Angels and Demons (not the novel)

I try to be positive and focus on the things we can do to change the world for the better. It is my firm belief that we always have the power to turn things around and change them, if I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t bother writing – or sharing the visions I have with all of you.

I know many people are freaked out about 2012, but I don’t think it will be the end of the world. I do however think we will see some strange things. I had a vision the other day of a hurricane in what seemed the pacific ocean – a really big one, unprecedented. The weather here in southern CA has been odd for the season raining one day, hot and dry the next – not great for the old migraines.

I have a feeling we are in a period of respite for the time being. But I do think things are building toward more natural disasters. I don’t know if anybody remembered the strange vision I was shown about the area of the Bermuda Triangle and some seemingly natural disaster appearing there. This was about a week before the earthquake in Haiti. I was told then that the cause was not natural, that there was something alien under the water – in my vision it was connected to the Northwest under the pacific ocean.

The last vision/dream I was taken away from due to some sort of negative interference was about a massive earthquake in a remote area. I saw the highway cracked in pieces but had no idea where this was to take place before being taken back to my body because something negative was going to enter it. I had dreams during this period that I looked in the mirror and my eyes were bleeding. I made an appointment to have a check up with my doctor. I was pretty freaked out. The first thing I thought when I woke was radiation but I had no context for it. In the dream it was as if to holes had been punched in my retinas and I thought about the idea of having to look away from a nuclear explosion. Besides how real it all felt other elements of the dream all were happening on a personal level. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between the universal and the personal.  Anyway, there was the horrible quake in Christchurch New Zealand shortly after the vision/dream of the broken road and then not long after the 9.0 in a remote farming city in Japan. I wish I could have gotten more information but something stopped me.

I have to say  I have seen strange things lately. Something I haven’t revealed before on the blog has been a series of visitations I received starting back in the summer of 2010. The odd thing was these beings looked human and at first I thought they were weird old men with long white hair coming up to my front door, like they were putting a flyer on it or going to try to sell me something – this happened in broad daylight. When I went to look for them, I realized they were not physically there. I don’t like to sound like too much of a freak, but if you all knew how terrorized and crazy my life has been due to my “gift” I think most of you would agree it’s more of a curse.

The first long white-haired man in a white robe I looked for, thinking he had really been at my door, on my doorstep. I eventually asked my inner self (or whatever it is that makes me the freak I am) and I was told his name was Samuel at first I wondered if this was an old relative as he looked a bit like an ancient rabbi or perhaps an uncle. I didn’t know then that Samuel was an angel.

And then the parade of strange beings continued – all giving me different angel names. I had to look them up. One was Cassiel. It made personal sense to me as I was going through a transition in my career and Cassiel is related to the planet of careers – Saturn. Another was Gabriel and last name I remember was Azreal because I was  beginning to get a little frightened as I looked up Azreal and found he was known as the angel of death. This is about the time I stopped posting for a long period of time. I had no idea what the hell was happening and I can tell you all I could think was my two years in CCD school after my Jewish father died and my Catholic mother was told to raise us in her religion by the Rabbi, about the end of days and the breaking of the seven seals. I however – as you all know – am not a believer in organized religion. I have found it to be problematic and often anti-spiritual. I do believe that much of what is found in holy books was given to us by other beings, but not by Ain Soph – the God/Goddess/Great Spirit – Creator of all Universes. And of course there is the issue of interpretation that happens when hundreds of years go by before anything is written down about an event – a lot of what happened could be misinterpreted.

I do believe we are in the process of a major shift of epic proportion. So large, many of us will probably be caught in the change. I don’t feel however it will all happen on December 21 of 2012. I believe it is a process. If we begin (on a large scale) to shift our behavior, have respect for the earth and all creatures, treat each other with love and kindness and act in accordance with the golden rule – I believe we can shift the balance and possibly stave off the worst of what is to come. It may sound crazy that the little things we do change the broader landscape of the world – but just think of the Butterfly Theory (not the movie – the actual theory) and you will see how the smallest things can have huge impact.

Try to stay positive and keep praying for the healing and good of our world and the enlightenment of humankind.

We must all awaken to the call to be our better selves and shed the dark id of our un-evolved reptilian brains. Fear is an enemy. We can’t live in that state. So what I’m telling everyone is things will be OK, we just have to do everything we can to secure that potential future which includes visualizing our world in it’s best possible state. And we have to reject the course we are on by teaching those around us to be loving and descent.

Here in LA a little baby girl’s life was saved because a woman saw her sitting in a car seat alone while the father was inside a Costco. It was 120 degrees in the car when the police got her out of there. If the woman had not taken action the child would have died. Be nosy, do the right thing, everything in this world is your business – this world is yours and its all connected to you.

Many blessings to all,



Angels and Demons (not the novel)