OK, I’m Pissed…

If Boner (Boehner) wants to walk away from talks. And my mother doesn’t get her social security check and your grandmother doesn’t get hers and my neighbor on disability doesn’t get his than F’ing Congress should not get paid. They can’t do their job and are willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable members of our society? This is a CHRISTIAN nation? REALLY? The REPUBLICANS ARE CHRISTIAN? Hmm, I think they are psychopaths. They are truly evil if they do this.

All middle and lower economic strata American’s should refuse to pay taxes from here on out until our voices are heard. If all they respect is the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, than they should lose their paychecks which are paid for by US!

I feel like I’m going to puke.

So sorry. I’m sure all of you are just as upset as I am.

I hope those “evil doers” see what they are reaping ASAP.



OK, I’m Pissed…

6 thoughts on “OK, I’m Pissed…

  1. I feel sick to my stomach. Is the world ending???? I just cannot believe what is happening. I barely make it week from week. I have to count every penny and believe me I have it better then most. If I could give money to people who are in need, I would. Why can’t the wealthiest 1% help the rest of this country. I just don’t know anymore..

  2. Hi, Buddha Dreamer here.
    I haven’t posted for a good while, as much of the stuff I am and were seeing was so awful. But I wanted to post a very bare outline of what I have been seeing. Now, as of today, with the vote on the debt ceiling done, We have a little (I do mean little) breathing space, for a while, as people sort things out, etc. But now the reality that might have been, (One of several) now kicks in. The news is not good. I think around early September people will start to realize that the situation is not going to be fixed, that the debt cliff-hanger has done some very bad damage, and by November, We are in a sort of crisis again, mostly market based, and that by early December, the market has gone down big time, and we are sliding into the big deep hole. This is one we will not get out of for a good while. This is the real depression, (for America, Europe is not so bad).
    Also, expect a very very severe Winter this year, even worse than last year. Ice storms, weird weather, ultra-freezing temperatures, etc etc, to the point it will cause major problems and disruption, with almost a state of emergency at one point.

    But next year will be the real crisis year. 2012 and it’s events have absolutely nothing to do with the Maya’s, a lot to do with the economics and climate changes and the crisis in the middle East. Big energy shortages, even grid black-outs, and also, in America, the individual States will in many cases be right on the edge of bankruptcy, shedding state jobs and services almost unbelievably, and running on almost skeleton administrations. Life for the poor will get very very tough. There will be almost martial law in some states, and lots of very angry people. The federal Government will be in a major financial crisis still, and barely able to cope with the emergencies and events. I do see lots of American military coming back from abroad, and greatly needed at home. Natural events and the political and social/economic situation will stretch the Feds to the breaking point, and almost beyond, in some cases. There will also be a major international food crisis next year. It will even affect America.

    The situation in the middle east will be a real threat to everyone. Israel will be very unpopular, due to its utterly reckless behavior, which risks a nuclear confrontation with Iran. The outcome at the moment, could go either way, but is heading towards a major military event. (It’s too short to be a war!). We will all suffer from this, and it will have huge effects on America’s attempts at recovery.
    Sorry, this is what I see. I leave it to You Denise to decide to print this.
    There is much more, which I believe you and others are picking up, that links to this, but like you, I have a fear of making things real by printing them!. But read between the lines.
    Buddha Dreamer.

  3. s coultas says:

    I have no physic ability but I truly believe we are in a time of desperation and the people who lead the country are greedy and egotistical who see us as sheep to be fleeced and discarded they care nothing for the suffering they cause. To them we are disposable imbeciles who are only useful as long as we feed the machine.

  4. Gary says:

    Your pissed? I am pissed you posted such a untrue remark without the facts.
    First off for you to believe anything the leftist (so called ) media is 10 miles up ObombA ‘s ass and refuse to report the truth and you jump out here and post a remark that is flat out a LIE. Social Security can’t be affected by the debt talks, What you pretend to be mad about, is just the same old BS the entire DNC screams every election to scare our elderly people into voting demacrat. It is a total ruse, a lie, and for you to post crap like that shows your clear bias, Your a 100% left wing socialist. You pose as a independent but your socialist views come through load and clear.
    ANSWER THIS ONE MRS I’m PISSED…I was looking on your post for where you went SCREAMING IN MAD ANGER defending the seniors when Obomba cut Medicare by $50,000,000 were your post on that one? Someone actually robbered our poor and elderly. Damn you liberals are such hipacrites, and lying about your political party, Independent, yea””” your middle of the road alright. If the road runs through Russia ….
    I’Ll be looking for that post on how pissed you are about one. Xxxxxxxxxx Obama robbing Medicare of $50,000,000
    And while your posting on subjects like that, what abut the fact the your demacr buddy’s have not passed a budget in 4 years. Sense your on your soapbox screaming about politicians robbing our seniors, how about what Harry Reid and his Demacrat controlled congress )4) years now,,is ripping the shit out of not just current seniors, the demacrats have blasted the shit out of every seniors, and your’s and you kids future ss benefits that once there done, you will only be able to hear and see the leftist “sound bites” crying foul when they out right lie to maintain power through fear.
    Looking for that post? I would think a real psychic would be able to SEE THE TRUTH,??? And SPEAK THE TRUTH, UNLESS LEFTWING lies and SOUND BITES ARE YOUR ,’,” truth. How bout it Mrs. Obama

  5. kelley says:

    As far as social security, I am angry that it has been borrowed for other government findings and not paid back. It has not been affected by the shutdown, as far as I am aware.

    What I would like to know is, where can I get a list, of those who have voted, and caused this shutdown. It has been about egos, power, no matter what the excuse given. I have attempted to find such a congressional list but have had no luck. I’m sure it’s public record and I feel we should all be privy to it. So if anyone finds the info please share. I spent a couple of hours looking online for it. Thank you.

  6. kelley says:

    By the way I have been surprised DC hadn’t had any major protests or people with guns around. The energy is negative and very tense there. My prediction is all will be resolved in three week. I think some issues will be fixed end of next week and next month, there are going to be a few more issues to finish up. I can’t decipher the exact details as I am beginning to broaden myself beyond individuals. For some reason though I feel three weeks will be a major step with some unresolved issues yet. I cannot wait till there is stability as my husband is essential, and working for free, right now, to keep security fulfilled for all of our safety. Please send your prayers for all those who are struggling.

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