Owl Mascot for Your Protest Sign

Yes it’s the wrong day but you can fix that or perhaps we can make Halloween another day to remember the AWAKENING.

Owl Mascot for Your Protest Sign

4 thoughts on “Owl Mascot for Your Protest Sign

  1. Juno says:

    Thanks for your recent posts and your encouragement to those of us disheartened. The movement gives me hope. If the protests are both Owl and Spider medicine, then one can hope that the Awakening it is sustainable and will grow.

    By the way — if spiders are weavers of fate, what does it mean if you get reoccurring spider dreams? These spiders were friggin’ massive, and they were on ceiling beams over or near my sleeping son both times.

    1. zoma777 says:

      I would think because he’s a kid feeling that his fate is bigger than him and something that was out of his control – on the ceiling, out of reach? But spiders also rule reading and writing so perhaps he may be overwhelmed with a lot of scholastic work? Or maybe (as there were 2 of them) they represent both issues or the two of you feeling that your fate is much bigger than either of you right now.

  2. zoma777 says:

    Spiders in dreams mean weaving a new fate for oneself and also they are related to story telling and writing. So perhaps you have some stories that need to be told – major, big stories. And of course, a change in one’s fate. I had dreams of sacks of baby spiders and bats growing on the side of my home years ago – related to a bunch of dreams about the earthquake. At the time the home was odd – not like the one I lived in. Long story short we had to abandon our home after the earthquake hit and lived temporarily in a place that had some features of the place in the dream. Ultimately we settled into a home very similar to the one in the dream. Also oddly we often have sacs of eggs growing on the side of the home here – loads of spiders on this property.

    For anyone with a bat dream or seeing an actual bat – it means transformation, death and rebirth. It’s the death part that gives bats a bad reputation however, they don’t destroy positive things – just things that need to go – so they are destructive in a positive way and then help you through the transformation to rebuild and understand what has occurred.

  3. Simon R. Gladdish says:

    Dear Denise

    We live opposite a chapel with a graveyard here in Wales and often find barn owls with three-foot wingspans flapping up at our windows. Although they are frequently beautiful and spectacular I’m still uncertain as to whether owls represent a positive symbolism or not.

    Best wishes from Simon

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