Weird Dream

Before I get into the weird dream I just wanted to apologize for not being able to blog. I have been very busy and bogged down. I also wanted to address a person who asked what their life path number is. The way to find this out is to add up your birthday. Here’s an example: 7-7-1977  =36 = 9.  You add up every element, the day, the month and the year to get your number. It’s very simple. Numerologists differ on how to add it up as some produce master numbers (depending on how it is added together) and other ways of adding will not. My feeling is that no one is ever always a true master number. So if you have a master number in your birthday or in your name, you will have access to this but you can’t always sustain being in that energy. It’s my belief that if you add your name in any way or your birthday in any way and it gives a master number, one should use that as well as the compounded number such as 22 also = 4.

OK, here’s the dream. I was in a supermarket and all of a sudden I was shown the numbers: 9 then 8 and then 3. These numbers were shown to me several times and then put together to form the number 389. I wondered why I was shown this number. I knew I was in the middle of a dream and being contacted by a spiritual force that was trying to let me know something. I wondered if it were perhaps a winning lottery number, but confirmed it was not through use of symbolic language with my higher self.

Next I was flying over the city of Chicago. I was telling the people I was on the flight with about their being a monster who lived in both the Sears Tower and the John Hancock building. They had always been there and were known to everyone in the area. The people didn’t believe me so I took them to the police I was working with and the detectives backed up my story. A woman detective named off some bizarre obscure big cat, it was supposed to be a bit like a mountain lion, but different.

I was flying over the buildings again and this time could see some decay and thought I saw the beast in one of the towers. I can’t remember all the other details, but it felt like it was a warning of a terrorist attack or something like that against those buildings which I’d felt before might happen. However, it seemed the police knew about it and for the time being there was no immediate danger, but the fact that the cats or monsters were still in the buildings, and that there was decay implied to me there would be more attempts or perhaps even someone or something connected to both buildings potentially already eating away at the structure or already in place. Either from the construction standpoint – a flaw that could be exploited or someone connected to both of those buildings.

Cat’s generally imply (symbolically) predators – not ordinary predators but  stealthy predators. Cats sneak up on their victims, and then toy with their prey. In terms of criminals they are associated with burglary (cat burglars). Cats have the greatest kill ratio of any creature on earth outside of human beings.

My point here for Chicago is to remain on alert especially from Michigan Avenue to the Loop. I have no idea what that number meant or why I was shown it and why it was shown to me at first in reverse as 9 – 8 – 3 and then put together as 389. If I get more information or clarification on this I will post about it. If anyone else has had dreams that are similar please post them or if anyone has info that might illuminate the meaning of this dream please post it.

I’m hoping that the information I received will be enough to give pause to those it is meant to and help avoid potential disaster. Again, it seemed that things were and are OK for now, it was a warning though that something is brewing.

Best wishes to all,


Weird Dream

14 thoughts on “Weird Dream

  1. Shaemus says:

    Happy Thursday Denise! Very interesting that you began with numerology, seemingly unrelated with the rest of your post. But, when looking at the dream numbers first given to you (9-8-3) it reminds me of 9-1-1 which, of course we all know about. Coming back to Chicago and a potential reference to the John Hancock building in particular maybe you/we are being told through your dream that, “the writing (signature) is on the wall” . The date may just be, again 9-1-1 or the 11th of November!
    P.S. In the Ojibway language “zhigaag” means “skunk”. So, the decay you witnessed may in deed reference Chicago, the skunk.

  2. Sinead says:

    Denise I think you are on to something. I’ve been feeling really anxious and depressed lately and my gut feeling is something will happen really soon. Not to me but to our society that will bring us down to the basic level of understanding life in general and teach us not to be so materialistic. For en example you mentioned 2012 and Pisces finally arriving home to the planet Neptune. My gut tells me that something will happen in the next year or less that will change our country and the world for good. It will be absolutely horrific but will change all of us for the better, eventually. Shaemus might be right about November because I feel it will happen for January of 2011.

  3. barry says:

    I thought of dates. Here is what I found on wikipedia for March, 1989.

    It was a historical turning point for the wave of revolutions that swept the Eastern Bloc, starting in Poland. Collectively known as the Revolutions of 1989, they heralded the death of the Soviet Union two years later and the beginning of the post-Cold War era of United States dominance in world affairs.

    And there was a large geomagnetic storm.

    The March 1989 geomagnetic storm was a severe geomagnetic storm that caused the collapse of Hydro-Québec’s electricity transmission system. It occurred during solar cycle 22.

  4. barry says:

    389, prime number, Eisenstein prime with no imaginary part, Chen prime, highly cototient number, self number, strictly non-palindromic number. Also, 389 equals the displacement in cubic inches of the famous Pontiac GTO V-8 engine of 1964-1966. Smallest conductor of a rank 2 Elliptic curve. The port number for LDAP, and the name for the Fedora Directory Server project.

  5. barry says:

    389 Miles: “Living the Border”

    “Luis Carlos Davis is a voice you’ve never heard, with stories that seem incomprehensible. He has now become the first-ever filmmaker to gain the confidence of a coyote — those faceless smugglers who charge exorbitant fees to cross people over the border into the United States, and his film is, unbeknownst to most Americans, at the heart of this immigration controversy.”

    – Shirin Sadeghi, THE HUFFINGTON POST

    389 Miles Director Luis Carlos Davis named “Man of the Year” by Arizona Daily Star

    Somewhere along the Arizona-Mexico border, in a house that is less than a mile from the fence, Chuy, a human smuggler, agreed to be a participant in 389 Miles “Living the Border”. He had two conditions: first, only the camera assistant and I would know about the interview and second, I would provide him with assurance that his face would be covered. Fortunately, I remembered my brother Armando’s Blue Demon (Mexican wrestler) Mask and quickly procured it. During the interview he talked about the life experiences which influenced him to become a human smuggler and the corruption on both sides of the border. Finally, he described how he had witnessed as a young boy playing in his neighborhood right next to the border fence, a mother losing her fetus as she jumped from the top and her husband missed catching her. That is one of the reasons why he will never smuggle children into the U.S. When the interview ended, Chuy got up, said good-bye and left. To this day, I have never seen Chuy or my brother’s Blue Demon mask.

    – Luis Carlos Davis, Director

  6. hopeandaplan says:

    Maybe the numbers are a flight number and the reverse means when it is returning to Chicago? flt 389. Actually I just looked it up and there;s a wiki reference to a plane accident in chicago in 1965, here’s some of it:

    United Airlines Flight 389 was a scheduled flight from LaGuardia Airport, New York City, New York, to O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois. On August 16, 1965, at approximately 21:21 EST the Boeing 727 crashed into Lake Michigan 20 miles (32 km) east of Fort Sheridan, Illinois, near Lake Forest, Illinois, while descending from 35,000 feet (mean sea level-MSL). All 30 people onboard perished, including the former president of the Air Line Pilots Association. There was no indication of any unusual problem prior to impact.

  7. NYvoice says:

    A friend of mine is flying form O’Hare to Newark today. I thought of your post with all of this bomb scare stuff in Chicago and Newark going on today. If you see this comment soon, do you have any advice for passenger flights between O’Hare and Newark today? 10/29/10

    Thanks, Denise!

    1. zoma777 says:

      I think your friend will be fine. I was told in the dream the Feds would find this plot and expose it before it came to pass. My only fear was the fact that there was something of an infiltration I felt represented by the cats and they could be the key to another problem down the road. Chicago I fear will remain a prime target. I’m sure the government knows this though and I do feel they are being vigilant.

  8. Thomas says:

    October 13 is JDC’s anniversary with someone she met on GLP. JDC posted her dream about “389” on April 12, 2010, on GLP.

    I happened to look up 389 while researching the meaning of numbers. Here’s something I found:

    “If you have been intuitively feeling that a part of your life is coming to a close or end, the repeating Angel Number 389 is a message of validation for you. Something in your life is about to leave and will be replaced with something better. Be open to receiving and accepting new possessions that are beyond your expectations. Believe that you deserve the very best.”

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