Police Brutality in Los Angeles

I just watched a photographer on KCAL 9 news pushed down violently and attacked by a dozen cops. KCAL 9 made it sound like the photographer did something wrong but he was literally just standing there taking photos when he was thrown down to the ground with such force that it would have broken my leg. And the idiots talking head anchor people who had no idea what actually was or had happened just started talking about how the photographer had basically asked for it because he shouldn’t have been in that area but their own camera guy and “journalist” were just a few feet from this guy. So why was it OK to hurt this single camera man as opposed to the local news guy who was also unlawfully on site but of course if the cops did that then there would be big public outcry.

This scene unfolding right now is getting crazy. And already is getting violent and frightening.

May the Great Spirit show the evils of our system and protect the innocent,


BTW is it a coincidence that the cops “break-up” these encampments in the middle of the night when people are sleeping and it’s very difficult for the media and us to see what is really going on? Hmm, don’t think so.

Police Brutality in Los Angeles

28 thoughts on “Police Brutality in Los Angeles

  1. Buddha dreamer says:

    I’m getting very bad vibes about where all this is heading.
    I am looking ahead a year, two years, and I’m frightened of the America I see. It is not the same place. It’s a very different America, much more violent, repressive, and divided than ever. Something like a civil war is starting, by then. it’s basically between the 1% and those who cling to them and serve them, or support them, and the red-neck and brown shirt elements in the Republican Party who hate anything and everything. On the other side, the great majority of decent Americans, who just want a life, for themselves and their families. The repression, plus the coming next war, and the financial crisis, are going to push things in America into a corner, and lead to a sharp division that will never be healed.

    I do see that in one outcome, America starts to split geographically. The Old South, plus various other states, versus a group of states that are relatively still sane, and have populations who reject what is coming.
    I also see great danger around Ron Paul, and another presidential candidate.
    One of them is going to get at least very severely injured, or worse. I’m holding back on the other candidate, as I don’t want to provoke things.

  2. ElaineS says:

    Its appalling what the police force get away with….they, who are supposed to protect are in fact worse than those that commit crimes against humans. We are so fortunate that our Occupy in Edinburgh and Glasgow have the support of our Scottish government, Labour and the Green Party…….typically the dastardly conservatives and Lib Dems are against the Occupy protests. We had up to 2 million on strike today across the UK, protesting about how the government are making chances to pensions and retirement ages of the public sector workers. I despair of the lying, cheating politicians we have in power around the world. I sense that eventually we will rebel bigtime and it won’t be peaceful protests because we will have nothing to lose. I admire those in Libya, Syria, Egypt that had had enough of the dictatorship and the undemocratic way they ran the country. The people of the US and the UK are losing their right to democracy……our governments are putting in place ways of disabling us to certain powers of rights. Its a scary world, we in Scotland do not vote Conservatives, they have one seat…….Thatcher destroyed Scotland’s industry and left a lost generation…now they are in power again and many of us want to break free from the UK and from the Conservative government who in my opinion is ten times worse than Thatcher…….these wealthy idiots in power are clueless and couldnt care less about the people of UK and have never forgiven Scotland for treating them with the contempt they deserve. I truly hope the Great Spirit show these evil people in power for what they are Denise because there are still too many who have wool over their eyes and still believe who we have in power are for the good of the people.

  3. barry says:

    Buddha Dreamer I think you are right. Ron Paul understands the evil behind the Federal Reserve Bank. That evil will not allow him to gain power. JFK was killed months after his secret society speech and his executive order to issue new silver certificates issued by the US government and not the Federal Reserve Bank. Go find his secret society speech on the internet. I couldn’t believe I was hearing the first time. The president of the US talking about something to this day you are told doesn’t exist.

    Has anyone here watched Jesse Ventura’s show Conspiracy Theory about FEMA camps? You can watch it on youtube. The TRU tv channel aired it only once. Years ago I use to laugh at people talking about these thinking they were nuts, but that changed when I saw them with my own eyes. They went to one of the FEMA camps and they are nothing but prisons. He also showed a site that had tens of thousands of coffins that the US government bought. Supposedly one of many sites that have these. Prisons and coffins! They are there for a reason.

    Did you see this week the Senate is voting on martial law? Go read up on National Defense Authorization Act. I read that Denise said she sees the possibility of civil war and us the good guys win. I don’t doubt violence is coming but I do have my doubts that we win. We are up against a well organized plan.

    Any psychics reading this why don’t you concentrate on these FEMA camps.

  4. barry says:

    And what she we do with our money? MF Global just took it from people’s accounts. Accounts set up just like your own bank accounts. They took and no one has even arrested and the amount appears to be in the BILLIONS. And now it looks like the Federal Reserve Bank is going to back the European Union with endless money. This will have to destroy the US dollar eventually. You keep it invested and it is stolen or you keep it at home and the value goes to nothing.

    I mean is total ruin the goal of this 1% of 1% of 1%? It looks like it to me. It is not that their plans go bad by mistake, but they want it that way? Do they want us all to be serfs like we use to be? They own everything and we work for the king for food and shelter? I am beginning to think it is demonic.

  5. barry says:

    look at this quote I saw on zerohedge.com. It was on a post if we in the US are going to have inflation or deflation. I think we will have some sort of both. Housing going down while rice goes up. What do those who see the future think?

    Short answer: The dollar is worth 2 cents.

    There have been 3,800 Fiat currencies since the beginning of time, everyone of them went to their intrinsic value of 0.

    Tha average lifespan of a Fiat is 39 years, we’re over 40 since the gold window closed.

    We borrow (or print) 43 cents on every dollar we (the government) spend. Our debt isn’t 15 trillion it’s closer to 128 trillion. We’re insolvent. We’re beyond cuts. We’re beyond raising intererest rates. It’s collapse. If they defualt it’s hyperinflation. If they continue to “print’ it’s hyperinflaition. Think whatevery you wish. Best of luck to you.

  6. All of the talk about Ron Paul scares me. I realize that he has a good spiel, but he wants to turn his back on the growing portion of our citizens who are not making enough money in which to live.

    Also, it needs to be said the MAIN REASON that the U.S. is in the present financial crisis is because it has doled out trillions each year to the wealthy, in the form of tax breaks for corporate interests, TARP (read “The Real Housewives of Wall Street” by Taibbi), lost interest due to no- or low-interest loans to corporations, and even just the ra-aping of the FED social security monies to “balance the budget” for the past three decade.

    Ron Paul would like to fire hundreds of thousands or millions of public workers at a time when there are no other jobs, make more cuts to education, even cut help or aid to those in emergency situations. He is a frightening man…in many ways, more frightening than the other wacko Republican candidates.

  7. ElaineS says:

    That was a good article Tina, pretty damned scary but I think we have all recognised the psychopathic tendencies within those leaders. We can but hope they all go insane and get locked up.

  8. Juno says:

    @ Buddhadreamer – I am not surprised by what you see, and it would make sense if the U.S. did split into 2, like it almost did in the Civil War. The South has never been reconciled to that loss,and now the differences that have always been there are like festering wounds.
    @ Elaine S, Scotland may have a chance of breaking away from the U.K. – something that people laughed at even a few years ago. People are angry enough.

  9. Juno says:

    @ Barry, have you read about S 1867, which allows the military to apprehend and detain without due process? Obama has a chance to veto it, but that likely won’t happen.

    Also, Uranus goes direct on Dec 10th – should be interesting.

    Denise — what is your opinion on all the recent sex scandals – first the Church, now with sports – Sandusky, Bernie Fine, etc?? WHy are so many surfacing now?

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