It’s Not the End of the World…

Hey Everyone – I’ve been getting flooded with e-mails and people worried that I am implying the end of the world or something of the sort. I’m not. However I do think this is a time of reckoning, a period of adjustment and re-alignment that will cause lots of good and bad things. This will certainly not be a boring period of time to live in. As the old Chinese curse states: May you live during interesting times.

Well, it will be interesting but not the end. Empires will fall and others will rise and we will be very different 100 years from now than we can even begin to imagine. Right now the seeds of fate for the next 2000 years are being sown. We are all here for a reason and it is important (more than anything else) that we find our mission and follow it. That we live by the golden rule and learn to cherish all creatures and people for their gifts and the special lessons they teach. The more we go toward the rational (ironic coming from someone like me I know) and toward trusting our own intuition and knowledge, allowing our freak flags to fly, encouraging our individuality in the context of the ever-expanding multi-verse the closer we will get to putting humanity on the right course.

Every human being is equal in the eyes of the Creator and equal in reality, that does not mean we are all the same – in fact we are all different and that is the beauty, the dichotomy the two opposing ideas that we must learn to balance in our minds in this new era. We all deserve to be the captains of our own lives, to weave our own fate and we have no right to judge others for really anything as the truth is complex and often beyond our ability to understand it in the sound bite fashion we are used to digesting information.

My advice to all is to carve your pathway to the Great Spirit through meditation and or prayer and trust your own way – don’t allow anyone (including me) to usurp your own heart’s connection. A good teacher will always encourage you to follow your path no matter how far off the ordinary trail it is. A dictator will impose their will on you and unfortunately there are people operating as “spiritual leaders” who fall under this category – more of them than there are good teachers. But most importantly the best teacher is that little voice inside your head or heart that tells you the truth – follow it for it is the way to the Creator.

Many blessings and Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year,




It’s Not the End of the World…

3 thoughts on “It’s Not the End of the World…

  1. Nancy says:

    Will the changes be positive for the middle-class and poor or will we continue to fall into an economic abyss while the rich accumulate more wealth?

  2. That was lovely, Denise. It is hard when one sees lots of unjust oppression around the world/planet, and inside the family or extended family. To follow the Gold Rule and follow our own path. I believe the human spirit, of folks here and like you -trying to help and improve. Thich Nhat Hanh says to be a fresh flower or erect, green tree -the best we can be- during crisis, so that we can contribute the calm and fresh energy. Indeed there is something everyone can do.

  3. Thomas says:

    The way I’ve described the apparent inequality of soul’s creations is much like video game players. Someone may be called an “old soul” in a particular reality, such as this one, but switch to another reality and the same soul is now described as a “young soul.” Bottom line, all souls are equal, none above, none below.

    Christ called this reality “sin,” and the Buddha called it “suffering,” I call it competition.

    Few people know that the Maya were reincarnationist, and that they also believed in the death of a soul. I also believe in the death of a soul but not a real death, only a letting go of energy, the energy that resonates experiences, and creations. The energy that distinguishes one soul from another. The energy that can be found by soul mates. I believe we can return to a pure essence by letting go of all energy of experience.

    The vast majority of competitions in this reality are very forgettable, battling mundane things like diseases, starvation, and daily life.

    “Interesting times” may be considered a Chinese curse, but they also make some souls into super stars, to other souls that recognize the energy they resonate. Even in the “Spiritual Guide” clicks, such energy is hard to let go of.

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