Hurricanes, Premonitions and Dreams

I mentioned my vision of a terrible hurricane in an area not normally used to hurricanes. I had a dream this afternoon while taking a nap, it was one of those dreams, the kind I knew was a premonition. I was visiting a close friend in Virginia. We were driving south toward Florida. The weather was abysmal. There was horrible pounding rain and winds, flooding all along the eastern seaboard from where she lived into the southern United States. She told me it had (so this was the future maybe 1-5 years from now?) that this was just the way it was now all the time. Hurricanes were constantly bombarding the southeast and south, most of the time they didn’t make landfall but they left horrible flooding and devastation along the coast from where she lived all the way down through the Florida pan handle and I believe into the Gulf of Mexico although she didn’t specifically say that. She drove through it. People got used to it and it was just the new normal. I suppose people no longer lived close to the ocean at least during the hurricane season because it seemed that there had been an adjustment to this new pattern.

The other thing I want to mention here is something I believe could turn very dark if not turned around. Right now the Republican house is trying to pass a budget that would give the wealthiest one percenter and major corporations a cap of 25% tax. Right now the most they pay is 35%. They want to take away health care for the aged and children and do away with entitlements which of course we are entitled to since we pay into them via our work. This horrific greed is going to backfire if passed. There is already talk that the government might shut down for a period and government workers are afraid they will never get paid for the time they are required to work – so in essence our government will be sanctioning a new kind of slavery. Bringing me to the point that this appears to be the case in all fields. I have seen the record industry fall to pieces first hand, now the film industry and people are working not just for less than what they did before – often they are working literally for free hoping they will get something out of something on the back side.

This is a trend and it’s not a good one. The richest 400 families who make the same amount of money as half of all working Americans combined seem to believe that keeping what they have and letting everyone eat cake is their ticket to maintaining power and securing their personal futures – but let me assure you that this will not be the case – in fact I’m certain if this trend continues we will see the destruction of our country through violent revolution. Perhaps not today, or tomorrow but in our life times. When a country slides from being middle class to looking like a bombed out version of itself, with income levels sliding and people desperate to survive eventually we will get to the point where people will no longer be able to sustain their lifestyles – children will go hungry, people will die and this will push the next generation into a corner where they will be forced to fight for the things that generations fought for a hundred years ago – like unions and fair wages and decent working conditions. People died for these privileges that some grew up believing were rights. Combine this with an unsustainable number of human beings on this earth and a dependence on unsustainable, finite resources for fuel (which literally enables our way of life) and we are headed for a human disaster of unparalleled proportion.

I really wish we had a government that was a democracy instead of a bunch of power-hungry vultures who feed on the desires of lobbyists and multinational corporate interests. Those interests are in direct opposition to the interests of life here on earth – not just for humans, but for all beings. I’m sure many of you are as angry as I am about this. I’ve thought long and hard about what to do and how to change things, however the way things are going it’s nearly impossible for a person to just keep their head above water and survive let alone take on these huge issues which is exactly what our government relies on in terms of our complicity in their Faustian pact with multinational corporations.

Anyway, if anyone has ideas on the subject I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Many blessings, to all,


Oh, and I want to mention I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the recently discovered “dwarf” planet Eris. It’s interesting she was found and finally named fairly recently. She is the Goddess of discord – sister to Aries, her son was God of strife. She is best known for hurling a golden apple into a wedding party addressed to “the fairest” which caused an argument among the Goddesses. Zeus had Paris judge the competition (wisely since it was between his wife, Hera,  and two of his daughters Venus and Athena – I might be mixing Roman and Greek pantheons here so forgive me). The interesting thing to note here are the two things that came out of this – one was the seemingly innocuous golden apple which was really a malicious, manipulation to cause a fight and the second was the Trojan war which also had that element. It was a fake horse sent as a supposed gift that the guards let in and became the city’s downfall.

So it seems the theme here is a “gift” which is really a pathway to destruction. Interesting that we are seeing the middle east explode with the advent or gift of the internet, and social networking sites supposedly inciting the youth to rise up and demand democracy. So either Eris has been misrepresented in a way and strife is a way to get people to act for the better good, or there is something we are not fully aware of in terms of how all of this will eventually play out on a larger scale.

Love to hear your thoughts! I’m going to continue to look into these new planets and try to figure out how they are related to things going on in our world. They are clues for sure. If anyone has ideas about the myths and associations in our world in regards to them please post them!

Hurricanes, Premonitions and Dreams