Clarity Among Chaos

A reader mentioned that she has noticed a pattern of apocalyptic weather dreams on the blog and that she has been in fear for her family. She also mentioned that she noticed people being very pissy, in denial and self-centered. I want to address all these things.

First of all those of us who chose to come here (including our children) came here for a reason. This is one reason I try not to emphasis the negative because we did come here to turn the energy toward “our better angels” as Lincoln put it. At the very least being true to ones deepest goodness and humanity is a light in the darkness that has been encompassing the world since as early as I can remember.

Of course as of late the acceleration has been freakishly scary. However, all we can do is trust our intuition and know that we are here for a reason.

I just heard a news story where a stay at home mother tried to kill her two children and herself, thinking it was the end of the world. I want to say that the world and humanity have gone through many changes. And just like us, someday the earth and our sun will die, just like we will.

Death however is nothing to fear.

And if you have a child, remember that your child chose to come here. I believe that we are co-creators in our evolution and we must respect and understand that while we have to do everything we can to protect our children if they are here now, chances are good that they are evolved souls who have come to spread knowledge or for their own spiritual evolution. My point being, we do not own our children and while we are responsible for protecting them they are not our possessions, something that many people tend to forget. The woman who tried to kill her children probably did this due to intense anxiety, and really believed she was saving her children from horrible atrocities to come. My point in bringing her up is she represents in the most intense and crazy way, the enormous fear that can lead in itself to atrocity. Despite how intensely terrifying the world is right now, we have to stay strong and courageous. We are all descendants of people who went through the middle-ages, the great plagues, slavery, World Wars, nuclear bombs, genocide, the ice age.

Whatever is to come the answer is not to ignore it, which I agree has been the major coping mechanism of the vast majority of people, but it is also not to give into the fear. As spiritual warriors we must be willing to fight like the angel Micheal for ourselves and those we love. And we must be willing to sacrifice – which we will all do whether we like it or not eventually – for the greater good.

I believe the world has become increasingly more divided into the ME FIRST GREEDY CAMP and the HUMANITARIAN/ECOLOGICALLY MINDED CAMP.  I can’t break humanity down into black and white, good and evil camps since we are far too complex for that. However there are people who are other centered – who would gladly share their last piece of bread with a stranger who is starving and those who would steal the last piece of bread from a starving child to warehouse it for themselves for future possible use.

Unfortunately, those who operate entirely from a survival, lower-chakra sort of (ME First Camp Place) are in the majority, and those who may have been pushed toward higher development are being pushed through fear toward their darker natures and falling into a lower vibration. These are trying times, and in trying times it’s much harder to do the right thing then it is when everything is going one’s way.

But never in the history of the world has it been more important than now to hold onto one’s humanity, to help those in need and to call people on their greedy and awful behavior. If there is a gospel to be preached it is the golden rule.

We must balance the awful truth with how we can mollify the darkness. The tip of the storm is hitting us, but instead of hunkering down and closing the bomb shelter doors so no one else can get in – we must do what we can to wake people to the coming dangers and help people see that the situation is dire and can be corrected over the long arc of history and time.

Remember YOU have POWER.

More than you have been taught, more than anyone has allowed you to know. This is what it meant when the bible said, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” The meek, or the trodden upon, are the masses of those who play by the rules and do the right thing, they are not the few greedy who steal from the many.

The greedy will fall and no amount of money will be able to save them. Revolutions will only continue to catch fire as Uranus is in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, or to put it in layman’s terms people’s self-interest to survive will cause the false financial infrastructure to fall. It is my very sad opinion that those 400 Americans who make the same amount of money as 50% of our population does combined, don’t have any motivation to care about “the peasants.” I believe they feel their money will protect them, they will buy space in underground bomb shelters or have some fantasy about jetting around the planet to safe zones. But the reality is that once the people rise up against them, their money will be as meaningful as the plain paper it started out as.

The US hasn’t been a democracy for a long time. In a democracy the people determine policy not corporations. Ironically, the Republicans who have been being paid to support the gun lobby may find that the real reason for the 2nd amendment will be called upon if they continue to take people’s chances to make a living and support their children away from them.

So far we have seen the gun nuts all on the right, but as things become more polarized we may very well see violence, riots and even revolution here in our country – if people continue to push the poor into a corner where death by fighting looks better than sitting idylly by as they and their children starve to death.

I am not advocating this in any way, I am just stating what will happen if compassion and humanity doesn’t truly permeate American policy and Corporate interests continue to march us toward new, innovative forms of indentured servitude.

Please use this site as a way to stay in community with one another. Stay strong in yourself and your connection to the Great Spirit whatever religion you utilize as your path. God is not causing these horrible atrocities to punish us. Endings are not punishment they are just part of new beginnings.

Try to stay away from thinking in terms of the punishing jealous patriarchal vision of the Great Spirit. I know we have all been raised in a western world and our minds automatically turn to these thoughts, but truly God is good and forgiving and full of love. Pain and death and endings, are just ways to move things forward and tools for teaching and evolving.

Many blessings to all – stay balanced, meditate and pray for our world, the animals, plants and most of all the evolution of humanity,

Sending you all and our aching planet much love,


Clarity Among Chaos

9 thoughts on “Clarity Among Chaos

  1. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Once again you have hit the proverbial nail smack on its corporate head. I’ve spent this afternoon watching a film about the Nazis and an awful lot of Germans went along with them just because it was the simplest and safest thing to do at the time. Moral courage is never easy but has seldom been more necessary.

    Best wishes from Simon

  2. As we know, fascism was eventually defeated in World War 2. But just before the end of the war, with the fascists on the ropes, the Vice President of the United States at the time, Henry Wallace, penned an op-ed for the New York Times warning Americans about the creeping dangers of fascism – or corporate government.

    read full article

    This is what the Koch Brothers and other Billionaires have been doing for more than a decade, if not longer. I am pleading with you to do whatever it takes to take action to restore our democracy. write to your senator, your congressman, organize, do whatever it take to end Fascism. Fascism is very real in our country, and this type of corporate takeover must end, and with your help we can do it.

    Get involved today

    1. Thomas says:

      Excellent article, but very few Americans understand that corporate fascism has taken over the U.S., and is targeting the world.

      It’s interesting that WWIII will be fought by Western Corporate Fascists against Communist Dictatorships.

      I see the West losing WWIII, but it might have more to do with natural disasters. Technology is so fragile compared to solid mechanics, and the West is becoming more dependent on fragile technologies every day.

  3. hmm, we have very few communist dictatorships left.. it does not work and Fascism will not work either. true we are seeing actual evidence of fascism throughout corporate America. ie; right wing Tea Party/Libertarian extremists and neo conservatives desire to dismantle private/public unions, public schools, voter ID, women’s reproductive rights, and universal healthcare are all considered to be social benefits for the poor. It’s a strange Teanut bunch, and they are having a revolution of their own. I don’t like what I am seeing with implementation of armed police forces for our schools, and yes, I made that prediction earlier, and I was not happy to see that. It’s not 1950’s anymore, and all I want is “peace”. can’t we just get along please?

    The confusion with Tea Party and Libertarian is that they are giving mixed policy messages. for example, Libertarians are fiscal conservative but socially liberal. Tea Party members are more or less fiscal and socially conservative. Ron Paul and his son Rand (named after writer/author Ayn Rand) founded “Tea Party” in 2008 during the time when Sarah Palin was a rising Tea Party darlin’. Their messages are usually hateful, and to spite President Obama’s agenda on all important matters.

    What is really going on with Tea Party lawmakers? but they contradict all them by introducing law bills on the floor, but when it’s time for voting, they reject the very bill they’ve introduced. Bat Crazy or what? Many of them do not have governing experience; not even college educated on ‘political science’. Senator Rand Paul who is still wet behind his ears, was a practicing ophthalmologist~eye doctor before he ran for Senate (2010) has to be the dumbest one and with a mouth full of arrogance, its hard to believe he was elected. He is big on guns with zero restrictions, and pro lifer, who insists the state government control women’s bodies and not the Federal government. In other words conservative states want more control over women. wow, how frightening is this??

    good grief, fascism is everywhere now… wake up folks..

    I don’t know about WWIII at this time, or even if America would get involved. I think there is a lot of hype on a possible WWIII, but I do feel some unrest will continue with North Korea. That country is the country we should be on the alert and to beware of as well as the uprising occurring in the Middle East.

    For great indepth true journalism, please check out


  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    I am currently reading ‘Astrology for the Soul’ by Jan Spiller which you recommended. I knew next to nothing about the moon’s nodes before but found the sections relating to me and the people that I know to be bang on target. Many thanks for the heads-up!

    Best wishes from Simon

  5. NT says:

    So much garbage on this page and I am not even talking about the predictions. Almost nothing said politically has any factual basis behind it. Please spend as much time educating yourself on facts as you spend plotting horoscope charts. All you are doing is spreading hate and fear instead of peace and acceptance. Which is it? Which is it that represents who you are? Just because you say you are open-minded and enlightened and on a higher more progressive frequency, doesn’t make it so. You pretend to be better than others and preach about enlightenment when you are are neither. For being on a higher level than everyone else, you sure sound like parrots repeating what you hear/read from singular (narrow-minded) news sources. People who actually think for themselves don’t subscribe to any one size fits all political party. Like an impartial referee, they examine both parties and call them both out on their dirty plays, not look the other way for one team and make stuff up against the other team. For people who claim to be psychic, you’re very impressionable.

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