LA Occupy Movement Police Action

I’m watching live coverage of the LA Occupy Movement. Tonight the police are going to go in and push everyone out of the space they are occupying. Our mayor Antonio “Dracula” Vilaragosa has said that since there are children in the tents he wants them moved. Well, news flash to mayor un-dead this is exactly why the police should not go in as violence is assured.

I can feel police batons cracking against my head, blood rushing down my face. I feel like I’m going to vomit watching this. I hope I am wrong about the turn toward violence that I can feel brewing in the air. I’m sure there will be good cops who will be respectful and I’m also sure their will be power crazed psychopaths who wear uniforms and they will do serious damage to this non-violent crowd. My fear is this will break out into something much darker. I fear we are at a turning point where this goes from a “movement” to an all out revolution. I have been praying for the past two hours for the people who are there and for the police to show restraint. Please do the same.

May the Great Spirit Guide watch over this situation.

Blessed be,


LA Occupy Movement Police Action

One thought on “LA Occupy Movement Police Action

  1. Denise,
    I greatly appreciate the time and energy that you put into this blog for me and the rest who read it. Thank you.
    Corporate America and the Government have been raping us for years on many many levels. But also, individually we treat one another this way too. It’s not just the government and big business. It’s everywhere.
    How are we to stop the IN YOUR FACE greed, corruption, abuse of power, and complete lack of human dignity? I don’t believe that there is a speck of compassion, sincerity, honesty, left in humanity. Everyone seems to think its ok to screw someone for the new God-MONEY. We are taught that living is about MONEY! HOW MUCH STUFF CAN WE GET!!?? We are taught nothing of our soul, the connection that we have to one another and to everything in the universe.
    I say let them beat one anothers skulls in. Let the blood and anger run free and fill all the streets. Let the hate and greed manifest into annihilation of over half the earths population. This is how people know how to treat one another. Why care if this happens? Why pray for peace? As long as men exist, greed of any kind will always be foremost on their minds. They will never ever learn.

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