Repost about Kim Jong Il and other things…

Kim Jong il, Is He Just Ill or Dead? The Tarot Answers…

According to the tarot he has died. And while officials are hiding this, behind the scenes there is major turmoil. At first he may have gone into hiding like cats do when they’re sick, but he’s ultimately crossed over and forces are at work to start a new regime. Chances are it will be better in the long run, but for now there is competition for power and confusion about how to transition the North Korean government.

It looks like those who were closest to Kim Jong Il are of 2 minds, those who want to wait it out and see what happens (figure out where the tide of the country is) these people feel lost and confused. The other camp are vying for power, planning and formulating how to take power. Among the 2nd group there is tremendous competition to take the reigns of power and there is no clear stand out for who should take over.

There is a general consensus that if news got out about the “dear leader,” chaos, fear and confusion would break out in the country and perhaps a revolution would take place which is why there has been such a stalemate about how to proceed. And obviously why the government has been hiding his death.


*the above was a reprint of a post from 9/2008. You can go into the finder on the blog and type in Kim Jong Il and it will come up and you can see this is indeed the original post.


My current comment on the 9/08 post:

It could also be that the son wasn’t felt to be ready at that time or they may have been taking their time to groom the son for the job after a loss of what to do. If he had died 2 and a half years ago then the son would have been 23 or 24 perhaps seen as too young to be reliable. It could have been felt that the son needed to be made more visible for the people to accept him for fear there would be a backlash. My feeling about the son is he doesn’t have the same vibe as the dad at all. In fact I don’t feel he wants the position of being leader which will probably make him a much better leader than either of his ancestors. We will probably see North Korea open up (if the son stays true to his personality) as he gains support from his people. I really don’t feel anyone expected Kim Jong Il to die at that time, he would have been pretty young. His body preserved in an airtight casket to give the appearance of recent death. Strange as that sounds the only other thing that is possible is he was in the process of dying and during periods of health they paraded him around but he and his staff but his fate had been sealed and it was just a matter of time before he would die which is why the cards came up that he was already dead – dead man walking?

I’m going to look at Iran next which I had a very disturbing and overwhelming feeling that something was stirring there a while back. I will find that post and elaborate and also do some new analysis and future predictions.

Happy New Year and many blessings for the New Year to all! Try not to freak out. Yes things are getting crazy, but remember all of these things will force us to come to balance with the world and eventually things will be better for it.

Many blessings,


Repost about Kim Jong Il and other things…

2 thoughts on “Repost about Kim Jong Il and other things…

  1. I am concerned that Kim Jung Un may be a hot head. He appears to have no military experience which includes actual loss. We got rid of kings for a reason and one of them was young hot heads who had no experience with combat starting unnecessary wars. He’s been threatening to start a war almost everyday since his dad died. This is not good. My Uncle foresees us going to war with China. What do you think? Will it be direct war with China or a puppet war through North Korea. My Uncle says China wants to take over the world and remake it chinese. I saw on an Nat’l Geographic special that they are buying up large tracts of farmland in Africa and sending all the products back to China while allowing the locals to starve. What do you think about the Chinese threat?

  2. HI Denise,

    Happy New Year. You mentioned Iran possibly destabilizing, but what about Syria & Turkey? @ Grace43, I also agree with your uncle about China. I don’t know about war, but at least in their own borders they have been aggressively remaking everything Han Chinese. Their threat can only happen if the economy is actually doing as well as they say, though, but I have heard many people within China saying off the record that the Chinese econom is a house of cards ready for collapse — they have just been able to hide it better than in the U.S. and the E.U.

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