I don’t like to talk too much about some of the nutty side of being psychic. But I have felt compelled to talk about the UFO phenomena lately. As it turns out I had seen an orb – a silver completely spherical round object in August on the way to Target with my family. At first I thought it might be a weather balloon but it seemed really big to be a weather balloon and clearly wasn’t an airplane (we’re pretty close to an airport). As I watched it did a strange move and then dropped faster than anything I’ve seen and disappeared. While it isn’t the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me nor is it the first time I’ve seen what would be considered a UFO – it’s been a while and happened after my strange feelings about the phenomena. I did some research on the MUFON site and saw that there were twice as many UFO sightings in August as any other month – over a thousand. And a huge increase in 2008 and 2009, there was a slight dip in 2010 and now there seems to be another wave as 2011 is not over and is coming close to 2008-9 numbers.

Another odd thing was we were called by a relative who was in the middle of sighting a UFO the other night. This person was quite freaked out and my husband and I listened as it occurred. The description was of a sphere (it was night) a brilliant light from it and then it turned into two, three and finally a fourth. This person than saw a brilliant green light illuminating a nearby home, it dimmed, then got brighter and then turned orange and went out. Very odd. There was real fear in this person’s voice which is why they called us – they were alone with their partner and afraid something might happen to them. They are an older couple, not young kids and both very normal, reliable, intelligent, down to earth, regular people. (They aren’t related to me by blood – as you probably guessed by the listed description.)

OK, the next spiritual lesson is mediation on the owl. The owl is a messenger from the part of oneself that is at one with the Great Spirit and the conscious mind. It is one pathway to clairvoyance and clairaudience – so for those interested in deepening their psychic ability, study these birds. Ask for their guidance and try to get them to teach you their secrets in dreams. If you don’t find they come to you, that’s fine. There are many paths. I do think however that Owls are so pervasive right now and there is usually a reason for it – plus they are associated with learning, wisdom, Athena and although they can have scary implications in some cultures it is much like the expression: Don’t blame the messenger. It’s not them who have anything to do with negativity – they often come to warn of unseen turns in the road which can often feel negative.

The next post will deal with many of your questions. My power supply is broken so I can’t blog long enough to get in there right now and go for it but I’m going to the store tomorrow so I plan on making tomorrow night a chance to answer everyone who has written in.

Many blessings,



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  1. Joseph Hiddink says:

    Dear Denise,
    I discovered the technology used by the Flying Saucer and got the patent. The Hudson Institute evaluated it at $600 Billion, if the USA would have it before Russia but the Nasa Propulsion Engineers were against it, as it would make the Rocket Industry obsolete. Dr Hynek I informed of the invention but I never heard anything back from him. The end of the USA as a Space Power. The Propulsion Syste would have us at the Moon in a few hours and Mars within one day.
    The technology can also be used to generate electric power in massive amounts, no need for dams, water, sun, wind. Would the Brazilian President listen to me?

    1. Flying Spaghetti Meteorite says:

      Joseph, what’s the patent number? I have searched US and worldwide patents and patent applications for your name but I cannot seem to find any…

      1. Joseph Hiddink says:

        Hello there Denise and Flying Spaghetti Meteorite,
        My name should have brought the patent number, I tried it.
        My US Patent number is 4,095,162, listed as “Capacitance Changer”.
        It does something what was deemed impossible to do, as it was a theoretical problem, proposed by Faraday.
        Just type > One Terminal Capacitor < in your Search slot.
        The problem was: Two concentric metal spheres do not touch and form a capacitor C. This one is charged up to a potential V. Then the outside sphere is removed. The remaining sphere is a One Terminal Capacitor, which has momentarily a potential of C/c x V on it. A HV pulse.
        All Engineering Students know that it cannot be done, so the two Degreed Engineers that I asked to be my witness for the Patent application had a big howling laugh when I told them what I had invented.
        After reading the document they both said the same thing: "My God,. why did nobody ever think about that?"
        The eldest, a Chief Engineer for Philco, added: "My God why did I not think about it?" He took me to lunch, where I explained some of the many applications, like future floating or Flying Cars and he told me that he had worked from 1937 till 1941 on Hitler's Flying Disc Program, that never worked. They did not discover Gravity Control or the secret of the Swastika like I did. The Swastika secret I have to keep for a while, I did not write about that in my Patent..
        Hitler had been told that the secret would be found on his Birthday, April 20, and would come from a small town in Holland, called DeGRAAFF.
        I was born in that little town in my Grandparent's house and had a Birthday Party there when I was six years old, attended by l Uncles and Aunts, all Principles and Teachers or Head Nurses.. After reading (I was already a speed reader at that age!) a Birthday Present; a Coffee Table Book called:" Inventors of our time", I announced that I was going to be an inventor too .
        When they asked what I was going to invent, being all of six years old, I asked what had not been invented yet They put their heads together and after only two minutes they told me: Perpetual Motion and Gravity Control. I was surprised, my Mother had told me about Pepetual Motion but I did not know it had not been invented yet and what was that "Gravity Control"?
        Oh, wiith that you could lift something as heavy as an elephant or a house and you could fly through the air without sound, not like a noisy airplane or a Zeppelin.
        "Hey!", I shouted. "That is just what I am going to invent when I am BIG!.
        The whole gathering dissolved into laughter, which made me so angry, that I did not want that rotten book anymore. So my Grandmother (a Principal) took the book back, stating that it was probably too advanced for me. It was not. I was angry that they did not take me seriously.
        Yes, I found it on April 20, 1967, the Prediction was not for Hitler.
        Hitler thought that Revelation 12 was about him, after he had changed his name from Schicklegruber to Hitler . It was not. What you read in Chapter 12 was wrongly translated. I got the proper text from a Rabbinical Scholar. It said originally:……. a Person, whose name means "Woman" is working on a NN Child (An eNNui child was an Idea Child, a Brainchild, an invention). In the Aramic and Hebrew , the vocals were not written. Luther took the letters NN out when some women insisted that an NN Child could be a Girl too and made the NN child a boy.. The letters NN are still in the Catholic Bibles in Europe. The King James version followed the Luther translation as did the Catholic Bible in the Americas. If Hitler had had the secret, he would have won the war. Not one Allied Aircraft would have returned home after it crossed in German controlled Air Space. The Red Dragon was not Communism like Hitler thought, it is a country, Red China. The NN Child is the vehicle that I will build and have to send to space when someone, connected with the Red Dragon, tries to steal it. I will have to flee and will end up in the USA.
        The Big Flood will be, when someone, connected with the Red Dragon blows a big dam in the USA in order to drown me and the earth will open up and swallow the water..
        After that an all-out War will be fought in Space.
        Then we will get the thousand years of peace. Hitler was talking about the Thousand Year Reich!
        My name: "Hiddink", was an insult. One of my Forefathers was a Frisian Warrior who refused to kill unarmed men, women or children. His compatriots called him a "hiddink; a softhearted Woman", an insult for a real warrior who could kill an unarmed old man just as easy as a baby.
        The name stuck through the ages.
        You do not need spheres to get the effect predicted by Faraday.
        With only three 22 inch long tubes, containing argon gas and enveloped by aluminum foil, I imitated the effect of Faraday's problem, generated over one miillion volts, almost broke my arm, when the voltage just arced through the insulation of the switches and my elbow hit a wooden stud in my basement workshop. It is still sore since 1967. The lights went out but the forcefield changed the light color for a moment before it all extinguished. An explosion outside showed, that I had blown the big Power Transformer on a pole, serving the neighbourhood, up. Ontario Hydro replaced it forthwith, claiming that it was all caused by a squirrel, who had been found, well-cooked inside the ruins. (Thank YOU LORD!). The experts in Cleveland blew the big Power Transformer Station on their grounds to Kingdom Come and initiated a Billion dollar (or more) damage but saving Nasa $30 Million which would have been the fee they would have had to pay me..
        I had generated a small EMP with my initial experiment, they did it wholesale . You do not need an Atom Bomb top get the EMP effect, instead of a millions of Dollars costing Atom Bomb, a $10,000 package will do the trick. The Cleveland experts did not contact me first like I had urged, got an EMP that caused the big black-out of 2003 in the USA and Canada. The experts also invented a tree that had done it and informed Mr. Griffin, that the technology, used by the Flying Saucer was unsuitable for Space Travel. Then they got a Golden Handshake and have been laughing all the way to the bank ever since about the naive stupid people who believed that "vicious tree" story.
        My other experiments: Getting a lightning stroke out of the Blue Sky and realizing how a Saucer is powered and how your future car will run and levitating small wetted stones in my back-yard. The system used to build the Pyramids. Just simple technology.
        With it I used it, with a setting at very low power, I directed a pulse at a pesky Squirel, which was paralyzed for ten minutes before it hobbled away. The Death Ray of Tesla works!
        Dr.Kahn of the Hudson Institute and Mr. Farkass, my US Patent Lawyer, both predicted the Nobel Prize for me. I surely could use the money.
        I have to wait till I can construct a Demo Power Generation Station.
        I just wonder when I will get money for that. I am on a small pension, having been bankrupting myself almost, helping to pay for the ransom of a close friend, who was kidnapped in Nigeria by the Boko Haram.
        Joseph Hiddink.

  2. Thomas says:

    Fascinating story Joseph Hiddink.

    I have to wonder about the swastika, because of the Hopi, and Falun Gong, the religion that’s being persecuted in China.

    What’s interesting is the Great Red Dragon, with seven heads. Red China has seven heads of state, one leader and vice leader, and another sub leader with four vice leaders.

    I have to wonder if the “anti-christ” of WWIII is possibly the leader of China.

  3. Joseph Hiddink says:

    In the Veeda, the Hindu Bible. which is thousands of years older than the Christian Bible, they talk about a Good Prince, who has only a small army, is going to be attacked by an evil Prince, who has a large army. When they both go the field where the battle will take place, “ships” appear in the air and hover above the Evil Prince’s troops. They send a beam, that heats any metal, so their armor and their weapons get red hot, they throw the armor and weapons away, the armored battle elephants stampede and run to the nearby river, followed by the whole army, to soothe their burns.. Then a beam, directed at the evil Prince and his troops, kills them all.
    Then the “ships” come down to earth and the inhabitants have conversation with the Good Prince and his troops. The inhabitants have the Swastika on their clothing and it is also seen on the “ships”.
    They ask what that sign means and are told that anyone, who knows how to use it will be able to rule the world.
    I found it but am not interested in ruling the world again, I did it 20,000 years ago as Kthor. My sons built the Pyramids. They used only 300 local people for some work. The stones were cut by lasers and the big ones lifted by their flying machines. All the pyramids had limestone covers but they were all looted by the local people. The Egyptians never built a pyramid, they were too stupid and lazy but very good in stealing and destroying, like they still are.
    The three Angels that visited my Father Abraham (regarding the evils of Sodoma and Gomorrah) came in a 50 feet Flying Saucer. There were another seven “angels” that were watching outside and making sure that I, as small child, called Ishmael, would not come too close to the hovering craft.
    I noticed the sign of the Swastika under an oval window. When the three Angels came out of the tent, they were amazed to see me but I was not impressed and asked the Head Angel, who was the tallest, how that “thing”, the Saucer, worked. He beckoned me and pointed at the big spheres underneath. I asked once more and again he pointed at the spheres. THen he and his companions hopped one by one in the opening . Suddenly the Sun shone in my face, the Saucer had taken off. I told my fFather Abraham about the sign of the Swastika and he had a small building erected on the place where the Saucer had hovered. The floor is covered by tiles, depicting the Swastika. The Arabs are my descendants and the Muslims regard the Swastika as a Holy sign and have it on the doors of their place of worship.
    Yes, re-incarnation is a fact and I am on my 37th.
    I know that in Malaya a group is trying to build a new power source and a transportation device using my invention but they will not succeed as they want to save money by not paying me.
    The Anti Christ is somewhere in Egypt.
    Joseph Hiddink

  4. Thomas says:

    I have many past life memories, but none that I have come across concerning ancient Egypt, only one that I remember in Mu (Lemuria).

    The only reason I suspect I have lived on other worlds is because of something that happened at the large pyramid in Tulum, Mexico. I interrupted some spiritual being that was taking energy from the offerings during a Maya ritual. The spiritual being shot off the top of the pyramid in some type of beam, and I followed with my awareness. He went to another planet to tell them about me, and was very excited, so I assume whoever they were, they knew me.

    I asked around and others had also seen this spiritual being. One woman described him as a Maya warrior.

    The only interesting technology I’ve come across in my psychic investigations is some type of transporter. It looked like a small pyramid made of crystal, or crystals, and was activated by men standing around it, I believe by using their mental powers.

    I picked up on the war between Israel and Lebanon just before it broke out on July 12, 2006, and I saw a very dark person behind it all. There are some very dark people in that part of the world, and it wouldn’t surprise me that the Anti Christ comes out of Egypt.

    A long time ago I had a dream about being a young prince. In the dream there were two kingdoms warring, and my father decided to attack the other kingdom, which was a distance away. On the way to fight the other kingdom our troops discovered rich deposits of coal, and so the soldiers were put to work mining the coal. Being very young, I was taken down in the mines by my caretakers to see the progress, and the mine caved in, and I was killed. I saw my father was very depressed, which made him lax in his duties, and the other kingdom discovered his troops and the mining. I watched from above as the other kingdom attacked, and the horrible scene that played out, at which point I became a storm and rained over everything, trying to wash the whole mess away.

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