A Gift of Song for the 99%

Here was something I posted on 11/24.2011: It mysteriously dissappeared along with the original post from the songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips who posted it as well. Interesting, I’ve had about 350,000 hits on this site and posted several thousand times and NEVER had this happen. I find this more than odd.

I would also like to warn the Administration/FBI/Police that dealing with the protesters in the way they were dealt with in Oakland, CA – where they were gassed will only lead to an escalation in violence and an eventual revolution. Privately, I have said to all who know me that Uranus in Aries was going to bring about the Age of Revolutions. I was hopeful that Obama (by listening and obeying the people’s wishes) would help usher in a non-violent change. I’m sad to say that the way things are going I am losing hope in that scenario. Uranus went into Aries before all the revolutions in the Middle East began and it is currently still there and will be there for a long time to come.

Here is the original post that disappeared. If it does so again I will start a blog on at a different location.

Since there appears to be a bunch of people who are lost and in need of help I am thinking of answering everyone through a podcast. Send your questions to me at: astrologyandpsychicpredictions@gmail.com along with your birthday, time and place and a way to contact you so I can call you (if you are OK with that) we don’t have to use your real name or anything on the air but I think it will be helpful for people to hear they are not alone in this very difficult time and there are ways around problems and solutions that we can find together.

Much love and peace to all,



I wanted to share this amazing song by Grant-Lee Phillips with those who are out there protesting. He has put the song up for free download and is encouraging people to use it however they are inspired in support of those who are out there fighting for all of us.

Many blessings,

Mother of Exiles


A Gift of Song for the 99%

4 thoughts on “A Gift of Song for the 99%

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Denise,
    Thank Grant-Lee Phillips for sharing this beautiful song down-under.
    Sydney, Australia

    PS. I’m assuming he is a yank?

    1. zoma777 says:

      Yes, he is indeed a yank – a Native American yank at that. A card carrying member of the Creek tribe. But he didn’t grow up on a res, he grew up in Northern California not far from where the first violence against the peaceful Occupy Wall Street movement (Oakland, CA) took place.

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