Mitt Romney’s Chart interpreted

Mitt Romney Astrology

Acquisitioned and duplicitous by nature, the real Romney is buried so deep behind layers of masks that he himself may not know his true nature. His need to control is intense and if elected (which he would say or do anything to gain power) would take a hatchet to many of the things we hold sacred as Americans in order to widen his own personal power. The reason being is he suffers under the delusion that he is “special,” a “chosen one,” here to make way for something akin to the rapture.

I really didn’t know what to think of this man until I saw his chart.  I didn’t really give him much thought other than knowing he would get the nomination and loose by a hair in the race. But his chart is disturbing. There are so many layers of smoke and mirrors and other than looking like a used car salesman in a panic to sell you a lemon, he struck me as vapid, his chart however shows a much more sinister side, one that will lead us further down the path toward becoming a third world country with a dictatorship – the ground work has been laid by previous administrations in the past several decades, and we have hovered back and forth from the brink of this but if Romney were ever to sit in the oval office, the mask of affability would peel off and we would see a dark side, probably something those closest to him know about but would never dare share.

As long as everyone around him does things his way, he’s a decent guy, problem is his values are at odds with the vast majority of Americans who believe in a fair shot and an even playing field. Romney does not and with every stroke of his pen he would further destroy the American dream for the middle class. His sense of privelage is intenseunlike anything I have seen except for in the charts of dictators. The one thing he has going for him is it is mollified by all the water in his chart which up until now has made his desire to be special about acquiring the most stuff or money but the dark seed of his emotional emptiness – where he can never be enough, never have enough, never be special enough is where his desire to be president stems from. And this my friends is a very dark shadow. He will not win this election, but be wary because this won’t be the last we see of his grabs for power.

Be sure to vote. Unless you wan slave wages and an America where you are so busy surviving you can not thrive and certainly you can not fight the powers that be – meaning Romney or anyone like him.

* And I would like to add his natal Pluto will be inconjuct transiting Pluto.

Many blessings,



Mitt Romney’s Chart interpreted

5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Chart interpreted

  1. I had a lot of bad feelings about Romney before I read your post. His past actions – nearly killing his family’s dog on a road trip and being the ringleader in beating up an innocent gay guy as a teen – were huge red flags to me. Also what he does for a living is distrubing. However, I never really thought of him as the dictator type – only cruel and selfish. Everyone else in the group who beat up the gay guy was sorry and ashamed, but not Mittens. From what you’re saying, it sounds like this is how he plans to treat all Americans that are not in his favored group which includes next to no one. I was always planning on voting Obama and encouraging others to do the same, but this makes me all the more determined.

  2. I am not a military expert nor an expert on this law. At a glance, it looks pretty much the same as what has been being done for quite some time. I learned a long time ago that I will not like or necessarily approve of everything a politician I vote for does. However, the best any of us can hope for is that the politician in place does not do too much damage or erode human rights any further.

    I fear Republicans are way too concerned about goes on in women’s panties. Of course, they have a history in this area, it’s simply spreading from one woman (Monica Lewinsky) to all women.

    I am also concerned that Mitt Romney will attempt to damage or abolish Social Security which would devisate senior citizens of today and tomorrow. I am also concerned who is concerned a leech to society. I felt and thought most people would agree with me that the profoundly mentally retarded should be a protected group of people that no one would capable of self sustaining employment. However, in my own state, our Republican governor attempted to push through measures that would significantly reduce SSDI benefits and Medicaid to the profoundly mentally disabled. Talk about a group of people who cannot possibly fight back! However, their caretakers and others have rallied and their benefits remain intact for the next 12 months. The future is uncertain.

    I fear the Republican agenda is to get rid of the troublesome middle class and home ownership among this group so everyone has to pay every dime to the wealthy who have all moved all their money off shore and pay not a dime in taxes and yet, reserve the right to send off our military to defend their property in the Middle East and elsewhere. I wish there was a JFK or an FDR waiting in the wings with lots of wonderful ideas and personal charsima, but all we have is Obama.

  3. Paia says:

    I read a psychic who said: December 2012 will be the important point in America where we will have chosen either GOLD or HEALTH. Obama is the future-man of health, cooperation, fairness and human and planetary well-being. Romney is the midas-man who cannot see beyond personal aggrandisement, entitlement and gold for a select few — who will hold no qualms or guilt when destroying what is good forALL Americans in favor of elites in the billionaire, ammunition, and corporate class. May the angels of our better nature guide each of us this Nov. at the election booth.

  4. Concerned Citizen and Capable Astrologer says:

    This is one of the most ridiculous intrepretations of a natal chart I have ever read, and of course the authors extreme political bias is not compatible with her futile analyzation attempts. Mitt Romney is a decent, accomplished, intelligent man, and it is Barack Obama (socialist, liar, Muslim racist) whos is truly the malevolent player in this ever unfolding drama. All of those who have commented thus far also demonstrate a lack of insight or common sense, and if BO were to be re-elected, it would be a definitive loss and tremendous tragedy for America. He has already done damage to our country fiscally, morally, and of course, as recent events have confirmed, has absolutely no experience regarding foriegn policy. Yes, everyone, please vote. For Mitt Romney. The rest of you are absolutely delusional.

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