I’m coming out of the spaceship

Shortly after Cal-Arts (where I was in the visual art department) I was not only a full-time 60-80 a week working psychic. I also had a band. I wrote, played guitar, sung and basically it was all me for a while. An EP was put out in 1996 by Krown Pocket, around that time David Lovering of the Pixies joined the band (mostly because he had the hots for the bass player in my band Kendra Sparks). There were many incarnations of the band – me being the only part that never changed – we finally settled on Kendra and David and then they started dating and I was sort of a voyeur in my own creation. About a year later we started talking with a subsidiary of Sony records and they wanted to put a record out. My band mates wanted to wait it out but in the mean time I had to have surgery and was told (as a result of the surgery) my face would be permanently paralyzed on one side. I went through an intense regiment of hypnotherapy. I was told that I would be paralyzed anywhere from a week to the rest of my life but there was no avoiding paralysis. I didn’t feel like wearing weights on my eyelids to go to sleep so I spent all my energy working on having no paralysis at all. Needless to say I woke from surgery with no paralysis. Because I had the surgery at UCLA I had a plethora of med students streaming through my room in awe that there was no paralysis, making me smile, grimace, etc. I was told over and over again it was unheard of since the operation required moving the main nerve that ran through all the facial nerves on my right side. To further complicate and make it even less feasible that I should get away without paralysis was this was my second operation for the same tumor which had regrown. It had started in childhood and went five years, growing into the size of a football, tentacles growing throughout all the nerves in my neck and up into my medulla oblongata – the part of the brain that controls all vital functions, breathing, the heart beat, etc. It was a week away from killing me the first time. I was 17 at the time and was told after waking up the operation had taken over 18 hours and was then told how close I had come to both paralysis and death which would have occurred within the week if the surgery had not taken place. So the second surgery was much trickier, there was already lots of scar tissue and it took me almost a year and half a dozen surgeons to even find one willing to do this risky surgery. Needless to say I lost interest in my band as my life and possible paralysis was first in my mind.

However my husband brought out the record tonight and we listened to it. Strangely it held up and was better than I remembered so I am going to share it with you all. You can download it for free if you want or just listen or ignore it completely.

Many blessings,


Here’s the first track. The others will come in subsequent posts. This EP really fits the creepy Halloween mood. It’s great to listen to while driving around in the dark and looking at Halloween decorations.

I’m coming out of the spaceship

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