroom. Fun stuff, especially after having our house re-piped by Adee Do 6 months ago. We were of course told then it was going to be a third of what it ended up costing and then when they finished we were told it didn’t include the sewage pipes. I won’t go into how unhappy this whole thing made me.

But if I look at it symbolically I’m able to take it more positively. This is also the bathroom where the faucet kept turning itself on for the past two years, which is why I had the re-pipe done to begin with! Guess the ghosts didn’t know about Adee Do’s fine print because they (and we) thought the work was done to satisfaction.

I believe I answered everyone’s questions. However do to the literal mess I’ve been absorbed in for the past few days if I haven’t answered you, please re-send your e-mail and I will do so. I may have missed a question or two since it’s been a while since I put the offer out. Once I finish up. I’ll open up to new questions for a day and then answer and continue along those lines until I don’t have time.
Best wishes and many blessings,


Oh and the best astrology book I’ve read ever and would recommend to everyone is:
Spiritual Astrology: A Path to Divine Awakening“>Spiritual Astrology: A Path to Divine Awakening

I highly recommend this book to beginners and advanced students alike. It will not only help you understand how you can utilize your chart in the highest way, and how to understand your own shadow and that of others, but will give one compassion for the various struggles we all face. It’s emphasis is on the humanitarian side of astrology, the more western/spiritual face of it – the viewpoint that we all are made differently but we have free will and can choose to work our charts in many ways. If one needs clarification on deeper issues and how to avoid psychological pitfalls and spiritual blocks this is a fantastic book to start with.

Gurggle, Gurggle…

One thought on “Gurggle, Gurggle…

  1. Mima says:

    Hi Denise,

    I hope the the plumbing woes will be solved for good.
    Regarding Arizona and Mexico, what is your take on that, the beheadings and the politics. This is a serious issue and I wonder where this is going.


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