Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

Hope everyone has a fantastic and magickal Samhain. The veil between the worlds is thin now and if you meditate (with protection of course) and ask to see a loved one from the other side, chances are good you may see them in your dreams, or you may even be visited by an ancestor while awake. Just make sure you are clear that only good spirits with positive intentions and pure hearts may show themselves to you and enter into your home!

Many Blessings!



Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

  1. Thank you and this is a good reminder. I have a loved one with whom I’d like to commune.

    On a separate note, two morning ago I dreamed that a ghost was squeezing my wrist and I had call someone near me to interpret its message. I don’t remember the message but just the feeling on my wrist. I was stooping under a doorway. My ghost interpreter was on the other side of the doorway. Hmmm.

    Happy Halloween to you too.

  2. zoma777 says:

    Hey Sue it sounds like someone is trying to communicate with you. You are probably more of a clairsentient – meaning spiritual messages probably come through feelings, smells, touch and are not so visual. This can make things harder to figure out and perhaps why you had another spirit trying to help the other departed person (perhaps not as adept as the helper) contact you. Hope you make contact tonight. Just focus on the dream, do a protection, call to the Great Spirit for help or your spirit guide or God or whoever you feel is the right energy for you and ask them to come back and let you know what they need you to know. It could be as simple as everything is OK for your loved one and they are just trying to make sure you are OK and know they are still with you.

  3. Thank you, Denise, for the interp. I woke up this morning with the knowledge of people fighting in a war – there is a war. Nothing specific or personal. There are wars all over the world. Maybe I’ll get clarification tonight.

    Goodwill to everyone.

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