Prediction time for 2012 Election

OK, yes, it’s early. And I don’t really care about the Republicans, at all. I barely care about the Democrats as all politicians have shown they live in a bubble of greasy money, half-baked promises and back-stabbing.

But I was just told by spirit that Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee for the Republican party. Go figure. I wouldn’t have guessed that Newt being the big toad he is and a #1 in the polls and yes you read that right, I called him a #1 – potty humor. I’m resorting to that because let’s face it he stinks. I’m sort of relieved as all the other candidates seem evil or insane, at least Romney just seems like a greasy used car salesman who sold his soul to the devil for a full head of hair.

Anyway, no worries. Say bye-bye to all the Republicans whose seats are up and expect a strangely tight race between Romney and Obama but still Obama wins. It will be a much closer call then it should be. But for Obama – the moderator – who was given the job of Janitorial President I don’t think the Republicans really want his job, after all that would mean they would actually have to do something. Unlike what they are doing now which is just blocking Obama’s every move to try and straighten up the mess left by Bushy Jr.

Many blessings,


Prediction time for 2012 Election

43 thoughts on “Prediction time for 2012 Election

  1. Nancy says:

    Denise, did you mean the Republicans lose their Senate and House seats? Or do they keep the House and lose their Senate seats?

  2. BuddhaDreamer says:

    re: What Republicans keep:
    I think they lose their shirts, this time.
    I also think, that whoever wins, they will be the last President of an America that we know. I predict that they are in great danger of not finishing their term of office, due to events. I also feel that a Women vice president will take over then, and be the first Women president. She will reign over a witches brew of troubles, and in turn, will fall. Obama will be like the last Roman Emperor. History will judge him very badly. There are dark things in his past, that will surface. By 2018, an emergency Government is presiding over a vastly changed America. Ultimately, in the future, America will split and break up into several parts, some large, some small. The Old South will re-emerge, with great problems and troubles, and internal rebellion from the ethnic minorities there, black and Hispanic. It will be bloody.

    The forces driving all this are the inbility to recover from the collapse of 2008, and the corruption of the elite, plus climate events that will do huge damage to the American economy.

    I am sorry to be so gloomy, but for th next 20 years, America will be a violent, unhappy, dangerous place, as the elite 1% try to hold on to power.
    The coming election year will be particularly violent.

    Ron Paul will not be President. But will cause great alarm to the Republican leadership, and harm to the party. The party may split, after the election.
    Two new parties, of the extream right, and middle right, will be the result. Ditto, the Democrats, who will split into a rightist and a leftist party.
    The Green Party will remain a small entity, subject to internal repression etc.

  3. terry harris says:

    Dear Denise,
    Yours is not an objective voice. I truly believe that Romney will defeat Obama in 2012.Although I was a democrat for twenty years, I am now a Republican, and will vote straight Republican in 2012.The democratic party has lurched so far Left that it has turned educated citizens like myself towards conservative values. America is still a center Right Country.The November 2010 elections were a testament to the fundamental belief that lower taxes, less government, and traditional American values should prevail if this great Nation of ours is to flourish into the future.Liberalism has ruined this country. The Republicans thrashed the democrats in 2010, and conservative ideas and ideals crushed liberal ideals. Romney for President and Rubio for Vice President! May the Republicans rule for the next 100 years!

    1. says:

      You must be smoking something if you think democrats have move father left when they had actually move toward the center ….

      1. Carol says:

        Absolutely right! And nothing has changed more drastically than the Republican Party’s shift to the right.

  4. zoma777 says:

    For those who doubt my ability to predict future events, this was posted when Newt was at 40% in the polls and everyone including Newt thought he was the for sure shoe in. And about a year ago I said I felt Kim Jong Ill was dead and the info was being hidden until they could figure out what to do. I also warned about a year or more ago that Iran was gearing up to try and start WWIII. And on a personal note (one only my husband and a few friends could attest to) we were at an event with Katie Perry and Russell Brand and I said they were going to divorce soon. My husband thought I was just being gossipy or something, but it was just obvious from their demeanor that this was going to happen. That was about six weeks ago. My husband told me (who was surprised for some reason – he should know by now) that they announced their divorce today. So I don’t make the future I just get the messages. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m not in love with any political party. I just see the writing on the wall before other people do.

  5. barry says:

    Romney is no different from Obama. He will do what he is told too.

    Here is Wesley Clark telling the truth. Iran is last on the US hit list. They are not trying to trick anyone into bombing them into the stone age.

  6. Buddhadreamer says:

    Hullo All,
    Buddha Dreamer here again, updating my last comment. I was a little doubtful of Denise’s prediction re Obama, but since then, things “Out there” seem to have swung events exactly as she predicted. Obama will be alive, and running for re-election,as events unfold. I to think it is going to be strangely close however, and some bizarre things are going to happen, just like Denise said. Having said that, Biden is in a quandary, right now. He Is making the gamble of his life, so as to say. He has been a model vice-president, vast experience, etc, but I sense he is very doubtful at the moment of going on. He is torn between not running, and running. At the moment, he is flip flopping around. There is a very good chance we shall see a women veep candidate, if he leaves. Not, I think, Hillery. Someone new. Possibly Ethnic. But not black, possibly Hispanic.
    In the meantime, the situation abroad will be ever more dangerous, for America. The country is now treading a very dangerous path, and edging towards next years war. Obama would be wise to make a major decision, and pull back, now, while he still can, but is concerned that if he does, Israel will go rogue on him, and start an even more massive war in the middle east. He is sort of trapped. I get this feeling that he feels gripped by fate, and historical events, and can do very little, as he is sort of swept along.
    In the meantime, I think we shall see various events, before the Spring, re Iran, that are sort of “Warm-up” events, possibly military clashes, involving Iran. Next year is going to be a tough year, for us all.
    Buddha Dreamer.

  7. linda says:

    God help us all if Obama wins a second term! Seems nobody predicted that he would be the first president in the history of the United States to take away every American’s right to freedom and that he did it in the most underhanded way..only to be compared to the likes of Hitler as he imposed something similar in Germany after he was elected president…He also promised not to use it against the citizens of Germany..just before the Holocaust! Obama is a bad seed and I’m fairly certain that the majority of the country is on to him as well as the many other politicians on the left and the right…seems you guys missed this little historic detail…

    1. Carol says:

      What rock did you climb out from under? The Republicans are taking away women’s rights all over the country! The President hasn’t!

  8. linda says:

    In case you’re wondering..I’m talking about the National Defense Act that obama signed into law on New Years Eve when all eyes were focused on the new year celebration.

    Originally, when the bill came to the administration, the language of the bill DID NOT include American citizens – and they REQUESTED THAT IT BE PUT IN (please watch the video below. It’s a real hoot )!

    Ok so follow this. Prior to signing the bill into law, Obama said that he OBJECTED to a part of the language in the Act which INCLUDED the indefinite detention of American citizens without due process, and therefore he would veto it.

    Got that???

    Then he used a signing statement (remember he said he’d NEVER use signing statements?) which says, “Well yeah, I have the power to detain American citizens without due process, but I won’t”. Well…since the power DOES exist, who is he going to give that power to?

    He is a snake….he is liar and a megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to move forward with his agenda…Nobody seemed to have seen this coming. My prediction is he loses as now he can add this being the first president in the history of the United States to sign Marshall Law into effect stripping each and every American of all of their rights..that..on top of helping to destroy private sector jobs and business growth in this country. …and I’m no psychic…but I’ve got great instincts and using your brain helps once in awhile too! This is a no brainer!

    1. Very funny – actually, a great example of someone so partisan they don’t have a clue why we are where we are today. News Flash: Baby Bush and his ex-Nixon fascist side kicks took YOUR Constitution away from you already back in 2001.
      Get that?
      Good. What Obama did is just another step in what has already been created and executed – a more fascist government, thanks to the works of you Republicans.
      Got it? YOU – YOUR PARTY – did it.
      Please go crawl back under the rock now and bury your head once again.

  9. Thomas says:

    Many years ago I had a premonition that during the main nuclear battle of WWIII, we would have a very hansom President that is manufactured for the job, someone very few Americans have any confidence in. I also saw during this premonition that how he handles the nuclear battle will really surprise everyone.

    I understand the justifications for all the terrible things our government has done, and continues to do, but these things have repercussions, and with the death of our military and government will also be the death of our society as we know it.

    One other premonition I had years ago pertains to my current region of the U.S. After the Chinese troops leave I see the Pacific Northwest, with the help of the French, being designated a Native American territory.

    I have done all kinds of traveling over the U.S., and have had all kinds of premonitions and visions. Like in the Midwest I saw small towns being sprayed with something to kill off the people. I saw the Chinese troops leaving the Redding California area because of volcanic and earthquake activity up north. Because of my premonitions I went to NYC in 2000 to check out the energy, and as I walked by the Twin Towers I felt the energy of them collapsing. After having premonitions about Phoenix Arizona, I went there in 2006 and felt the energy of a nuclear blast wave coming from the Paradise Valley area. I spent years warning people, but the only ones who even bothered to read what I had to say were the ones that also had similar premonitions.

    We all have schedules to keep in life and death, and I have realized it really isn’t worth warning anyone about their impending deaths, because they probably already know, on some level, and they have their reasons.

    1. Buddhadreamer says:

      Hi Thomas, I have had similar visions. It’s difficult to tell if this is the main future, or an alternative future. In the one we are in at the moment, Obama, (Who I do not like, he is Repug-lite) very narrowly wins the election. (VERY!)
      But: if Romney wins, then we are in deep trouble. Its a possibility. he is not stupid, but he is mean, and also has a very small intellect, in turns of culture, understanding of the World outside America, History, etc. This is a man in a suit who got lucky. Suburban mind. If he makes it, a clash with China is inevitable. America will lose. The enraged Chinese, who did not want this war, will start a purge of the remaining elements of American society, as you have forseen. There will be mass chinese colonization of those areas of america reletively undamaged. The remaining Americans will have a very hard life. Most of the main American cities are gone. Also many of the secondary cities. If Obama wins, then the situation is also very serious. There is a high probability that he will be the subject of an assassination attempt, either just before, or after, the election. The Muslims will be blamed for this. Well, maybe some other, hidden elements are involved. I cannot see if he survives, but he is gravely injured. China is devastated by the war. They lose 60% of their population, all their main cities, etc, if Obama does not get in. The future of America after an obama win is serious though, Americans will not have a war, but the majority, (75%) of Americans will suffer poverty and hardship. The country will become essentially a police state and totalitarian. Fascism. This will be America’s last “Normal” election.

  10. A Biron says:


    I am not surprised at all someone who claims they are a democrat would make up numbers. Actually, Newt was never at number one in any poll, even though I am support of Newt. Have your spirit check it’s resources before passing on erroneous information.

    -A Biron

  11. Justine says:

    Romney’s Saturn is strong and his connection with the US chart is as well. I think he is going to take it, I hope this does not freak anyone out to much! Not to many physics are predicting his win except the physic twins and I am in agreement. Will see!

  12. Justine says:

    Someone asked about the Physic Twins, they DID NOT predict a win for Obama they predicted a loss for Obama before Romney was winning the Rebulican nomination. I do not understand why this freaks the non-bias astrological community out You can go to you tube and type in Physic Twins and read about their predictions there. Also you can check out their website. As I said from my own Celestial charts not Galaxy, I believe Romney may surprise us with a win, but then that would not be in agreement with other so called astrologists and physics. I do not know if they are looking at aspects or allowing their own bias to come into play. Romney has some very interesting aspects going on now, combined with astrological hits between now and November. Anyway just for the astrological fun of it all! We shall see, it really is in the hands of a higher power ultimately. Peace.

  13. Ray says:

    No offense, but do you live in your parents basement or something? If Romney wins the Chinese will colonize American cities? Do you realize how STUPID that sounds? Reagan was gonna start WWlll, remember that? What ‘spirit’ are you listening to? Maybe it’s time to lay off the weed and Peruvian nose candy and just watch Spongebob and stop scaring people who swallow this crap.

    1. Buddhadreamer says:

      Sigh, actually, the future is not what you want, but what it will be. From Ray’s email, he only wants to hear what he wants to hear. A psychic in Hitlers Germany in 1934, telling the truth about the future would also have annoyed some people. But truth, is truth. If Romney gets elected, goodbye America. Nuclear exchange, massive deaths, and an enraged Chinese occupation army, that will be merciless. Who ya gonna vote for, Ray?…..fascism always leads to disaster. See what happened to hitler.

  14. christi says:

    Smart Americans needs to reject the empty-suit Obama in NOv,….what a disaster he has been as a leader. Where are the jobs?. And, folks,,,please Google his Marshall Law ploy!! Detaining Americans without due process? UGH! Nightmare!

    1. Where are the jobs? Ask the Ones who started this mess, the Elite 1%, Baby Bush and his cohorts in the last Administration. Do you REALLY believe than in a mere 3 years the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression #1 would be cured? Really?
      The MESS that the last Administration and their Elite 1% Rich created is astronomical affecting the entire WORLD. Not just The USA.
      I said it in 2008 and will say it again, it will take at least a decade to overcome this with real leadership. Without real leadership (which is what Romeny and Republican fascists offer), we are in for basically serfdom for another generation at least.
      Where are the jobs???? You have nerve to ask that if you voted for Bush.

  15. David says:

    I’m not a psyhic, but I’ve read quite bit of predictions and that does seem to be a predicliction by various psyhics towards Obama, but spiritually there is something wrong with Obama, I can’t put my finger on it but there is much anger and hatred in him perhaps something from childhood? Obama is the seed of much that has been sown by both sides, the Liberalism of America over the last 40 years creating an entitlement culture and the large corporate movement of production to lower cost countries and even communist countries to give the ominpresent American consumer a $3 dollar cheaper plastic chair…everyone’s eyes were off the ball consumed with American popular culture of first Madona, Michael Jackson in the 80’s to now Kim Kardashian and other non-celebs created by a bored culture filled with no wonderment of the miracle of life, no zest to explore unknowns etiher physically or mentally, and simply working 9-5 to sustain materially and not spiritually. Every event has a purpose even mundane, tragic and bitter ones.

    1. Thomas says:

      When I first looked at Obama’s energy all I got was nothing, basically a glorified receptionist at corporate headquarters.

      This also shows with the numerology I use. I got no matches in my data base for any of his names.

      I have yet to read Romney’s energy, but his numerology reads like a continuation of WWII into WWIII. The most significant match is Romney to Hitler.

      Romney = 90/72
      Hitler = 72/90

      I don’t have any matches of significant people in my database, other than Romney.

      Other interesting people using numerology is Putin, and Ray Mabus.

    2. zoma777 says:

      He may not be perfect. I voted for Hillary knowing she wouldn’t win, but I felt she would have bigger balls in dealing with the Republicans. I think Obama is actually too much of a gentleman in some ways and on the other hand he’s taking the Israeli – kill the bad guys without a trial thing to an extreme. He seems to have no problem hunting down “terrorists” and murdering them in their sleep. Now I’m not saying these guys shouldn’t go to jail or whatever the law abides, but being judge, jury and executioner I have a huge problem with because if it were George W. doing this I would be really freaked out. So in that way I can understand people being uncomfortable.

      Ironically people on the right have no problems with this though. And often say Obama wants to take away their guns. Ironically, the whole second amendment was never intended for “protection” but rather put into the constitution for the people to rise up and overthrow the government if it became corrupt. I was never a big fan of this until the coup of 2000 and then I thought, hmmm, maybe the forefathers were right to put that provision in as a final option – if all else failed. However they failed to see the development of sophisticated weapons like nukes and sonic weapons and God knows what else our government has, in truth the only way a revolution could work now is if the military joined with the public to overthrow the government.

      I think many of us were hopeful that Obama would represent us – a fresh voice – an unvarnished politician with a great ability to inspire – but alas the system is so much bigger and more corrupt than he can possibly address in the time he’s been in office. By the time he figured that out the Democrats had lost their majority in Congress and his hands were tethered to the Oval Office’s desk.

      We (and this includes the people who represent us) no longer run this country. Welcome to the slide down toward a third world structure. Eventually we won’t even be able to buy the technology we rely on and we won’t be able to send our kids to school to invent new technology or make great art, music or film or culture of any kind. In order to produce huge advancements in science and intellectual property one needs a well educated and affluent middle-class – guess we’ll be watching Baliwood movies in the future and listening to the Sitar.

      1. Thomas says:

        Zow, those are my exact thoughts on the second amendment word for word. I just haven’t had the balls to write them down in a public forum. Lol. Very few people understand the second amendment including the supreme court, all they ever talk about is pea shooters.

        I’ve connected up to soul mates and traveled to their locations, and have had soul mates travel to my location where we’ve met. There’s something about resonating with energy that can draw people here and there.

        After connecting up to people concerning 9/11, which I picked up on first in 1996, I nearly ended up in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Dreams, two weeks before 9/11, kept me from going to Manhattan.

        In 2004, just before I made my first ever premonition post on the internet, GWB drove right by my house, and I live out in the sticks. I didn’t find out about this until much later, because I don’t follow politics. I’ve been hesitant to do a reading on Romney. I’m not sure I want to connect to his energy.

        I’ve had several dream with Obama in them where I’m protecting his children.

        Interesting you should mention Bollywood, in this Bollywood video you can see me at 3:42, on the left between the woman in the pink dress, and the guy with the feathered leather collar (red shirt).

        The other woman that had a dream about “389” posted an interesting dream, and then when I asked her about it she took it down, and didn’t reply to me. I’m curious if the woman I traveled to India with had a child, and never told me about it. She’s in the Bollywood video in a red dress sitting on a couch, and wearing a necklace. She has black hair and bangs cut straight across her forehead. You can see her at 2:07, and closer up at 4:42.

        I’m a highly trained psychic myself, but there are some things that I’m too close to to see. There’s past life issues I have with the woman in the red dress, so I’m not sure what’s up with her.

        P.S. I wrote something in a song writing forum about your post about the music industry, and then said something like, “I guess the only money I will make concerning music is what they paid me to be in this Bollywood movie.”

    1. Whoa, really great internet site! My partner and i declare i was ready for something different, and I came up below. Nicely, it occurs. Neetvehrless it wasn’t a great regrettable chance, I really preferred your look of composing! Continue!

  16. sally says:

    Agreed….unprofessional and I suspect any spirit guides you have whispering into your intellect will have backlash for the embellishment of their message! Be very careful, Spirits do hold the power, and Karma is never to far away!

    1. Buddhadreamer says:

      Hullo again. Horrible events often happen, and it’s only years later that the truth about them emerges. There really are conspiracies. But there are also conspiracies against the conspiracies. There is a whole area of public life where an invisible sort of battle goes on, and people also make the mistake of thinking the American Government is monolithic, and all powerful. Nope. It’s a constant miracle that the post-office gets the mail delivered every day. Above that, it’s a gamblers paradise. The thing is, events that most people are not even aware of, until something happens, are what shape history. I have never seen such a turbulent vortex of psychic struggles going on, as I have recently, on the international scene. The future, at the moment, is at one of those crossroads, where history divides and takes one path or another….and that decides history for the next 100 years.
      The first World war is an example. The 1914 war created the next 100 years of history, created the world we now live in, and we are stuck with it. WW2 and everything after, came out of it. This cycle has just about run its course now. A new cycle is about to begin. Oh My!!….this is not a good time and place for the Human race. The events between 1900 and 1914 are what spring immediately to mind. The Bush victory in 2000 really was a Zero year event. Bush escaped, but America did not. Read Tecumsha very carefully.He is usually misquoted.
      Everything stems from that election. That was the fork in the road, now it has led to an even bigger fork. The American election will be the turning point. One way or the other, it will trigger off major events. Quickly if the
      Repugs win, slowly if Dems get in. But events. In a bad first year, for Romny, and a slow motion disaster for Obama, over four years. One thing after another. At the moment, Obama has the edge. It will be very close, as Denise says. Then events, not just political, or economic, but natural, as well, will all combine, and there will be what seems a bad time, but nothing compared to the war that Romny would have created. There will be a confrontation with China. With Romny, it would have meant war. With Obama, no war, but great difficalties. The Chinese have now decided that America in it’s present form represents a clear and present danger to them, and are preparing. They have publicly renounced their previous policy of no first use of nuclear weapons, in any future conflict. This leaves them open to do a pre-emptive strike, in the event of things going to the edge of war. dark days are ahead. I think America pulls through, but changes vastly. It will not be the same country, after the next president, in 2016, is elected. That will be a very strange appointment……de-facto…….

        1. Buddhadreamer says:

          Thank You Grace. It’s good to be back, after a long absence, as my professional life has been making huge demands on me, and also I was very uncertain as to what I could see, of future events. One thing I do see, now, is a forthcoming crisis between North Korea and the West, with the Korean Government provoking a confrontation with the South, then mobilising for a military take over. This brings everyone to the edge of a major war. It happens, I think, during the n ext US president’s term of office. How far this goes, it’s difficult to see. There are alternative paths. The path is not decided yet, as the US election is not decided yet. We have to wait for that. Only another three weeks, thank God. Then we know. If Obama gets back, we might squeeze through this one, but if not, then it’s war. Depressing. So much now depends on this election, which is curiously tired, low key, and un-exciting. It is wierd.

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