I Forgot to Explain the Spiders

Spiders in Native tradition are weavers of fate and story tellers – I believe the 99% movement are combining both Owl and Spider medicine. This is a powerful movement which will only grow in strength. I plan on joining in tomorrow. I have a cold but if I go I will take pictures. I encourage everyone else to show their support and send in photos to me if you want so I can post them from your part of the world.

Also, I have not been doing private readings for a while except on very special occasions due to several factors. Firstly I prefer not to charge for using the gift. And since I have another paying gig, I don’t need to charge for readings right now. However I still want to help people. I don’t want to tell people how to invest, etc. I will however help those who are at a crossroads and really need clarity on which direction to go with their life. Or of course if there is anyone who needs help with a criminal case. If you want my help I will do so for free. Contact me via e-mail at: happypeopleusa@aol.com and also post here letting me know to look for your e-mail if I don’t get back to you within a week. I will then give you a private e-mail account that isn’t so flooded. I often have a hard time finding e-mails amongst all the junk I get, so bear with me but also don’t give up if you need help. I truly love to help whenever I can. Of course if I get thousands of requests I’ll have to prioritize but I think right now if you try me your chances are excellent.

Many blessings,


I Forgot to Explain the Spiders

2 thoughts on “I Forgot to Explain the Spiders

  1. Thank you for this explanation on spiders, and would love counsel on directions. I too would like to use my gifts to help as many people as possible while I make a living. The question for me is how to roll out my gifts. My email is on this Sue W profile and I also emailed you.

  2. Siraz Priya says:

    hi am from Mauritius , am really interested in your ideas . we are at a cross road n would need your free help. thanks.

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