Thanks to Everyone!

Here are some posts with good info from Barry:

I read everyday. There have been dozens of stories there on the Fukushima disaster. It is not corporate owned news media.

I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and work on trying to send positive energy to Japan. I have had a series of bad migraines the last few days due to weather. I also get them before earthquakes. Often I feel like a human weather vane. By the way, if you get the option in your package next life time – DON’T TAKE IT! IT SUCKS! I sometimes wonder if my neurological problems are part of what make me psychic? My daughter at 3 is already showing signs of being as much of a freak as I was at her age. I can see now why my mother was frightened of me. It’s kind of scary when a kid starts saying what your thinking. A little disconcerting.

I’m hopeful that despite all the horrors going on in Japan something positive will happen to get this situation under control now. I REALLY FEEL they should BURY the plant in CONCRETE before it gets any worse. I think if they do this they will avoid catastrophe. It’s not just their world the company is contaminating – it’s their country, their loved ones, friends, plants, animals and the whole of the world. I really wish  money would come second here and not first as it always seems to. One thing I can say about the Russians they thought first about their citizens when dealing with the disaster, and the world community, rather than about trying to save the reactor. Perhaps visualizing the Japanese burying it is the thing to do now. I feel so badly for the people who have risked their lives. These people are should be sainted for their work. They are real heroes and I wish their company would stop putting them in jeopardy and do the right thing by them and the world and just realize this is never going to be a functional producing plant again.

More links Barry has sent and comments from you guys:

Xenon 133 Dispersion Animation – Radionuclide Has Blanketed Entire United States

Please continue to post any information you have or intuit. I have this blog, or keep it up because I value all of you. I feel lucky to be connected to such a smart, intuitive, sensitive and amazing group of people. I’m sure the majority of you are psychic yourself, even if you don’t acknowledge it.

I feel this blog is a community and all of your input is valuable. I thank all of you for the work you do and for helping each other and me with your research and prayers.

Many blessings,


Thanks to Everyone!

8 thoughts on “Thanks to Everyone!

  1. Sue W says:

    Hi Denise,
    If I were psychic I’d love to know how to use it! I have “seen” Japan’s disaster area charred. Black. I think the concrete entombment is a good way to go, and I will meditate on that -it’s something we could do, at the least. Containment is of essence and I hope the world will also learn from this and invest in green renewables instead. We seem far away from all that… But having you here (and the others) is a blessing. BTW, thanks, Barry. I read ZeroHedge now.

  2. mima says:


    Thank you for sharing. I also thank you for not sharing the sad part of what is happening and for encouraging and urge us to send our positive thoughts and prayers out there. In that note I’m going to share this link about Dr. Emoto Masaru. He has been studying water and the effects our thoughts have on it. He has photographed water crystals after positive thoughts and words have been meditated on it and when bad words and bad thoughts have. The results can be seen on the crystal and is quite amazing. He is spearheading a project that will take place on 03/31/11 and is a worldwide event about sending postiive thoughts to Japan.
    Here is the link:

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