Hello Everyone!

Hey there. I want to re-emerge to help and now that I have figured out how without disturbing my health, I would appreciate anyone who has ideas on how to create a community that is more than just this blog for those who want to learn and want to have the information they need given to them when they are stuck.

I have seen so much lately. I can’t and don’t want to get into all of it. After the Thunderbeings dream I had last fall I felt that no news was better than the bad news. I felt people didn’t need to hear any negativity or focus on anything negative. I don’t want to create more anxiety for people – that is completely counter-productive. We need to work on ourselves and help one another right now. The more we do this the better chance we have of solving the next layer of (bigger) problems.


Many blessings,


A lot of people are writing me from all over the world – since this is a blog and not everyone is here in LA I wonder if there is a way to orchestrate my idea differently.

If anyone has ideas of how to do a class on line via technology – let me know. Perhaps a Skype thing? I don’t know how it works. I’m sure that someone out there does and we could figure out a way to take this to another level where people could really be helped.

One thing I have always been is extremely precognitive (which was always sort of annoying because I had no way of changing the outcome) but now this could potentially help people to change their own personal futures for the better and perhaps help push humanity toward an overall brighter future. I also found myself in the position to tell people things, and them not knowing me or my track record, they didn’t believe what I was saying and chose to ignore me. They would then tell me (99% of the time I didn’t remember) that everything I said had come to pass as I said it would. This happened because they didn’t change their course (let’s face it no one wants to change unless you really have to and a psychic warning isn’t usually good enough to change ones behavior.)

But I feel this blog has proven that while my timing may not always be exact – I do have access to future time in a way that is unusual. I don’t know why, but someday I will write down what it’s like to have this problem. I have speculated about why I have this ability – either I’m a throwback to the time of shamans when the tribe needed to know the future for the good of the whole or I’m something more bizarre. Whatever it is I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of other psychics and I know that this particular psi ability is relatively unusual. Even people who maybe very clairvoyant and be able to find missing people or mediums don’t often have this particular ability – perhaps it’s because it’s generally useless as no one listens anyway and is pretty frustrating to know or see things that you have no power to control. Or maybe this the world doesn’t need a lot of freaky precogs.

Someday I’ll have to write an autobiography about growing up with this ability and how difficult it really is which is why I don’t always agree with the idea that being psychic is a “gift.” I think of it more as a talent, something we all have to some degree – like the ability to sing, but of course not everyone is equal in all areas. I suck at a lot of things like walking without falling or being able to put stuff away without it breaking. I once spilled hot coffee on my own head. I can’t look at a page and type it without a zillion mistakes. I am terrible at all sports, but I have other things and I have played to my strengths. We all have genius, but it most definitely is not all the same!

I could go on but won’t. I look forward to everyone’s ideas of how to help. I’m glad I started this blog. It is pretty conclusive proof that something is going on and for some reason I’m able to see and feel things before they happen here and now. Some people (if you don’t know me personally) might be surprised to know that I am confounded by all of this and often ponder why this happens to me or how it works. I really don’t know. I just know it does. I am actually naturally skeptical and completely understand the need to prove oneself in this realm where there are unfortunately a mix of really great and ethical people with people who would steal the shirt off your back and are total charlatans and perhaps the biggest category of psychics people who mean well but are not really psychic they are more intuitive listener types. They are compassionate and helpful but they’re intuition is not any better than the average person. I have also met one person who was truly an amazing healer. She literally laid her hands on me and my slipped disc was cured. So I am thankful for this platform and my chance to get to show the world my insights rather than just the people who I know or have read for. Those people have seen me do freaky stuff and been to my home when paranormal activity was occurring, but who would believe it? Not me.

I’m open to all thoughts. I will be checking e-mail for this site about once a week. So feel free to write me there if you don’t want to post on the site.


Hello Everyone!