Ring Of Fire

Radiation levels are now coming out Japan, of course they are much higher than have been previously reported and it looks like we (the U.S.) are going to evacuate our military personnel there.  Reports have come out today that radioactive dust has been found in Seattle Washington.

As for Los Angeles, we have had a crazy giant rain storm and the air feels clearer now. My lungs no longer hurt going outside. It could have been volcanic ash that eventually got here from the explosion in Japan which happened shortly after the earthquake and Tsunami. It didn’t get much coverage due to all the other horrible things going on there, but it had a small mention. Perhaps that mixed with small amounts of radiation which were¬† found here in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Bakersfield were what caused the irritation and fatigue I and others experienced. So far I still haven’t heard actual numbers reported about the radiation anywhere. I wish we could get the FACTS! I’m hoping our rain storm will be good news for the rest of the country, perhaps clearing the air out before anything bad can make its way across the rest of the US.

We collected rain water in a white bucket and it was a disgusting ochre color, unlike anything I’ve seen before. So perhaps the volcanic ash, radiation and whatever natural pollutants here in LA all melded together in one horrible soup.

I have been feeling progressively more hopeful. However I do think we should all keep sending good energy and prayers for Japan. The nuclear crisis is still not over.

I truly feel people’s prayers are helping. Keep up the good work.

We do have the power to change the world – just look at all the revolutions going on all over the middle east!

People have power.

Each one of us are equally important despite what our governments and the plutocrats of the world would have us believe.

Pray for the innocent and good, pray for peace, pray for humanity’s evolution. Pray to come into your full power and see what amazing things will happen.

Many blessings,


*When I say pray I mean talk (meditate/trance/or traditional western prayer) to God/Great Spirit/Goddess in your mind and visualize the peace, prosperity and happiness you want for yourself and others. I believe it is always important to be unselfish and pray for others as well, this in itself brings one closer to God/Great Spirit/Goddess. It has also been my experience that praying to forgive those who have hurt me most have been the most emotionally healing spiritual experiences I’ve had. Try it. It really does work.

Also anyone who lives on the western coast, Alaska, Hawaii, or Japan please post any experiences or feelings you have had about the invisible threat of radiation, the thing we can’t seem to get a clear answer on. I would be curious to find out if those who ran the LA Marathon suffered any rashes or other physical side effects other than hypothermia. Please post it and I’ll re-post it so others can make sure to read your experiences.

Ring Of Fire