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I’m not sure if anyone read the book I posted written about 10 years ago. It was based on a series of visions of the future I kept seeing before and during sleep. I knew that it would not be published by traditional means until it was too late, but I felt I had to document what was coming. Of course the visions were intertwined with a fictionalized story, one in which the apocalyptic Christian myth is examined in ways many might find upsetting, doing all this during the Bush II administration was frightening. I would sometimes actually feel fear when letting editor’s read it. The original date of the end rimes was around 2038 I later moved it to about 10 years later thinking I was being to zealous in my assessment however I truly afraid these visions were right. More than I even could comprehend at the time.

I bring this up because Buddha Dreamer mentions the dramatic climate change happening on earth right now. I have a confession to make. Part of the reason I have not been blogging much is the feeling of futility at the dark fate of our planet and my feeling that negativity makes it worse if one can not offer a lesson, a sliver of hope or a way out: I have found myself struggling to do so. I had so hoped the book I wrote and posted would be a clarion call or would turn out to be ridiculous fiction. I sad to say I think it will be more along the lines of nostradamous’s quatrains than a well intentioned warning about the evil’s of greed, and selfishness.
May the great Spirit help us through our ever mounting trials,
Blessed be to all the kind good people who will be made to endure the evils of the petty, greedy and small minded,

Budda dreamer

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  1. buddhadreamer says:

    Dear Denise,
    Buddhadreamer was really moved by your comment. As a scientist, the biggest problem we face is the absolute burn-out among scientists working on climate change. So many are now staring harsh reality in the face, and many are flinching from what they see. Most try to carry on, but the incidence of alcohol abuse, nervous stress and breakdown, relationship breakdown, etc, is very high. So You are not alone. As someone who is also psychic, (since childhood) but who has always had that in the background, while I got on with my science, I have to say I too get nasty visions of the future. Interestingly, as a Buddhist, my beliefs are now being confirmed by quantum physics. Something called quantum entanglement has now been confirmed to stretch not only through space, but also through time.
    Future events link to us, as do past events. Everything in the universe is interconnected. So we feel the vibrations of the future, but also, we can change it. Some things, like geophysical (Natural) events, are not changeable. Giant storms, earthquakes, etc, are immutable events.
    BUT: The Human races response to these events is changeable.
    We can, to some extent, make our own future, by planning for it, and deliberately changing it, by precautionary measures. We are NOT victims of Fate, but the creators of fate, if we can see what is to come, and react to it. The vast climate change and geophysical events that are to come, will, at present, crash our civilization, into ruin. The german writer and intellectual, Guntar Grass, said:
    “Of the great cities, nothing shall remain, but the wind that blows through them.”
    But that part of the coming crisis that we can control, which is reordering things to ensure that our society, although it will face horrible, terrible things, with perhaps somewhere between a half and three quarters of the World population disappearing as events unflod over the next 50 years, we emerge the other side of the global catastrophe with a core of civilization and knowledge intact, wiser and sadder, but with the possibility to rebuild.

    The Global catastrophe is not just climate change, it is geophysical events, (Solar and Cosmic) which will literally shake our civilization to its foundations. But the climate change will last at worst about 300 years, and probably only half that. By the middle of the next century, the climate change will have stopped changing, and things will slowly go back to something better, although strange to our eyes. The geophysical events have happened before, and have happened in the distant past, (We have legends of this, and some ancient chinese, sanskrit, and eygptian records of it. They do pass, within a short period, perhaps a year or two, and things go back to some sort of stability.

    All of this means that scientists, and “Seers”, have a duty. We have to warn, to prepare, and to organize. It will literally make a World of difference, if the powers that be are confronted with the truth, from the people. (They know already. The lie about this, as they lie about everything else. I have seen secret scientific papers from as early as 1971, which report secret conferences on what the effects of climate change will be in the future. Expect nothing now but lies from them. They are helpless, in the face of what is to come. )

    The key thing is, we need a new, clean, energy supply, to replace the dangerous and fast vanishing fossile fuels we are consuming at ever greater rates. This new energy is possible. (I am not talking here conventional nuclear energy, or so-called green energy ideas like wind turbines. I am speaking of , to give a hint, “A genie in a bottle”. This too, the powers that be have been telling lies about. Without new energy supplies, we will pollute, in our lifetime, the planets fragile ecosystem beyond repair.
    As I speak, I have recieved news that the severe drought that has impacted the Amazon rain forest is probably going to kill most of it off, if it lasts another two years. The Amazon is the Worlds air conditioner. If it goes, thats it. The water from the rainforest, (more than is evaporated by the entire south atlantic, each year) comes down on the American midwest, which is the Worlds bread-basket. So we face a food crisis, of deadly proportions, in perhaps a couple of years. (it has already started).

    I have made this very long post, as I am one of the rare few who are joined to both the world of science, and the world of spirit. I want people to know what is happening, but that also, we have a hard choivce now: Allow total collapse, or fight to keep the core of it going. It is our ultimate test, as an intelligent race.
    Buddhadreamer the scientist.

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