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Here are some posts with good info from Barry:

I read everyday. There have been dozens of stories there on the Fukushima disaster. It is not corporate owned news media.

I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and work on trying to send positive energy to Japan. I have had a series of bad migraines the last few days due to weather. I also get them before earthquakes. Often I feel like a human weather vane. By the way, if you get the option in your package next life time – DON’T TAKE IT! IT SUCKS! I sometimes wonder if my neurological problems are part of what make me psychic? My daughter at 3 is already showing signs of being as much of a freak as I was at her age. I can see now why my mother was frightened of me. It’s kind of scary when a kid starts saying what your thinking. A little disconcerting.

I’m hopeful that despite all the horrors going on in Japan something positive will happen to get this situation under control now. I REALLY FEEL they should BURY the plant in CONCRETE before it gets any worse. I think if they do this they will avoid catastrophe. It’s not just their world the company is contaminating – it’s their country, their loved ones, friends, plants, animals and the whole of the world. I really wish  money would come second here and not first as it always seems to. One thing I can say about the Russians they thought first about their citizens when dealing with the disaster, and the world community, rather than about trying to save the reactor. Perhaps visualizing the Japanese burying it is the thing to do now. I feel so badly for the people who have risked their lives. These people are should be sainted for their work. They are real heroes and I wish their company would stop putting them in jeopardy and do the right thing by them and the world and just realize this is never going to be a functional producing plant again.

More links Barry has sent and comments from you guys:

Xenon 133 Dispersion Animation – Radionuclide Has Blanketed Entire United States

Please continue to post any information you have or intuit. I have this blog, or keep it up because I value all of you. I feel lucky to be connected to such a smart, intuitive, sensitive and amazing group of people. I’m sure the majority of you are psychic yourself, even if you don’t acknowledge it.

I feel this blog is a community and all of your input is valuable. I thank all of you for the work you do and for helping each other and me with your research and prayers.

Many blessings,


Thanks to Everyone!

Info From You

Thanks for posting information on the nuclear disaster that continues to unfold in slow motion. One reader sent this excellent link that sums up the situation:

Low level radiation fallout has been found across the US and Canada now. The reader is in China and tells me that her lungs have been hurting, I guess the weather patterns have turned and now it is spreading their direction.

I also want to thank all the excellent information Barry has posted. I will try to consolidate it in one piece for everyone to read.


Best to all,


Next post will be a consolidation of posts by Barry.

Info From You

Local News Says Trace Radiation in SoCal

Our local NBC affiliate confirmed today that trace radiation was found all around Southern California this past Friday . Interesting this was just reported tonight – on Tuesday, and completely avoided on Friday when people could have stayed indoors or made a decision based on information.

Again the exact amount is unknown we are being told it is very low. Whatever that means! I do feel like the air is much better – the storm really seemed to wash the ick out.


Many blessings,



Local News Says Trace Radiation in SoCal

Ring Of Fire

Radiation levels are now coming out Japan, of course they are much higher than have been previously reported and it looks like we (the U.S.) are going to evacuate our military personnel there.  Reports have come out today that radioactive dust has been found in Seattle Washington.

As for Los Angeles, we have had a crazy giant rain storm and the air feels clearer now. My lungs no longer hurt going outside. It could have been volcanic ash that eventually got here from the explosion in Japan which happened shortly after the earthquake and Tsunami. It didn’t get much coverage due to all the other horrible things going on there, but it had a small mention. Perhaps that mixed with small amounts of radiation which were  found here in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Bakersfield were what caused the irritation and fatigue I and others experienced. So far I still haven’t heard actual numbers reported about the radiation anywhere. I wish we could get the FACTS! I’m hoping our rain storm will be good news for the rest of the country, perhaps clearing the air out before anything bad can make its way across the rest of the US.

We collected rain water in a white bucket and it was a disgusting ochre color, unlike anything I’ve seen before. So perhaps the volcanic ash, radiation and whatever natural pollutants here in LA all melded together in one horrible soup.

I have been feeling progressively more hopeful. However I do think we should all keep sending good energy and prayers for Japan. The nuclear crisis is still not over.

I truly feel people’s prayers are helping. Keep up the good work.

We do have the power to change the world – just look at all the revolutions going on all over the middle east!

People have power.

Each one of us are equally important despite what our governments and the plutocrats of the world would have us believe.

Pray for the innocent and good, pray for peace, pray for humanity’s evolution. Pray to come into your full power and see what amazing things will happen.

Many blessings,


*When I say pray I mean talk (meditate/trance/or traditional western prayer) to God/Great Spirit/Goddess in your mind and visualize the peace, prosperity and happiness you want for yourself and others. I believe it is always important to be unselfish and pray for others as well, this in itself brings one closer to God/Great Spirit/Goddess. It has also been my experience that praying to forgive those who have hurt me most have been the most emotionally healing spiritual experiences I’ve had. Try it. It really does work.

Also anyone who lives on the western coast, Alaska, Hawaii, or Japan please post any experiences or feelings you have had about the invisible threat of radiation, the thing we can’t seem to get a clear answer on. I would be curious to find out if those who ran the LA Marathon suffered any rashes or other physical side effects other than hypothermia. Please post it and I’ll re-post it so others can make sure to read your experiences.

Ring Of Fire

Radiation in California and Across the US

While experts keep telling us that all radiation that crosses into CA (and then according to the leaked UN chart across the Southwest before it disappeared – this map was based on wind flow in Japan last Tuesday so who knows what the real deal will turn out to be) will be negligible, I find it very odd that they give no numbers or parameters. We have been getting mixed information and once a few sources reported radiation at the Sacramento Airport and some private companies released information to the public anonymously, no one gave hard data or numbers.

Here’s the thing I went out Thursday (before anything was even admitted) and  my lungs hurt. On Friday my lungs hurt in far less time and my nose ran profusely. Once I went inside I was fine. Other people (especially friends’ children) have complained about feeling sick, other people have claimed they felt as if they’ve sat in the sun all day. There was a memo supposedly “false” leaked from LA fire department with their official logo on it, claiming that there was acid rain coming today and for people to stay inside. My intuition is that this was a good samaritan fire fighter who wanted the public to be warned. I believe that there is something in the air and today is the LA Marathon. I have a feeling we will see negative health effects for those who have been out in this rain all day running a marathon.

I dreamt last night that an excuse was given for the increase in radiation by our government that there was an unusually high release of radiation from the sun that happened to hit at this time. So eventually we will find out the truth and there will be an attempt to sweep it under the rug. As one nuclear scientist made the point (one I’ve wondered about) this is an unprecidented accident in that there is more than one reactor causing problems simultaneously.

I find it interesting that we have seen all coverage of the nuclear situation go away almost as soon as the American public started becoming increasingly anti-nuclear energy. Now we’re in another war and that’s all the news seems to have the ability to cover. Granted this is a big story but we are left hanging about the people of Japan, the truth and scope of the disaster there and how it will effect our planet.

One physist said on CNN everyone alive had a “Piece of Chernobyl in them,” and that we will all “have a piece of Japan” in us from this situation. How much, what it means – these are the questions. Also what is happening to the poor people in Japan? What health effects have they had to deal with? What are the levels of radiation there? What are the levels in Tokyo?

Strangely even the little bit of info we found on the internet on Friday was buried. I found this comment on CBS Los Angeles’s site by someone which echoed my own concern that the rain, while it will help clear out some radiation, isn’t good to be in while that’s happening:

al moran: David Lochbaum, nuclear safety chief at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said a fire would spew “a whole gamut of nasty materials.” In addition to cesium, he cited krypton, strontium and ruthenium.


So again trust your intuition. If anyone finds or knows of a real source of information with hard numbers here and in Japan please let us know!

Blessings to all,


Radiation in California and Across the US

Clarity Among Chaos

A reader mentioned that she has noticed a pattern of apocalyptic weather dreams on the blog and that she has been in fear for her family. She also mentioned that she noticed people being very pissy, in denial and self-centered. I want to address all these things.

First of all those of us who chose to come here (including our children) came here for a reason. This is one reason I try not to emphasis the negative because we did come here to turn the energy toward “our better angels” as Lincoln put it. At the very least being true to ones deepest goodness and humanity is a light in the darkness that has been encompassing the world since as early as I can remember.

Of course as of late the acceleration has been freakishly scary. However, all we can do is trust our intuition and know that we are here for a reason.

I just heard a news story where a stay at home mother tried to kill her two children and herself, thinking it was the end of the world. I want to say that the world and humanity have gone through many changes. And just like us, someday the earth and our sun will die, just like we will.

Death however is nothing to fear.

And if you have a child, remember that your child chose to come here. I believe that we are co-creators in our evolution and we must respect and understand that while we have to do everything we can to protect our children if they are here now, chances are good that they are evolved souls who have come to spread knowledge or for their own spiritual evolution. My point being, we do not own our children and while we are responsible for protecting them they are not our possessions, something that many people tend to forget. The woman who tried to kill her children probably did this due to intense anxiety, and really believed she was saving her children from horrible atrocities to come. My point in bringing her up is she represents in the most intense and crazy way, the enormous fear that can lead in itself to atrocity. Despite how intensely terrifying the world is right now, we have to stay strong and courageous. We are all descendants of people who went through the middle-ages, the great plagues, slavery, World Wars, nuclear bombs, genocide, the ice age.

Whatever is to come the answer is not to ignore it, which I agree has been the major coping mechanism of the vast majority of people, but it is also not to give into the fear. As spiritual warriors we must be willing to fight like the angel Micheal for ourselves and those we love. And we must be willing to sacrifice – which we will all do whether we like it or not eventually – for the greater good.

I believe the world has become increasingly more divided into the ME FIRST GREEDY CAMP and the HUMANITARIAN/ECOLOGICALLY MINDED CAMP.  I can’t break humanity down into black and white, good and evil camps since we are far too complex for that. However there are people who are other centered – who would gladly share their last piece of bread with a stranger who is starving and those who would steal the last piece of bread from a starving child to warehouse it for themselves for future possible use.

Unfortunately, those who operate entirely from a survival, lower-chakra sort of (ME First Camp Place) are in the majority, and those who may have been pushed toward higher development are being pushed through fear toward their darker natures and falling into a lower vibration. These are trying times, and in trying times it’s much harder to do the right thing then it is when everything is going one’s way.

But never in the history of the world has it been more important than now to hold onto one’s humanity, to help those in need and to call people on their greedy and awful behavior. If there is a gospel to be preached it is the golden rule.

We must balance the awful truth with how we can mollify the darkness. The tip of the storm is hitting us, but instead of hunkering down and closing the bomb shelter doors so no one else can get in – we must do what we can to wake people to the coming dangers and help people see that the situation is dire and can be corrected over the long arc of history and time.

Remember YOU have POWER.

More than you have been taught, more than anyone has allowed you to know. This is what it meant when the bible said, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” The meek, or the trodden upon, are the masses of those who play by the rules and do the right thing, they are not the few greedy who steal from the many.

The greedy will fall and no amount of money will be able to save them. Revolutions will only continue to catch fire as Uranus is in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, or to put it in layman’s terms people’s self-interest to survive will cause the false financial infrastructure to fall. It is my very sad opinion that those 400 Americans who make the same amount of money as 50% of our population does combined, don’t have any motivation to care about “the peasants.” I believe they feel their money will protect them, they will buy space in underground bomb shelters or have some fantasy about jetting around the planet to safe zones. But the reality is that once the people rise up against them, their money will be as meaningful as the plain paper it started out as.

The US hasn’t been a democracy for a long time. In a democracy the people determine policy not corporations. Ironically, the Republicans who have been being paid to support the gun lobby may find that the real reason for the 2nd amendment will be called upon if they continue to take people’s chances to make a living and support their children away from them.

So far we have seen the gun nuts all on the right, but as things become more polarized we may very well see violence, riots and even revolution here in our country – if people continue to push the poor into a corner where death by fighting looks better than sitting idylly by as they and their children starve to death.

I am not advocating this in any way, I am just stating what will happen if compassion and humanity doesn’t truly permeate American policy and Corporate interests continue to march us toward new, innovative forms of indentured servitude.

Please use this site as a way to stay in community with one another. Stay strong in yourself and your connection to the Great Spirit whatever religion you utilize as your path. God is not causing these horrible atrocities to punish us. Endings are not punishment they are just part of new beginnings.

Try to stay away from thinking in terms of the punishing jealous patriarchal vision of the Great Spirit. I know we have all been raised in a western world and our minds automatically turn to these thoughts, but truly God is good and forgiving and full of love. Pain and death and endings, are just ways to move things forward and tools for teaching and evolving.

Many blessings to all – stay balanced, meditate and pray for our world, the animals, plants and most of all the evolution of humanity,

Sending you all and our aching planet much love,


Clarity Among Chaos

Japan Triple Disaster

I understand why the Japanese and other world governments haven’t been telling us the truth about the meltdown at the plant. There is very little to be done with their population to keep them entirely safe.

Why they didn’t deploy the Chernobyl technique of entombing the plant in cement once the salt water last-ditch effort started, I don’t know. They are needlessly exposing their people to radiation and the world to a constant stream of radioactive material.

We’ve heard everything from “experts” who are operating almost entirely in the dark from – it’s not going to be as bad as 3 Mile Island during the first few days of the crisis – to yesterday, from several scientists, the belief it had already surpassed the Chernobyl disaster, at a level 7 plant disaster. The French officials today have put it at a 6. The Japanese increased it from a 4 to a 5 today.

I have been staying out of the prediction business as of late because we are in a very negative cycle that we are going to have to live through. Now is the time of reckoning, we are past the point of being able to stop the worst of the karma we have inflicted. I don’t like to be negative. And I don’t like freaking people out. Instead I urge everyone to pray for the health of the planet and to use spiritual protection for your families and yourselves.

I have had a series of very disturbing dreams and visitations, starting last summer. Due to these I knew revolutions were coming and many other terrifying things. Here’s the thing, we as individuals can’t do much to change what is happening. However we can use our power of visualization, prayer and positive energy to help those in need and to help offset the worst of the energy and protect the innocent.

I truly wish we could get the truth from Japan about the real levels coming out of this plant. I would urge all Americans to not believe the notion that the levels of radiation are going to be negligible especially in regards to children. As adults the effects will not be as severe however children are still developing.

Let’s just use pure logic. There are reports that as many as 6 of the reactors could be melting down or have melted down. If you times that by the one nuclear meltdown that happened at Chernobyl you can see that the real truth could be a level 7 times six reactors. I’m not saying this is going to happen. I have a strong intuition based on a series of dreams that at least 2 will probably melt down at least partially and be at Chernobyl levels if not more. No one is talking about the reality of these problems and the effect it will have on the entire planet. In fact I don’t think anyone wants to even consider how big this disaster truly could become if all of those reactors melted down.

So what to do? If the radioactive cloud comes your way and you live in a drafty old house like I do, then seal up the areas where drafts are with heavy plastic and duct tape. Keep extra water, canned goods and a basic emergency kit so you don’t have to leave your home for at least a few days if not longer. And of course stay inside as much as possible. Turn off your ventilation system to the outside – which would mean any central or air and heating. Just use space heaters and regular fans for those periods when there is radioactive fall out in your area.

Something no one is talking about is that there have been radioactive levels have been found here in CA. I saw evidence that levels were much higher than had been reported yesterday in the area of Bakersfield where an independent company took a reading.

Historically governments don’t tell people much because they don’t want to create panic and they really don’t know what to do. I don’t think it’s because they are evil. I know from my own experience, one doesn’t want people to lose sight of other important things and for most people there is little they can do.

From first hand experience (here in the Los Angeles area) yesterday and today – I went outside. The sky had a strange orange glow and there was a light ash coming down which had covered both my cars (which are black). I was out in the environment for a total of about half an hour on and off while doing errands and my lungs hurt.

Today I went out for about five minutes and my nose began running immediately and my lungs again hurt. For what it’s worth, I don’t have lung issues and once I went inside my nose stopped running. This maybe anecdotal evidence that something strange is going on, but that’s all we have as there are no hard facts. I have found no solid hard numbers. One thing will come out and contradict another. It’s very confusing.

Trust your own intuition.

If you have kids and you live on the west coast (or anywhere you feel there is something odd going on) make sure to keep them indoors and if you have to go outside wear stuff you can wash and take them off once you get inside, throw your stuff (including your shoes, so wear tennis shoes or something washable) in the washing machine, take a shower so you don’t spread any radiation around your home.

While small levels (if this info is even true) won’t bother grown ups, it can have adverse health effects for young children down the road. It’s not worth taking the risk. If one does all these things you and your family should be fine. Also later, make sure that any milk you buy has been tested for radiation or buy from an area that has for sure not been effected. Milk is one food that will be most affected from any radiation.

And also important, pray. Use the lesser pentagram ritual I have posted on this site and ask the Great Spirit for guidance and clarity. You will hear the voice of the Great Spirit in dreams, also as a small voice that is charged with emotion deep inside yourself. We are all part of God. The more we connect with the Great Spirit, the more protected and at one with the will of the Universe we become.

Many blessings, keep safe and trust your intuition,


For those who don’t feel they have much intuition or know how to access it, the best way is through meditation. You can look online for techniques that resonate with your beliefs and personality.

Japan Triple Disaster