Amanda Knox (sorry I was on vacation)

I wanted to state that it really is my honest and true gut reaction that Amanda had nothing to do with the murder of her room-mate, as I said in early posts on the subject when asked. I pissed a lot of people off stating this. I don’t normally feel the police are wrong. In fact I’d say that 99.9% of cases I’ve heard of with this much publicity, I felt were right on. I for example believe 100% that Caylee Anderson was absolutely murdered by her mother and it was a terrible mistake that the woman was let go. I feel the mother is a psychopath. I suppose a mother killing her child is a very hard thing to believe however I feel she was absolutely involved and very likely did the deed herself.

Evil is something seen in the eyes which reflects the soul. One can see clarity, intelligence and psychopathy if one has the eyes to do so. Amanda Knox had confusion, naiveté’ perhaps a bit of selfishness and narcissism but not pure unadulterated evil or psychopathy – that was my reading. And I have seen evil first hand more than once.

I believe in Amanda’s case the jury made the right decision and was happy that they did. I found it ironic that this case came up at the same time the Memphis 3 were released from prison. Again I believe they are and always were completely innocent.

I’m going to separate this out with more I have to say about a bunch of stuff that is much heavier and related to all of us. I’m going to work on that post now.
Peace and love –

Amanda Knox (sorry I was on vacation)

7 thoughts on “Amanda Knox (sorry I was on vacation)

  1. Thanks for this post-confirming with your intuition. I felt the same and there is an interesting book out there by a journalist that discusses the Italian’s obsession and projection about sex and the darkness surrounding this murder (onto Amanda). It absolutely has to do with the collective psyche.

  2. Dear Denise

    The Italian prosecutors were so convinced of Ms Knox’s guilt that they wanted her to be extradited back to Italy to face a retrial. Having said that, it is always dangerous (if tempting) to pronounce on the guilt or innocence of people whom one doesn’t know personally. The law, after all, is an ass.

    Best wishes from Simon

  3. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    It’s always nice to be proved right! The only question now is whether John Kerry will agree to extradite her back to Italy to complete her jail sentence. Given that both he and Ms Knox are ‘devout catholics’ I will be absolutely astonished if it ever happens.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. zoma777 says:

      Proved right? I suppose you would agree with the judgement and execution of a quarter of the women in Europe during the Middle Ages. Actually in our country what the Italians are doing would be considered double jeopardy and would be ILLEGAL. The prosecutor believes she was demoted possesed and a witch. How do you explain the DNA evidence showing the man who has confessed to murdering her poor room mare. Why don’t you stand on the side of justice and hold that evil person accountable? Are you just a mysogenist or have a pathological need to be right like the Italians, even though all the physical evidence indicated otherwise. Other than proximity there is no credible evidence nor is there any motive. Defending lazy police work is a waste of your time. If you had any intuition or just used logic you would see how wrong your bandwagon jumping truly is. There have been many innocent people put to death, found guilty or imprisoned due to lazy police work and faulty judicial systems. She was found innocent. Let it go.

  4. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    First of all I am not a misogynist and never have been. I have been with my wife for nearly thirty years and nearly all the blogs I contribute to are run by women. The only people jumping on the bandwagon here are Americans who have been brainwashed into believing she is innocent. Almost nobody in Italy or Great Britain shares that view and she has now been been found guilty of this horrendous crime twice. Denise, you are a powerful psychic but you are not infallible and you have called this one wrong.

    Best wishes from Simon

    1. zoma777 says:

      Are you living in Europe? I believe the press has really misrepresented the truth their. I don’t think you are a misogynist – clearly the prosecutor is absolutely one. This is not his first witch burning. I’m not sure you all heard the evidence we did here in the US. Their was a confession from a known murderer whose DNA was found at the crime scene. He confessed to the crime. But that was long after Amanda Knox was turned into a she-devil. Seriously you should do some reading about that prosecutor he is completely Mideveal. He had all kinds of insane satanic conspiracies going not just in this case but in all his prosecutions. He was even thrown off the case for a whole. He’s seriously deranged. It’s very common for people to be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion but that doesn’t make it true. I found out all those details about the case after I got a very strong psychic hit that she had nothing to do with the murder. Use your intuition – try to wipe away the news coverage – it’s not easy to do but if you do you will get the same hit. I think she has mild aspbergers or something akin to this. Theory is something wrong with her – she’s got a strange affect – she’s emotionally disconnected in ways that aren’t standard but she’s not violent and she’s no murderer. Traditionally women murder via poisoning – the kind of violence it took doesn’t resonate through her in any way.

  5. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    Perhaps I could sum up my feelings about this case as follows:-
    Do I believe that she’s innocent? No.
    Do I want her to spend the next 22 years in a Perugian prison? No.
    I actually felt a strange sense of relief when she flew back to America a couple of years ago because I didn’t want to see another young life senselessly wasted. I hope that your health is holding up.

    Best wishes from Simon

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