Prediction from Oct.1, 2011 I didn’t want to post…

Taken directly from a journal I keep on my computer:

October 1, 2011:

Been having a very bad feeling about the world for a while. Beyond the financial crisis we have been facing. It’s been scary, as in I shouldn’t talk about it scary or even look at it scary. For a long time I couldn’t exactly put my finger on what this intense underlying negativity was related to – it felt originally like it was related to finances then politics and a general underlying tone. But in recent months I’ve decided to focus more on myself because this thing felt too big for me to look at and I felt I needed to get my own stuff in order. However lately a few things have been happening. I no longer feel invisible – I feel like I’m being watched by some sort of an institution, and this institution is not only extremely interested in my premonitions but also I feel if I put them out there it’s likely to be seen by people I don’t want it to be seen by.*

I was told by spirit tonight that it is the Iranian president Ackmadenejad? Don’t know how to spell it. That there would be an uprising in Iran and his power would be threatened so much so he would feel he was going to be deposed and in true psychopathic fashion he will lob whatever lame nuclear missiles he has at the east coast – trying to kill as many Americans as possible knowing full well we will retaliate with full force and obliterate Iran with Nukes. This will start a terrible war – a third world war. This is his equivalent of being the crazy gun man who rushes into a restaurant or school and starts shooting whoever he can and then turns the gun on himself. He knows the annihalation of his region will be the end result which is what he wants because he will be angered by the Iranian desire to become more westernized. Unfortunately, the whole region could suffer if we do this and wars will break out all over the place as a result. It will be the beginning of a long cycle of horrible war if it is not stopped before it happens.

*I know it seems a bit paranoid but this is why I stopped putting out predictive things because I didn’t what it meant to have this feeling that something was monitoring these predictions beyond just regular people.

Since this premonition I didn’t really now how to address this issue as I don’t want to alarm anyone or put anything out there that might tip the balance toward the negative in any way. I want to warn the people of the middle east and our government not to engage with the Iranian leader. Everyone talks of the “Anti-Christ” but he is actually the closest thing to someone who has the power to do tremendous damage all for the sake of a bruised ego and a power trip. It’s very frightening. The thing is our country will be goaded into a war, but it will be the middle east that again suffers most. We must not underestimate the mental illness of this man Ahmadinejad. Anyone in a position there to put a stop to his plans I urge you to try because it (ultimately) means the annihilation of your people. I guarantee you that Ahmadinejad does not care in the least for human life, even his own family’s. He is a pure psychopath without the ability to feel higher functioning emotions like love and compassion. I warn you now so that we may avert WWIII which is eminent if people in the region remain passive. Yet of course this must come from those in power because protests (which have worked in other countries) would not work in Iran. He would squash the people like bugs and commit wholesale murder and then start WWIII. It must come from those who know his weaknesses and can stop him, those he trusts.

Many blessings – may God guide all of us especially those in the Middle East and our leaders at this time,


I do want to say that my feelings about this have become more balanced and I think there is a very good chance this will be averted with people in power knowing in advance and doing the right things to stop it before it spirals out of control. I feel more confident in those in the Iranian military and people in our government that something smart will be effected to bring this to a much less dramatic end then where it could ultimately go. At least for now. But I am posting this to affirm that something must be done, action that is non-violent toward the people in that region and something that is perhaps covert must be done in order to stop this. I will only post this prediction for a week. After that I will take this down because I don’t want it seen by everyone. Those who need to see it will.

Prediction from Oct.1, 2011 I didn’t want to post…

14 thoughts on “Prediction from Oct.1, 2011 I didn’t want to post…

  1. NYvoice says:

    Honestly, I don’t know what the difference is between him and Obama. Both are super scary. I have come to believe in recent months that these people are nothing but puppets for an agenda to depopulate and control the planet (also to concentrate all monies to the elite). Obama, as much as I loved him in 2008 and campaigned for him (mostly because of what I read about in your blog), has done worse than what a lot of leaders in this world have done. He, however, does it with a smile on his face, leading us to believe he’s actually doing the best he can. He’s either a pathological liar, or completely under hypnosis (which I think is absolutely possible, if not likely). He has gone back on every single promise he’s made: The Iraq war is not over. Iraq is still occupied with tens of thousands of our troops protecting monies there that were stolen from the Iraqi people and given to big corporations. The same with Afghanistan. We also have dropped bombs on at least SIX other countries since Obama came into office!!!! He has continued the Goldman Sachs legacy in our government. His DOJ has obliterated state rights, especially their right to determine whether or not to allow medicinal marijuana. And now he signs the NDAA!?!?

    Obama will do no better than a Republican. In fact, he has done exactly what a republican would have done. He’s just more pathological when he does it (or hypnotized). Which makes things even more scary.

    If we are not to go to war, there is only one person who will make sure it doesn’t happen. Regardless of how crazy his view points may seem to someone who has not read a book of his or does not do research of their own) he is the only person not serving the corporate agendas, the only person who has never sold out a day in his life (regardless of the extreme propaganda used to smear him — please research and research again before believing) and only one person who does not work for Goldman Sachs, aka The Federal Reserve (a completely PRIVATE company) and the only person not serving corporate agendas. It’s sad though that the democrats or “progressives” have as much delusion as the republicans. The more government we have, the more control these douchebags have over our lives. This guy has been trying to tell us this for years. It’s just really hard for his truth to come forth because he’s not getting a dime from a corporation (NOT A DIME). His name is Ron Paul. He is our only answer to no more wars, removing 14th amendment rights to corporations and giving states the right to make their own choices as the Constitution intended.

    I agree with you. I, too, suspect that your blog is being watched because you had such a strong influence on the last election (much, much more than you may know). Sadly, what you saw was to come as a result of electing Obama didn’t happen (for the american people at least). What’s weird is that you are again getting the same info on him this time too. I have never seen the Tarot give such consistent answers and then be so off. There definitely seems to be a spiritual war of sorts going on here that the Tarot cannot explain. (Possible that it is reading from the elite’s perspective?? — When a friend of mine and I did Tarot readings and predictions for 2010 in 2009 they said the bailouts and the health care bill would be really positive things… and they aren’t/weren’t… at least for people other than Wall St, corporations, Goldman Sachs and the Fed.)

    1. Joan says:


    2. NYVoice: I am sure that Ron Paul is great for white men, especially those who are economically established. However, the rest of us—according to Paul—can go to you-know-where.

      If Paul had his way: 1. Females will lose their rights to their own bodies, 2. Families with a member with a preexisting health condition, or without the $1000/month to buy medical insurance would not have access to healthcare, and probably die (my cousin already died this way), 3. Gun owners would be able to carry their guns anywhere, making simple arguments turn into shoot-outs—and YES, that is what happens, 4. The crumbling rights of minorities would be even further eroded, with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 becoming more ignored or even overturned, much to the glee of white-supremecist groups, and 5. Already deteriorating societal infrastructures which benefit all of us will continue on their cash-starved decline, and the wealthy will get exactly what they want: Complete control over the rest of us, to act as their slaves, fighting over the few crumbs left behind to survive on. Maybe Paul isn’t supported by the wealthy or corporations, but he does favor them over the rest of us.

      No. Paul would be the ruination of the country for most of us.

  2. Helena says:

    The President of Iran Ahmadinejad does not control the military, contrary to what apparently many Americans believe. Ahmadinejad is subservient to the clerics who are the centers of power within Iran. The frequent depiction of the Iranians as irrational is a fiction and U.S. officials know it. I would bet on that. Unfortunately, it’s a useful fiction being used by the U.S. government and its national security apparatus.

    In this whole conflict with Iran and its nuclear weapons program, Iran knows that without nuclear weapons, it is vulnerable to attack by the U.S. The U.S. has been conducting a covert war against Iran, assassinating its scientists and imposing crippling sanctions.

    Some of the fear being expressed in this post has at least equal validity being directed against the U.S. which has tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and a foreign policy establishment that uses violence and terror that causes massive suffering throughout the world. Obama has just signed a bill which has suspended habeas corpus for Americans, and codifies indefinite detention for U.S. citizens.

    Think about that.

  3. Helena says:


    Ron Paul does not subscribe to the Washington consensus as far as I can tell, which is why he will not be elected President of the United States or receive the GOP nomination. The two choices the electorate has are both owned and approved by the 1%. But, hypothetically, if Ron Paul were to occupy the oval office, I don’t believe he would be able to prevail against the formidable forces arrayed against him, the banksters, the U.S. Congress, the military industrial complex, the GOP and Democratic party establishment. I agree that there’s really no difference between the Republican and Obama. They both adhere to the Washington consensus, the interests of the 1%. Yes, Obama just signed into law the odious National Defense Authorization Act.

    At least Ron Paul being in the race will allow discussion of issues in an election year normally banned from national discourse.

  4. NYvoice says:

    Sorry this is so long. I feel like I needed to explain myself.


    I know it seems weird given the propaganda regarding Ron Paul, but I am an urban female, somewhat young, without any family as I was raised in foster care, disabled, and am somewhat educated.

    I have asked myself about solutions for as long as I can remember because I have been affected by the many things that are wrong with today’s society. I, too, believed the things you do about Ron Paul. Which is not a coincidence. I still have friends that speak of him the same way you did. It saddens me deeply though… Wherever their is truth, those who benefit from those not seeing it, will do anything, at any cost, to deter the truth from being seen or believed by anyone.

    I guarantee you that most every single person who speaks negatively of Ron Paul has never read a book of his or researched very much on why he votes the way he does. If one doesn’t research, but watches some mainstream media outlets, including PBS and NPR, he definitely can come across as crazy. If one actually does the research and questions, and questions, and questions again, like I did, they’d realize after a while that he makes perfect sense.

    Also, people will never understand why young people think of Ron Paul as a Revolutionary and the only one anyone we could ever put our trust in unless they really actually researched why he votes the way he does. We can now clearly see that Obama does not keep his word on anything, so I, and many others in my age group and community will not be falling for his sh** again.

    The reason a lot of young, FEMALE and URBAN people support Paul is not because we come from rich families, are white, are male, or are republican. That is a huge misconception. We like him because we see too much of the hoaxes done in our name and having it only benefit the elite. Many liberals think they are doing the right things (as did I) to help people but they really are only playing a game that cannot be won by the rules given. Young people are waking up to what the baby boomers didn’t. The system does not work. It’s been f***ed with too much. It’s completely rigged. The invisible vote flipping software used in Ohio proves it. It would be impossible to have a real, non-rigged election in today’s day and age. IMPOSSIBLE!

    The presidential election is just a soap opera to keep us fighting each other instead of uniting, being communicative and respectful of where each other is at in life. We waste all this time fighting each other that we don’t actually take time and effort out to do what would actually work to change things, or to notice what is really going on.

    Though, nothing we say or do matters on the outcome of the election, due to the fact that both sides are the same because they are both bought and paid for by the same people— the same corporations, just a different face and a different name…

    Excerpt from Matt Taibbi’s *Iowa: The Meaningless Sideshow Begins*

    “The auctioned election process is designed to reduce the field to two candidates who will each receive hundreds of millions of dollars apiece from the same pool of donors. Just take a look at the lists of top donors for Obama and McCain from the last election in 2008.

    Obama’s top 20 list included:

    Goldman Sachs ($1,013,091)
    JPMorgan Chase & Co ($808,799)
    Citigroup Inc ($736,771)
    WilmerHale LLP ($550,668)
    Skadden, Arps et al ($543,539)
    UBS AG ($532,674), and…
    Morgan Stanley ($512,232).

    McCain’s list, meanwhile, included (drum roll please):

    JPMorgan Chase & Co ($343,505)
    Citigroup Inc ($338,202)
    Morgan Stanley ($271,902)
    Goldman Sachs ($240,295)
    UBS AG ($187,493)
    Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher ($160,346)
    Greenberg Traurig LLP ($147,437), and…
    Lehman Brothers ($126,557).”

    Read more:

    … The only thing that matters in 2012 is awakening to the fact that pretty much everything is a scam. It’s really like we live in a “Truman Show” type world where everyone believe in Santa Claus just to avoid the sad reality of what it actually taking place. Though I personally do not agree with all of Ron Paul’s perspectives, I do know that he is the *only* one that is not a scam.

    In response to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

    1) Though Ron Paul does not personally agree with abortion (which he is entitled to his perspective) he does NOT want to take a woman’s right to choose. He feels we all should have the freedom to make our own choices that do not harm others without the government impeding. If anything, he would allow states to determine their own laws as per the intentions of our forefathers… Which to me is better than the large oppressive government we currently have. With community programs it would be easy to create ways for people to get help to go to another state for services needed.

    2) We as a community need to learn how to support and take care of each other without involving the government. It leaves too much room for corruption, and as we can clearly see, it leads to extremely expensive and unaffordable heath care (they make too much damn $$ to stop it themselves!). Unfortunately, government cannot make people better, more giving, or more caring. But, ‘We The People’ can. It’s starts small. It’s the only way it will ever get through.

    3) Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If we can’t trust the people, why would we trust our crazy, bought and paid for by Lockheed Martin, government to keep these *other* crazy people under control? If it truly is an issue, we need to come together as a community to help those with mental and emotional issues locally, rather than asking our completely corrupt government to do something. Our government loves guns in the hands of crazy people. They love it when people kill other people. It makes for less people. It makes for more money for the prison industrial complex. It also makes for illegal activity and more money to cease… Just recently the CIA admitted to furnishing the Mexican drug cartels with weapons. They give them to ANYONE who can fulfill their scam/sham/false flag operations for their own political agendas, which includes putting guns on the streets of urban neighborhoods, like mine. Us complaining about guns and wanting more regulation on them, just makes politicians MORE lobby money. It’s ALL a scam.

    4) Ron Paul supports INDIVIDUAL rights, meaning EVERYONE has rights, and EVERYONE is EQUAL. What could get better than that!?!? That’s a hell of a lot better than anything else, regardless of the name or said intentions behind it. (take notice, things in government do the opposite of what it’s title says… e.g. EPA, Patriot Act, Civil Rights, Homeland Security, etc.)

    5) Corporations cannot get that much wealthier, if at all, and cannot continue to monopolize, or even buy elections, if their corporate personhood and their 14th amendment rights are overturned. Also, if we actually had someone in our government that wasn’t placing the U.S.’s finances in the hands of Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve, we’d actually have a chance. The only person who would initiate any of that is Ron Paul because he doesn’t serve them or work for them, unlike ALL the other politicians.

    The elitists would never allow Ron Paul to win unless it served their agenda in some way. However, with Ron Paul running as a republican, we can take the opportunity to educate ourselves and others and help the world wake up so that we ALL might have a future on this planet. If not through Ron Paul, through others that have been inspired by him (minus Rand Paul, he’s kinda creepy). Believe it or not, there *is* a reason why they want you to believe all that you do about Ron Paul. The elitists agenda depends on people believing the smears. They are scared sh**less of him and people like him.

    I can say things all I want, but no one ever will say it better than George Carlin…

    Again, sorry so long. Thanks, though, for reading and listening. Even if I didn’t deliver things in the most eloquent or learned way. I did the best I could, with the purest of intentions possible at this time.

  5. I think you’re right about, Romeny getting the GOP nomination, Denise. I hope you’re also right about him losing. I am not in love with Obama, but he’s better than anyone the GOP is putting up. I still think we need to watch China and North Korea very closely, Lately, it seems as if Iran is just as likely to blow up themselves (by mishandling their weapons or killing their nuclear experts).

    I have been watching the series How the Earth was made on Netflix. It’s a long series and I’ve only made it through about 16 episodes, but it explains the science behind what is happening to the Earth. If you have Netflix Instant Play, it’s a good watch.

  6. I’ve been wondering Denise, do you think we’ll ever be able to stop whale hunting? Since whales actually eat the red tides, it seems very stupid to kill the one thing that could really help oceanic health naturally.

  7. DalaiMamaRBG says:

    This is so totally unfair and without basis. What cause do you have to call Ahmadijinihad a maniac and a psychopath and all of these other names? Or to be afraid of him? Iran is not posing a threat to ANYONE, it has not killed millions and millions of people on this planet in wars to steal their resources and control their destiny like the maniacs and psychopaths who have hijacked the US military have; it is not poisoning the very food and water its own people eat and drink for corporate profit and it is not the worlds biggest supplier of weapons of death and repression. Get a grip on yourself and deal with facts, not propaganda. The good people of this world FAR outnumber the evil, that is why the devils and their wicked minions have to lie about what they do and move in secrecy. Our weapons are the truth and the light. We have to teach the truth and be bearers of the light. That can’t happen while our logic is muddled with irrational fear based on propaganda.
    Right now Pluto is in Capricorn. Capricorn is a misunderstood sign that you will all come to know very well. It does not do superficiality or propriety or phoniness. Capricorn energy is real and primal. Capricorn deals with the transmutation of thought into matter, with making thoughts REAL. That is why so many Capricorns seem to defy explanation for their success- because they simply willed it out of the ethers. We are going to see a lot of that before the end of this cycle. The square to Libra in Saturn is giving us a taste of it but we will soon have the full course. Fanciful phony Libra with its show of grace and beauty rules images, facades and propaganda. Libra is being held in check by Saturn. That’s why all relationships are now so “strained”. The old tricks are simply not working anymore. The little lies we’ve all gotten so used to throwing around are falling flat and the big ones are pancaking into their own footprint, like the Twin Towers…
    The propoganda war against Iran has already failed. The murder of Khaddafi, the fake Arab Spring, the weird “natural” disasters, the fate of Iraq and Afghanistan, all of these things are waking people up and making them think. And their predominant thought, what we will see manifested seemingly from the ethers is that the are afraid of the beast and they want it dead. They want the threat destroyed, to live in peace and harmony. And the cosmic energy of Pluto will destroy the real threat, not the propogandized one.
    Uranus in Aries, opposing Saturn in Libra. Things are going to go wrong and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The pieces of scenery will fall, the lighting will blow out, the actors will overdose. None of the schemes are going to play out as they should. None of the facades will hold up. And once Saturn goes into Scorpio, trining Pluto things will really get hot. Scorpio’s deceit, trickery and conniving ruthlessness held in check by Saturn, while unexpected calamity in war (Uranus in Aries) goes up against death and rebirth (Pluto) powered by creation through the power of the mind (Capricorn).
    Everyone needs to get used to the idea that the old way is dead and gone. War with Iran will not be a good old fashioned abstract concept that we can all rally around as Americans while eating hot dogs and waving flags. War with Iran is going to be war with the WORLD. The world that is tired of country after country being attacked and invaded and destroyed on the grounds of lies and subterfuge.
    There are enough of us who are truly good people to unite the world rather than destroy it.

  8. Thomas says:

    In July of 1999 the current leader of China, Hu Jintao, was given power to persecute the popular religion Falun Gong. This corresponds to Nostradamus’ premonition:

    In the year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine, seventh month
    From the sky comes a “grand Roi deffrayeur” (Great Leader of frightening-power)
    To resurrect the great king of the “Angolmois” (Angol-people)
    Before and after, a war reigns for a good-cause.

    “Angolmois” has been interpreted as “Mongols” and also people of Northern Africa.

    Right now Iran is being backed by China because of Iran’s oil. Even South Korea asked for an exemption from the Iranian Oil Sanctions, because without Iran’s oil, South Korea’s economy would collapse.

    If Ahmadinejad starts getting popular support from other countries, such as Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc., he could rise as a “great king,” and become the “Third Anti-Christ.”

    Also in one of Nostradamus’ quatrains, he prophesized that the Hindus would destroy Islam, which sounds like India will take out Pakistan.

    The worship of places and objects, such as Temple Mount and Mecca, are very dangerous practices, and I have read that there might be a “Red Heifer” being prepared right now for a Jewish sacrifice ceremony to regain Temple Mount.

  9. Thomas says:

    I also wanted to add that I found the information about the “Red Heifer” while looking for synchronicities to 389. I found it when I typed 389 plus Israel into a Google search and found; “389. Is There a Red Heifer in Israel?”

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