Debt Ceiling and the Final Nail…

I would say that if the plan passes as is, its the nail in the coffin for many a Washington career including Obama’s. And we will see the very dark side of the garbage we’ve been hiding behind the dumpster. I have a post ready, a prediction that I wrote last week, on Monday about what would happen. So far it’s been right on. I didn’t post it because I didn’t want to effect any possible outcome and as weird it sounds I had a feeling if I posted, it might. So I kept it hidden in the private files to be revealed later.

Someone asked me (after the 2008 crash) if I felt the Dow would go below 6,000 in the next slide. I kept seeing their being 2 major falls. Yet the second one was kept at bay. I kept being told 2 years. And I believe it was supposed to happen within the two years after the first but didn’t. However, if this package goes through you can expect to see the second fall and the crash to below 6000. Reality will hit us hard and the dance of BS will finally be over. Many people will lose everything and we will hit a serious Depression. There is only one option for the president, and if he had balls he would take it. Sadly, his are much smaller than Hillary Clinton’s the woman I voted for in the primary because I felt she would have been able to stand her ground where I feared Obama could not.

Obama however is very brilliant, likeable and he appealed to the idealist in all of us. I have wanted nothing more than for him to surprise me by being strong and like so many others we felt he was an idealist too, willing to stand up for what he believed.  I think Obama is in a debate but when it comes to following through he is sorely lacking. However I won’t count him out just yet. ( And let’s face it Obama was the only answer though we had. If McCain would have won we would have hit this Depression times 10 back in 2009.) If Obama pulls this one out of the hat at the last second as I hope to the Great Spirit he will, then I will once again have renewed faith not just in his ability to lead, win another election and bring us out of a looming Depression but also I will have renewed faith in our government itself.

If not I fear we are headed down a road too dark to even look at right now.

Pray for us – we need it!

Many blessings to the good people of this world,


Debt Ceiling and the Final Nail…

10 thoughts on “Debt Ceiling and the Final Nail…

  1. Dear Denise,

    I just read your posts in the last week. They all resonate, sadly. I join you in prayers for the good people in the world, and that the Great Spirit will assist the right people in change the direction of where we are heading. Take care, and I am pissed too.


  2. Lisa says:

    What happened in the last week is exactly the first dream that I had, that I told you about, that I had a year and a half ago. In the dream the market crashed in July (but when I woke up I thought it would be early July). The market crashed in the summer, and I missed out any money to be made by shorting which I did. I didn’t short just now because I didn’t think it would be so soon. I have been seriously doubting my psychic ability in the last few years too, which also made me dis-trust the dream.

    The next dream I had, if you remember, and I posted it on your blog two years ago, was that it is either late November or early December, and the SPX crashes to first 900, then 750, then 250. In the background I hear a voice furiously announcing (CNBC?) that it is the worst decline in history, in the shortest period of time. I play the market as you know, and I lost out on the whole bull rally in the last two years because of this dream. I wonder if it will happen this year, or next year. What could possibly crash the SPX to 250?

    Also, I emailed you, thanks. Love and blessings, Lisa from Florida

    1. Rosemary Korb says:

      This is so interesting. Do you trade the markets as well as dream about them? This year has been so full of confusion in the air that I can understand you would have a hard time with the clarity. I have just started trading and was not out with this whoosh down.

  3. barry says:

    Are you saying that the debt deal will be a failure because it does not go far enough to decrease spending or that it will fail because the US government is not increasing spending?

  4. Rainey says:

    What a scary time. This nation needs people without political & financial agendas to come up with better decisions then what’s being made by these losers in Washington. The whole situation … even on a global scope is so depressing – look at what’s happening in London. I do believe we will experience a double-dip recession (like now!) and with so many people out of work already – wow – I cringe at the thought.

  5. Juno says:

    I never thought I’d be recommending a Telegraph article, but what Osborne says about the current state of affairs in the U.K. – the culture of greed and corruption – applies just as easily in the U.S. The politicians want to point their finger and blame the working classes, Obama, whoever, rather than look at the elephant in the room.

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