A Gift of Song for the 99%

Here was something I posted on 11/24.2011: It mysteriously dissappeared along with the original post from the songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips who posted it as well. Interesting, I’ve had about 350,000 hits on this site and posted several thousand times and NEVER had this happen. I find this more than odd.

I would also like to warn the Administration/FBI/Police that dealing with the protesters in the way they were dealt with in Oakland, CA – where they were gassed will only lead to an escalation in violence and an eventual revolution. Privately, I have said to all who know me that Uranus in Aries was going to bring about the Age of Revolutions. I was hopeful that Obama (by listening and obeying the people’s wishes) would help usher in a non-violent change. I’m sad to say that the way things are going I am losing hope in that scenario. Uranus went into Aries before all the revolutions in the Middle East began and it is currently still there and will be there for a long time to come.

Here is the original post that disappeared. If it does so again I will start a blog on at a different location.

Since there appears to be a bunch of people who are lost and in need of help I am thinking of answering everyone through a podcast. Send your questions to me at: astrologyandpsychicpredictions@gmail.com along with your birthday, time and place and a way to contact you so I can call you (if you are OK with that) we don’t have to use your real name or anything on the air but I think it will be helpful for people to hear they are not alone in this very difficult time and there are ways around problems and solutions that we can find together.

Much love and peace to all,



I wanted to share this amazing song by Grant-Lee Phillips with those who are out there protesting. He has put the song up for free download and is encouraging people to use it however they are inspired in support of those who are out there fighting for all of us.

Many blessings,

Mother of Exiles


A Gift of Song for the 99%

Answering Readers and Animal Totems

From Juno:

Thanks for your recent posts and your encouragement to those of us disheartened. The movement gives me hope. If the protests are both Owl and Spider medicine, then one can hope that the Awakening it is sustainable and will grow.  

By the way — if spiders are weavers of fate, what does it mean if you get reoccurring spider dreams?  These spiders were friggin’  massive, and they    were on ceiling beams over or near my sleeping son both times.

Spiders in dreams mean weaving a new fate for oneself and also they are related to storytelling and writing. So perhaps you have some stories that need to be told – major, big stories. And of course, a change in one’s fate.

I had dreams of sacks of baby spiders and bats growing on the side of my home years ago – related to a bunch of dreams about the earthquake. At the time the home was odd – not like the one I lived in. Long story short we had to abandon our home after the earthquake and lived temporarily in a place that had some features of the place in the dream. Ultimately, we settled into a home very similar to the one in the dream. Also oddly we often have sacs of spider eggs growing on the side of the home here – loads of spiders on this property.

For anyone with a bat dream or seeing an actual bat – it means transformation, death and rebirth. It’s the death part that gives bats a bad reputation however, they don’t destroy positive things – just things that need to go – so they are destructive in a positive way and then help you through the transformation to rebuild and understand what has occurred.

BTW I love the co-opting of the V for Vendetta mask that people have used for the protests. It’s important to put all information possible about the protests on the web because the main stream media will try to downplay this uprising. After all they are corporations and they fear (as does the entire system) real systemic change that will force the game to be played fairly.

For those who are working on meditating everyday, the next step will be posted in a couple weeks. This is the age of Aquarius – meaning we will no longer be followers – we all must learn to carve our own path to the Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit speaks to us not only through our heart, dreams, meditation but also (if we are paying attention) augury as the ancients believed and I have had a multitude of experiences with and can speak for the truth of this first hand. I have lived in cities (major cities and suburban areas around – Chicago and Los Angeles) my entire life yet I have seen owls more times than I can count. I once saw 5 of them hanging out at the LA damn after a series of dreams about seeing them with a friend. I happened to be walking at the damn when I saw these owls with that same friend. It was actually during the day – just before sunset – and the owls were of 5 different types. Each owl was doing something different. One was preening, one was eating a snake, one was staring at me the entire time – directly. The other two were hanging out, spreading their wings on occasion but generally just there. I wanted to stay longer, but my friend got tired of watching them. However we still stayed for about twenty minutes. This was just one of more than a dozen experiences I have had with these animals.

We all have a multitude of different animals connected to different sides of ourselves. My animals are mostly nocturnal although not all of the are. I encourage you to get a copy of the Medicine Cards and also the Ted Andrews books – the first and most important is called, Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small, there is an ancillary book (if you really get into it) that goes into more esoteric animals he wrote called, Animal-Wise: The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature. These two books are the most extensive and complete of any of its kind. Almost everything you see on the web is basically a quote or a re-write of the information in these two books.

If you look throughout your life you will find an animal that often comes to you. It could be mice, horses, dogs, cats, bats, whatever. Everyone has multiple totem animals. However one will often find a particular animal that appears more than any other. For anyone interested in learning more about divining by animals to check out the Ted Andrews books on the subject and to purchase a set of Medicine Cards. People often complain (even psychics or especially psychics) that they can’t read for themselves but there are ways around this. First of all if you are familiar with a particular system such as tarot, astrology or divining rod, etc. You will often find that using these tools to answer personal questions will be confusing because it can be read how you want to read it rather than how it really should be read due to the issue of desire getting in the way. I had this problem after doing a lot of readings for others and getting attached to my tarot deck in a very concrete immovable way – meaning each card came to represent a very specific problem and due to this I couldn’t read myself. I was working 60-80 hours a week giving readings and most of the problems were about love, some about career and money so my cards became bent through that lens. I however wasn’t trying to use the cards for those issues. I was trying to use them in the way I had when I first learned – for spiritual guidance. My cards had become too mundane in their associations for this purpose.

So I bought the Medicine Cards and found they were able to break through all of that and get to a deeper spiritual place. I found them extremely helpful especially for those who were readers and spiritual people trying to gain deeper insight into their souls and the roots of their problems. And then I found after a while I bought  a different set of tarot cards and used yes/no spreads to answer questions about dilemmas. I would always pray for the truth. A yes/no spread can not be fudged. I then stared using a pendulum for the sake of speed. Again before doing so I asked the Great Spirit to give me the absolute truth. These are some ways to tap into one’s psychic ability for use on one’s own path.

I do agree one can’t give a traditional tarot reading for oneself as there are too many ways to interpret the cards and we will always want to see the best which leads to delusion.

If one wants to be taught about clairvoyance and clairaudience – meditate on the owl and ask for his/her guidance.

Many blessings,


But always remember to do PROTECTION! No matter what – never skip that part of a meditation or ritual!

Answering Readers and Animal Totems

I Forgot to Explain the Spiders

Spiders in Native tradition are weavers of fate and story tellers – I believe the 99% movement are combining both Owl and Spider medicine. This is a powerful movement which will only grow in strength. I plan on joining in tomorrow. I have a cold but if I go I will take pictures. I encourage everyone else to show their support and send in photos to me if you want so I can post them from your part of the world.

Also, I have not been doing private readings for a while except on very special occasions due to several factors. Firstly I prefer not to charge for using the gift. And since I have another paying gig, I don’t need to charge for readings right now. However I still want to help people. I don’t want to tell people how to invest, etc. I will however help those who are at a crossroads and really need clarity on which direction to go with their life. Or of course if there is anyone who needs help with a criminal case. If you want my help I will do so for free. Contact me via e-mail at: happypeopleusa@aol.com and also post here letting me know to look for your e-mail if I don’t get back to you within a week. I will then give you a private e-mail account that isn’t so flooded. I often have a hard time finding e-mails amongst all the junk I get, so bear with me but also don’t give up if you need help. I truly love to help whenever I can. Of course if I get thousands of requests I’ll have to prioritize but I think right now if you try me your chances are excellent.

Many blessings,


I Forgot to Explain the Spiders

Owls, Spiders, Occupying Wallstreet

I want to thank the people who have gotten out of their homes and gotten together old school to try and affect change. Since Uranus has been in Aries I have been saying privately this is the age of revolutions. I can’t remember if I blogged about it. But probably didn’t because I try to stay positive for the most part on the blog.

I went to Maui and just got back. I really felt the need to reconnect with nature. The balance of the human world feels so off kilter and disturbed that to just remember the beauty of the Creator was much-needed as I felt a great disturbance in energy coming from Iran which I chose not to blog about, and rather wrote down in a private journal. I don’t want to scare anyone – just make people aware that it is my feeling the leader of that country is feeling under pressure to leave and he is a control freak and wants to stay in power at all costs. I think he is trying to bait the US into a war. I received this information in late September, but the feeling was so awful and scary I didn’t feel it was good to put this info out there. Now that it is somewhat known I only want to warn our government not to take the bait. He is using a technique similar to “death by police.” If he can’t have power than no one will – he’d be willing to destroy his own people in mass like some people do by shooting up a public place and getting the cops to kill them – they want to commit suicide, but they are too afraid to do so, and are so angry with the world they want to take out as many people as possible in a final grab for power. We must show great restraint here in dealing with Iran as the leader will try many things to get us to go to war as his power slips. However the people of Iran our currently on our side – they want democracy and we must remember that and not take his bait.

Now onto several other things. I’ve been reading this book called, “The Narcissism Epidemic.” I found it because I wanted to write an article for this blog about this very issue. The 80s notion of “greed is good” and the emphasis on fame and materialism is a disturbing turn in our collective consciousness. Ironically there has never been a more difficult time to actually achieve financial wealth and have real fame (not Facebook/Twitter “fame”) than right now. The American dream has been all but destroyed since the deregulation of corporate America. It’s become a case of feast or famine for most of us and we have been divided to the point where we believe we have no voice, and we have been fed the poisonous soma of vanity, materialism and unrealistic expectations. Although I don’t agree with every conclusion the authors draw from the data they have collected – I have felt for the past ten years (especially) that good manners and caring about others seems about as fashionable as bow ties and sensible shoes.  However it is through helping others that we find true connection, peace, love, a sense of purpose, even our true purpose itself rather than wasting time talking on cell phones, checking facebook every fifteen minutes and twittering about the sandwich we are eating – it’s best to just take in life and process it.

Being a writer and a visual artist as well (who often uses photography) I found that I was unable to be in the moment on a trip when I was behind the camera. I probably take 10 percent of the pictures that a normal person does on vacation because I want to be present – not a voyeur of my life. It seems we have become voyeurs of our lives in every sense – we are one step removed with little fish hooks out on the net, or via our phone, cell phone, etc. Yet we will be out to dinner with a good friend and talk to some random person who happens to call. This is why I never keep my cell phone on. I also don’t check my e-mail everyday – sorry about that – but I refuse to deny life for the sake of false connection. All of those devices leave us empty when we don’t control them. However they are also great when we do apply rules to them. I am a hermit – this is my nature. I need a LOT of time to myself. Some people are not. For them perhaps these tools are fantastic to meet up with friends and go to protests. I think these tools are only healthy (however) when used to actually connect and not when used as a substitute for connection which I fear has been happening to us more and more, leaving us isolated and headed toward delusion.

Delusion? Yes. In real life when you interact with friends they tell you when a hat looks stupid on you. They tease you when you talk to much. They call you on your BS. But when life becomes a monologue there is no one to call us on our stuff and we stop growing. I believe this is partially why NPD and those tendencies have grown to epidemic proportions and this is supported by loads of evidence.

NPD and narcissistic tendencies are not (as previously thought) due to many of the things once thought – they are often a result of delusion – yes, truly when you boil it down – not knowing ones strengths and weaknesses and we all have both – that’s what makes us, us. If we were all totally hot, had 200 IQs and sang like Mariah Carey – we’d be robots. Our weaknesses define us as much as our strengths and there is nothing wrong with weakness. Weaknesses are either things to avoid (like I’m a clutz so I don’t wear high heels or do anything requiring grace and balance – I once spilled hot coffee on my own head – it’s true). So what. I suck at a lot of things. I’m good at things, too. Just like everyone I have gifts and failings. Failings can sometimes be things we can work on to learn from like being a hermit – not always a good thing – but I work on it and often find I have fun leaving my house.

But to bring it all back to where I started the Wall Street occupation – I am so proud that people have gotten together and are actually demanding change. This is the great thing about the loss of materialism – once the cell phone, TV, computer and video games are turned off we find we are actually in a room with a lot of other people who have needs and are sharing this space with us. We are learning the lessons of our great-grandparents who often (unfortunately) had to die for better working conditions and simple basic human rights. They fought not just for their own dignity and well-being, but for the hope of a better future for their children and their children’s children. And then those kids forgot and began resenting other people for “getting” things that they didn’t – hate and racism, divide and conquer tore this country apart. Instead of recognizing the sacred spark of divinity in all living beings we traded democracy for capitalism where everything was a game – and the more unfair your advantage the better off you did.

Capitalism is not Democracy and Socialism is not Communism. Democracy is actually antithetical to an entirely “free market” because just like communism it doesn’t take into account human nature – people are greedy, people will game the system when they can and they will find ways to justify their despicable actions when caught doing anti-social things. Everyone is not a saint if they were capitalistic communism would have been a perfect system and as we have seen they are both abysmal failures.

And BTW communism is not the same as socialism. Almost all Western European countries are socialist democracies and nearly all have done better than we have. Our current financial spread is akin to a third world country – all the wealth is in 400 families’ hands. How is that honoring our forefathers belief that “all men are created equal,” and have the rights to, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” How can one purse anything but their next meal when they can’t find a job, have no money and what money they did invest was gamed against them and stolen by crooks with briefcases.

The biggest welfare recipients are corporations. What I want to know is if corporations are people than why do they have so many more rights than I do? They can move overseas and file taxes where its cheapest and not go to prison for fraud. Pretty awesome to be a corporation or as Mit Romney defended them a “person” – of course not a real person like me or you – a paper person where no rules apply except exemptions.

My prayers are with you OWLS and I think you should call yourselves that because owls are wise and represent messages from spirit. Those with owl medicine (such as myself) are unable to be fooled – can see through things, are psychic, clairvoyant and clairaudiant. So embrace the owl. It is not an evil symbol as some reader stated that whenever they saw an owl it was a bad omen – when you see an owl it can mean many things, but it is always a message from spirit. In most people’s cases they don’t usually get messages from spirit unless they are in trouble. Well this country – this world is in trouble so let the message be heard – Time for the spirit to usurp the material and for real change to come from us, the people – the place where true change has always arisen and always will.

Thanks be to the Great Spirit for this beautiful awakening,

Many blessings,


Oh, and don’t invest in the market unless your part of the one percent. The one percent will just find a way to steal your money. We need  a thousand times more trade, market, corporate and business regulations than we have. Unless you are on the inside –  you are on the outside watching the ball bounce across the numbers on a roulette wheel. Maybe someday when this is sorted, but not now. Don’t give them anymore of your money – PLEASE!!!

Owls, Spiders, Occupying Wallstreet

Amanda Knox (sorry I was on vacation)

I wanted to state that it really is my honest and true gut reaction that Amanda had nothing to do with the murder of her room-mate, as I said in early posts on the subject when asked. I pissed a lot of people off stating this. I don’t normally feel the police are wrong. In fact I’d say that 99.9% of cases I’ve heard of with this much publicity, I felt were right on. I for example believe 100% that Caylee Anderson was absolutely murdered by her mother and it was a terrible mistake that the woman was let go. I feel the mother is a psychopath. I suppose a mother killing her child is a very hard thing to believe however I feel she was absolutely involved and very likely did the deed herself.

Evil is something seen in the eyes which reflects the soul. One can see clarity, intelligence and psychopathy if one has the eyes to do so. Amanda Knox had confusion, naiveté’ perhaps a bit of selfishness and narcissism but not pure unadulterated evil or psychopathy – that was my reading. And I have seen evil first hand more than once.

I believe in Amanda’s case the jury made the right decision and was happy that they did. I found it ironic that this case came up at the same time the Memphis 3 were released from prison. Again I believe they are and always were completely innocent.

I’m going to separate this out with more I have to say about a bunch of stuff that is much heavier and related to all of us. I’m going to work on that post now.
Peace and love –

Amanda Knox (sorry I was on vacation)

Praying Mantis and The First Lesson

When I came home the other day I was met by this guy Praying Mantis. He was great about having his photo taken and seemed to actually enjoy it.

Unlike what you have heard Praying Mantis ladies don’t generally bite their lovers’ heads off. That’s only when put in unnatural lab conditions – when they are hungry and freaked out. The power of the Praying Mantis is in its ability to be still and strike when the moment is right. I have been unable to blog for a while. There has been so much going on and I have been thinking, meditating for a long time about all that has been going on. When a bug sits for his picture as long as this bug did without getting upset you know it has some sort of meaning. It’s time for me to come out of my hole and let everyone know what’s up.

I know a lot of people have been freaked out about 12-21-2012. I have been asked about it a lot and of course there is a proliferation of shows about the ending date. We are living through some very dark times of our own making (not that it matters) but ultimately it will.

I was purposefully very vague (other than a few comments) about the state we are in because frankly, it’s rather depressing and upsetting. So I have decided that instead of pointing out the obvious it’s time to teach those of you who are interested how to become gateways yourself. How to connect with the collective conscience and how to feel the presence of the divine and follow your own truth.

I have taught many people how to channel – how to use the tarot, how to open their minds to become more psychic, etc. But I retreated from this role because I never wanted to be seen as a guru of any kind. And it’s too easy for others to put one in that position. I do not believe any human is more divine than any other human, perhaps further down the road home then some, but that’s it. The only guru in your life should be you – your own higher self, this is the divine part of you that will guide your spiritual development if you wish. Many people go through the entirety of their lives never delving into this aspect of their life – dealing only in the material, feeling that the spiritual is reserved for “special” people appointed or anointed by God. They prefer (if they get involved at all) to hand over their power to their local priest, rabbi, preacher, etc. But in reality we all have spiritual gifts for some (such as myself) I wasn’t really given the choice to ignore this side of life. I was forced to deal with it. This is what some people call the “gift,” which it is, but it comes with lots of responsibility, instant karma, often a painful childhood, and brushes with the dark side that most people don’t ever have to deal with. This is why when opening to the spiritual side of oneself, psychic protection is of the utmost importance and the absolute first thing one should master.

I have decided to do a step by step lesson plan for anyone interested over the next year, for anyone who wants to find their spiritual gifts. Once you open yourself to the divine you will find yourself feeling things more deeply (again this is good and bad sometimes) you will find your true path (always good) and your mission in life. You will also find that (if you work with a friend or start a group to work through the lessons which I encourage – it should be non-hierarchal and supportive of all members or imbalances in power happen – this is a NO GURUS program – meaning others may help you find your truth, but NEVER RULE OVER YOU in any way on your path.

True enlightenment must be a path cut by you to God.  You were made different from anything or anyone else in the multi-verse. Through this process you will discover each individual has different psychic gifts that will develop through these excercises and teachings. Some will find they are natural healers, others will find they dream things that come true and still others will find they are telepathic or empathic – feeling the feelings of others. For each psychic gift there are techniques I will teach you to help you turn your gifts on and off, and utilize and trust those gifts to help yourself and others.

We are in the midst of a great shift on earth this is where the 2012 thing comes in that I mentioned earlier. Today a friend posted on my Facebook account a picture of a Native Chief from Brazil crying. According to the caption he was doing so because: Chief Raoni crying when he learned that the President of Brazil approved the Belo Monte dam project on the Xingu indigenous lands. Belo Monte will be bigger than the Panama Canal, flooding nearly a million acres of rainforest & indigenous lands. 40,000 indigenous and local people will be forced off their native lands (as well as millions of unknown species & plants) In the name of “progress.”

I wonder if this isn’t related to the end of the world as the native people down south may have known it for thousands of years. It could be part of the energy the Mayans and Hopi (who traded with the Mayans) felt during this time of great transition. The world went through a Matriarchal phase at the early point of civilization and then a Patriarchal phase now we are going into the Aquarian age – an age beyond gender – closer to spirit. This means we will have to evolve past our present understanding of the physical world, past the limitations of our senses, lower emotions and simple dualistic way of seeing. This will not be an easy transition as we are seeing those in power have divided the middle-class and poor for their table scraps leaving many to be preoccupied with basic physical needs instead of putting our energy into developing our greater connection to God.

This shift will be out of our way of seeing things in black and white and into the real way the Universe is – in color! All the richness that exists and all the power there is in every kind of creation and being without judgement or hierarchy. We will have to learn to live in balance once again with all things but how we accomplish this will be different then in the past. I’m not going to lie and say it will be an easy transition. We are already feeling the anger coming to the surface and violent reaction as the first wave rising against true equality – think of how Obama has awakened the sleeping demon of racism in our country. When we put a mirror up to ourselves – we don’t always like what we see and for those who live in darkness when they see their own flaws they react by projecting them onto others in the environment. A lot of people live in unconsciousness and have lots of unresolved issues that will be catapulted into the collective for all of us to deal with. Innocent people will be hurt by this. However the more awakened and aware you are – the less chance you have of being hurt and the more you will be able to recognize when something is a projection of another’s shadow self onto you and when you actually did something unconsciously to hurt another person.

I’m not of the mind (as the Buddhist/Hindu believe) that we are living in Samsara – a place of pain and suffering that needs to be shed to get to the next highest level. I believe this is a school yard and we are children. But I don’t believe we need to live totally ascetic lives to grow past the material world. I do believe greed is the root of all evil however so balancing these two things isn’t easy for most people which is why – until now – most spiritual traditions have taken the neophyte out of the everyday world and removed all temptation of money and things, in order for him/her to get in touch with the spiritual self. While some people may need to do this others only need to find the balance of how to be humble and thankful for all they have while remaining active in the material world. I think this is one hurdle that needs to be overcome because it does us no good to have several thousand people living on nothing and meditating in the mountains everyday while others try to dominate the world through commerce and industry – both are forms of selfishness.

The holy person who spend his/her life in reflection learning the mysteries of the universe only to keep them to his/herself or the business man who spends his life amassing so much wealth a hundred generations of his family couldn’t spend it all. Both are thinking only of their own needs and growth. While it’s important to take care of yourself first – it’s imperative to go to the next level (the Aquarian age) and think of the greater whole and how you, your energy, your consciousness and your interactions affect all of the world on every level, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

So enough said. I’ll go on more about this later but here is the first lesson:

Firstly one must master a form of psychic protection. You can ask God to protect you – the Lord’s prayer or whatever tradition you come from, or you can envision a white light around you dissipating anything negative that comes within your field. Or you can call the elements or do the lesser pentagram ritual. I prefer the lesser pentagram ritual as it is clear cut protection – works amazingly well and is very easy to master. It uses all things to protect you, angels, the four directions, flaming symbols of protection and so on. You can use the search button on my site to find instructions on how to do the Lesser Pentagram Ritual if you wish. Also you can go onto youtube and see people performing it so you get an idea of how its done. I have found that perfect (while some people make a big deal out of this) pronunciation is irrelevant. The spirts/angels and God/Goddess/Great Spirit know what you’re doing and you don’t have to do it with the perfect “accent.” I suggest mastering this as it is truly the most powerful form of protection around and dates back to the temple of Solomon or even further to the Sumerians.

But the real first lesson is Meditation and Prayer. For one month pray every night before you go to sleep. Make a connection with God/Goddess/Great Spirit however you want to. Then take at least 15 mintues or two 10 minute periods of the day where you sit in stillness with a candle or in a room by yourself and still your mind. It won’t be easy at first. But the more you persist the better you will get at it. I say just do it for a short period so you don’t get discouraged or bored. If you can’t handle 10 or 15 minutes start your first month with 5. Use an egg timer or timer on your computer or iphone or whatever to stop. Once it goes off gently come back to consciousness.

I suggest concentrating on a candle or your breath. Of course before you do any sort of meditation you need to perform or visualize protection around yourself. If you can get your mind to be in the moment, close your eyes and visualize your mind as a pool of water – imagine a pearl floating at the top – this is your monkey chatter – the part of your brain that just blabs all day long and won’t shut up. Now imagine that the pearl starts to sink deeper and deeper into this dark abyss of water (your unconscious) and you stop hearing the monkey chatter, just the peace and sense of oneness with all beings and the multiverse and of course the Great Spirit.

Do this for at least a month and I want to hear what happens to everyone. I will spend my time fielding questions in the next month about meditation.

Much love and peace,


Praying Mantis and The First Lesson