Sorry it’s been so long I just have been overwhelmed with work and family stuff. I did have a rather disturbing dream last night that I felt I had to post. I was taken out of my nary and shown ( from above) a freeway broken in multiple places, it looked like an earthquake but I couldn’t tell where. The land around was flat and reminded me of the central valley of ca or the mid-west. But as I was about to be told more information about it I was suddenly back in my body. There was a dark shadow person in the doorway of my bedroom. When I focused on it asking for information it tried to jump into my body. I fought it off easily but it woke me up and disrupted the message.

I’ll blog asap. It should be a little easier with my néw iPhone. I’m also quite certain the dream about the great storm was a metaphor for the burgeoning revolutions in the middle-east. Don’t be surprised if there aren’t more of these to come all over the world we are in an astrological cycle that is very similar to the last round over a hundred years ago. I also think the use of the metaphor of a great storm was also referring to the huge winter storms that happened simultaneously. It’s amazing how spirit uses metaphor and multiple layers of meaning. My best to everyone in the new rabbit year.
Denise. Oh and to answer a reader about something related to my talking about isreal, I am of Jewish heritage.


4 thoughts on “Earthquake?

  1. buddhadreamer says:

    Hullo Denise, I do not post very often on here, but I do look at everything.
    As a scientist, Your vision does have a powerful resonance for Me. The climate change science group I am involved in have watched, in slow horror, as We see vast geophysical changes unfolding on our plant. It is now clear that we are on the edge of a massive “Flip” of the Earth’s climate and weather system. The ocean currents are going wild, (The Gulf Stream is now running at about 30% of its normal flow, which is very harmful to the whole atlantic weather system. It simply does not reach Europe anymore. This is being repeated all over the Planet, with huge changes recently in the Amozon rain forest, which now seems to be dying off en-mass. I mention this as the Polar Ice sheets are undergoing massive changes, and many other things are happening. But the most chilling thing, is the relentless rise in Earthquakes, which are now on a big rising curve. The plant now has about 30% more quakes than it had 40 years ago, and tyhe curve is steepening. Also, the quakes are getting relentlessly bigger.
    We are now getting giant quakes, all over the planet, (scale 7 plus) all the time. This is not just science, this is factual news, on your TV.
    It is now possible to say that if this all continues, then within our life times, we are going to have events of almost biblical proportions surrounding Us, with almost Biblical consequences. Personally, I think another twenty years, max will see us going over the edge. The big quake devastation you saw in your dream is entirely possible, in fact I would be suprised if it did’nt happen. Globally. Someone should make a Hollywood disaster movie about it all, while there is still a Hollywood. (um, they did, 2012, what a Turkey!).
    Anyway, events gather, dark things will happen. I wonder if anyone else who reads this site is on the wave-length?. I personally would be fascinated to hear the visions of others.

  2. Sue W says:

    Hi Denise. So glad to see you are posting. I dreamed this morning that my son and I were at an evacuation site or a carnival -tents and people everywhere. Paper plates of food, and trash; and I got a call that was not so good about a loved one. (I was very mad at him 2 nights ago, maybe the call was just that). But your earthquake dream resonated today. I thought I’d share. I hope your dream is about the freeing of people manywhere and great change in established governments for good. All goodwill, Sue (Boulder, CO)

  3. Grace says:

    So good to see you posting again! I followed your advise and bought a home this fall. Although, the news said interest rates would go down, my intuition said they would go up and I should hurry, hurry, hurry with the sale. I was right. A week later interest rates went up by 2 percent.

    Reading the news, I can see where the future might seem grim. Since the Egyptian revolution was quick and easy, I think other many other countries may soon follow suit. I don’t think they realize, the Egyptians deposed one man, not their entire government or system of government. It’s easy to get rid one guy. Getting rid of the entire government is a lot harder. I think a lot of these countries looking towards revolution don’t really realize it could be a whole lot harder for them than it was for Egypt.

    The concern is it may be major countries like Russia and China. I’ve read the majority of the Chinese spend more than 50% of their budget on food with food prices skyrocketing and the US contracting with other countries like Vietnam who offer even cheaper prices, job loss is a problem too. I am curious what your insight is into the Chinese situation. Will they have revolution or will the government just start killing people willy nilly like they’ve been prone to? Or will they just decide to go to war with us?

    I’m not overly concerned about the Russians. Putin is a pain and he’s smart which makes him more of a threat. But since the Russians have no problem killing their own leaders, I don’t imagine he’ll be a problem forever. I don’t think he has anywhere near the number of protectors that Stalin did. Besides, they are up to their ears in terrorism problems. I don’t see them as a problem for us. Do you think the US has to worry about a threat from the Russians?

    I read in the news that clothing prices are going to go up by 10%. Can we plan on further price hikes? I also think that electricity prices are going to go up soon. Why? The release of the LED light bulb and other products using LEDs like tvs. People now have more ways to save power which means the power companies are going to make a few pennies less. This is intolerable to them. They actually want people to use as much power as possible. The less we use, the more they will charge. I don’t see anyway around it. Switch to LEDs, put a solar panel on your roof and what are you going to get? Higher electric prices. Stay home. Use less gas. Stop or cut back flying. And they raise gas prices through the roof.

    If I had to give advise right now, I would say buy used and if you have a scrap of earth or a sunny window sill try to grow some of your own food. If you can, put up a clothes line and save that penny on energy. Sure they will penalize you for it by raising prices, but it will stop the flow of some of your cash into corporate hands. I don’t worry about the government or taxes much, but I’ve never met a rich person without an extended open hand – and sticking it right into the wallet of those who can least afford it.

    Yes, times ahead look grim with inflation, skyrocketing prices on just about everything and widespread war. However, I think by using your head and listening to your intuition, you can navigate it okay. I am very worried for folks on Social Security – especially of that is their only or primary income. I think SS is probably on the cutting block for Tea Baggers and they are especially vicious little snots.

    As a homeschooling parent of special needs kids, I am really glad I homeschool, because I think these programs for special needs kids are really going to be slashed if not killed entirely which is really sad. For every dollar spent on a special needs child under 5, three dollars are saved on education funds at the very least. Who knows how many jail cells fewer are needed when these kids get help when they are very young? Of course, corporations love jails. They own them! They love people going to jail, because it puts money in their pocket.

    I wish I saw an end to corporate world domination, but I don’t. It seems like big business owns and controls everything including our government. Sigh.

    Sorry to ramble on, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this stuff.

  4. shakespeare says:

    I had to comment on your post here after seeing the tsunami take out the people, towns, and flat plains of Japan. The only footage that I have ever seen that is more horrific was that of the World Trade Center collapsing.

    I don’t have television coverage but have watched some clips from the BBC and find that their comments and coverage is sanitized to the point of hardened. These are God’s people and wildlife! I is so, so sad.

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