The upcoming election Romney Vs. Obama

A friend asked if I would look at the upcoming election via astrology. I’ve already posted what I was told about the situation when Newt Gingrich was being lauded as the shoo in for the Republican candidacy. What I was told so far has born out that Romney would win the spot and that it would be a very tight race between Obama and Romney.

So just to double-check with the stars I checked out the lead up and the actual election day with their basic charts. Here’s the thing. It was as I was told – a NAIL BITER! If you care at all about the future of the US you HAVE TO VOTE this COMING ELECTION!

Here’s what I saw in the fall leading up to the election Romney would get a slight advantage. It might even look like he will or could win. He may even lead in the poles but on the day of the election Obama has enough of an astrological edge to beat out Romney.

I know a lot of people have been disappointed by Obama but the Obama we wanted to step up will have a much better shot if we not only give him the tools to do so – like a majority of Democrats in Congress but also he needs to communicate what he’s doing to help our economy. The thing is. He actually has helped it. We’ve averted bread lines and complete collapse that would otherwise have come our way but we are not out of the woods here and I don’t want to go too negative on Romney but the truth is the man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his job was created from a legal loop-hole that Reagan put in place. He loves firing people, thing is he’s never known what living on the edge is like and has no compassion for the common person. To be totally and completely straight here his chart terrifies me more than any other Republican I’ve ever seen. If you want to live in a 3rd world country (which has been the plan of the wealthy oligarchs for the past 40 years working and eroding every American institution put in place to level the playing field for all) then vote for Romney. He will be the nail on the coffin. And we will be living in a country where the middle-class and upper middle-class disintegrate and the wealthy go back to their Feudal roots.

And no offense to Mormons – there is nothing wrong with their religion, however if those people on the right actually investigated the beliefs of Mormons they would realize it has more in common with Scientology than it does with any other form of Christianity. I don’t judge people’s religion, everyone has their path to the creator. I do guarantee that Mormonism would deeply disturb Born Again Christians and Evangelicals if they bothered to do even the most cursory research.

Obama’s spiritual belief system is far more akin to the norm of most American citizens than Romney’s, again I’m no one to judge as I’m far from the norm but it is something that those who hold their religious principles dear should consider. If one looks into the history of the Mormons and into their belief system it has more in common with what Evangelicals would call the “occult” than it does with anything else. Again I have no problem with that, in fact I investigated the religion in high school because I found it fascinating but it’s ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DEGREES LEFT of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT.

In Romney’s case it’s not his religion I have a problem with, its him. I think this man is about as in touch with the rest of us as whales are with Mount Everest.

Many blessings,


Oh, and I am currently working on teaching here in LA and I’m thinking of taping these sessions for those interested in podcast form – hopefully this will come together for everyone to hear by July.

The upcoming election Romney Vs. Obama

24 thoughts on “The upcoming election Romney Vs. Obama

  1. Hi Denise. I recently put together a book about predictions and insights into 2012 called “2012 Messages”. I wish I would have found you earlier this year when I was combing the internet, as I feel that you are a really clear and down-to-earth channel.

    What I found was that there it is really split 50/50 as to the predictions of the outcome of this election, showing that it will indeed be tight. One source called it “nerve-wracking”. One even suggested that as we move into the later part of 2012, “the truth” will be known about all things, including the political corruption and that there will be a major shake-up where many are brought to justice for their crimes. We will see, but you are right – everyone get out and vote. We have free will, but if we don’t use it, we forfeit our voice in this decision.

    If you are interested, please email me and I will send you an ebook. I would be interested in seeing what you agree with and what you do not.


  2. grace43 says:

    IMO Obama is doesn’t come across as friendly like Bush did. He seems calculating, distant and reserved. America voted for a “buddy” in 2000 and 2004 and look where that got us. I think Obama has done a pretty fair job with a bad hand. I was hoping he was going to be more of an FDR, but the good ole days when Americans cared about things more than reality tv and getting rich are gone.

    For some reason, it appears to me that we worship the rich and famous and see money/fame as the only things that make someone successful. I really don’t get the mentality of voting for uber rich politicans who care nothing for anyone but themselves is somehow magically going to transform into prosperity for everyone. The rich don’t care about the little guy which is everyone but themselves including the moderately wealthy. I have family in that category and they are on the verge of bankrupcy, because the uber rich don’t even want the somewhat rich around.

    Here in Kansas, our “wonderful” governor is trying to cut funding for programs which help the mentally challenged. He wants to take them off Medicaid and force them on private insurance. This would bankrupt the families of mentally challenged persons. First, he cut education funding to everyone but the seriously disabled. Now, he’s going after the most vunerable people of all – those with incapable of ever voting, holding a job or doing even the most basic things like use the bathroom. How is a 50 year with the mind of an 18 month old supposed to find a job? Well, according to some, he should or he’s a suck off.

    I am very concerned, Denise. On an up note, my ultra red relatives who have more money than most but are far from billionaires have finally figured out that Republicans are not their friends and have switched teams.

    1. Deb says:

      You are so wrong. It is Romney who cannot connect with ordinary people, changes his views at every turn. He seems like a spineless, uncaring, automaton. Just my observation. Peace.

      1. Bob says:

        You people that love Obama so much are the real problem in the country now. He has not done one thing to help this country. You are so biased against Romney because he grew up wealthy. And he has no compassion for the common man. What the hell do you know and how would you know that? Romney is a business man and knows much more about creating jobs than Obama. Why does it matter how much money he has. What’s wrong with being rich or trying to be? What are you communist? Wealth is what created our country. All of you white people that love Obama so much are clueless. Obama hates white people. Just keep on licking his ass and you will find out where that will get you. Bunch of mindless drones. Geeze open your eyes and look past Obama’s bull. Can’t you see it? How he’s destroying our country.If you get your way and Obama is re-elected you people will be the ones to blame when our country’s economy is completely decimated. Oh and dont forget to give Obama the reach around while your licking his ass. Morons.

  3. Alexandra Mark says:

    I have not seen such an improbable astrological evaluation on the election as I have just read in the above “political editorial!” No wonder astrology has such a poor reputation.

  4. barry says:

    I have never voted republican and after Obama will never for a democrat. If I vote at all it will be third party.

  5. am says:

    Your political ignorance is showing; you speak many inaccuracies. For just one example, “step up will have a much better shot if we not only give him the tools to do so – like a majority of Democrats in Congress” — Denise, he had both Democratic-majority House AND Senate for three years! educate yourself before making wildly inaccurate and misleading statements. Please. It’ll make you a brighter voter too.

  6. elly says:

    I was reading Dell Horoscope magazine and this astrologer Michael O’Reilly claims Romney will win election according to his chart. Because he has 1 degree Gemni his rising sign and his part of fortune is 17 degree Gemni. And rest of chart looks good to win he said. I hope he wrong about Romney winning. Mormon do not believe in gambling. I wonder if he elected he get rid of the lottery.

    1. “O’Reilly claims Romney will win election according to his chart. Because he has 1 degree Gemni his rising sign and his part of fortune is 17 degree Gemni.” Good lord, elly! That’s not why! That’s a 16-degrees spread between his rising sign and PofF, way out of aspect (in other words, so separated in degrees as to have no bearing). No offense but your comment suggests a lack of understanding about astrology so it is best to say nothing so as not to reveal ignorance. Wise sentiment from a famous author.

  7. Devadatta says:

    There is an ancient sutra of love and hatred that says love is acceptance and hatred is non acceptance, manifesting as desiring change. The supporters were delusional in thinking themselves the embodiments of unconditional love and compassion while spreading their message of hatred (change) like so much bad breath. Kind of shocking if you think about it. Is it any wonder it played out the way it did?

  8. Jessica says:

    You are out of your mind if you think Obama has done good. He sucks and needs to get out of the White House! His days should be done. He has created so much diversity its time to Vote that guy out! He is Evil!
    Celebrities are out of there mind as well! Cher is the worse….

  9. Didi says:

    Obama all the way! Mittens might think that R(money) will win, but wait til Nov 6th comes..Voted Obama/Biden 2012. So di all my college friends 🙂

  10. Didi says:

    Denise, you are SOOO right with everything you have written. Don’t even bother to prove anything to ignorant ppl. Not worth your energy. Peace and go Obama!

    I not out of my mind and I know Bush ruined this country tell the truth stopping lying on President Obama, I would like you to list the great things that President Bush did for the country ok do this and I will list the good things that President Obama has done for this country I dare you to try and list the good things. DO IT

  12. The intuitionist says:

    I am not the mainstream astrologer or pshysic. I have knowledge of both dimensions. My intuition tells me Romney will take it solid although it will be close. Take a look at the progressed charts, and the star maps, which are a little more work and an art that takes years to master. This lies above the solar system. On the asteroid end and don’t forget the asteroids! Chiron is doing an interesting aspect favoring Romney. Powerful little asteroid! The charts on inauguration day charts for spouses and void course! We shall see!

    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”’ ― Albert Einstein

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