Just to be Clear

To all the Republicans who post here let me tell you I am not a Republican. How could I be? I’d be burned at a stake as a witch if the super right had its way (which BTW did happen to approximately 250,000 innocent women during the dark ages) and my right to my own body would be taken from me. There is no doubt I prefer the Democratic party – any sane person would. I however do not think they are perfect nor do I only “predict” Democratic wins. In fact I started voting when Dukakis was running and I voted for him knowing full well he would loose. I also knew Reagan would win. I knew that George W. would win the electoral vote and that Al Gore would win the popular vote. In fact when looking at their charts I saw them both winning which confounded me since it was weird. But I could tell that George W. had just a slight edge and this was when I figured one would win the popular vote and the other the electoral. I knew psychically though that George W. was going to win which was why I started writing the book Americhrist in 1999 before the election. I assumed George was going to take the office. Just because I want something to happen doesn’t make it so. 

People like you give away your power by even thinking this craziness. I am a human being not a goddess.

If you think that a psychic has the power of GOD than you are completely delusional. I am only a messenger. I don’t create the flow of traffic. I have nothing to do with the way world events unfold, I simply state what I am told and what I am shown. This attitude that somehow I have the power to change the future by stating what I’ve been told is completely absurd and one of the reasons I gave up doing psychic work for many years because people would argue with me, wanting me to tell them what they wanted to happen – as if my saying something would make it come to pass. And when I told them what was to be and they didn’t like it they’d try to get me to tell them that things would turn out differently than what I was told. It’s not impossible to change the future but it’s also not very easy. You can stop a train if you see something on the tracks far enough away, but if your right up on it chances are pretty much guaranteed that the train will run over whatever is there – it can’t slow down fast enough – this is the way fate works. It is a series of decisions made by all of us that can not be changed unless there is a concerted effort with clear farsightedness in place. 

So yes, you are right I’m not a fascist. I am not a corporatist. I do not think the “free market” is free – it is set up for the rich to win. I am a liberal. And if you ever find a psychic who is anything other than a liberal than they aren’t psychic because the very nature of being psychic means being sensitive and caring about others. As soon as a person becomes selfish and greedy the gift goes away – this is why there are famous psychics who are no longer psychic and some of the most psychic among us remain entirely anonymous. 

Wow, you got me. I care about humanity. Man I’m evil. Maybe you should take out your stakes and set me on fire the way your forerunners did or take out those torture racks – that was the Christian way according to some of you. Seems it still is. 

BTW there was a scientific study done about the brains of conservatives – turns out the ancient lizard part of their brain where fear is stored is more active than in people who are liberal. Guess that’s why they don’t make very good psychics – you need higher limbic functioning – otherwise known as compassion.


Just to be Clear

18 thoughts on “Just to be Clear

  1. Thomas says:

    Just before the war between Israel and Lebanon in 2006 I had a premonition / vision of Damascus getting bombed. Unlike the vision I had before 9/11, of a white apathetic male with a kindly face, what I saw in this vision was a very dark person, demon like.

    I keep getting signs and omens that point to something demonic, especially concerning the number 723.

    If you haven’t started protecting yourself, I would suggest starting soon. There’s some really nasty people coming to power, and they will be broadcasting all over the world.

    Around two weeks before 9/11 part of the premonition I had then was to isolate myself from all mass media, which I did for six months on a Caribbean beach. I can only guess as to what demonic messages were broadcast to people from that event, but it was just a taste of what’s to come.

    Protect yourselves.

    1. Thomas says:

      6 hours before the Dark Knight massacre I wrote the above post.

      A day before the child massacre in Connecticut I changed my avatar on a conspiracy forum to a child with it’s third eye illuminated, plus the capital letters OFM with 444 under them.

      I looked up OFM today and found; Office of Foreign Missions, the people that allow diplomatic immunity (completely above the law).

      I’m still not sure what the 723 and 444 are about.


  2. Thomas says:

    Possibly 723 has to do with July 23?

    I would be careful about the mass media right now. The “Dark Knight” shooting by James E. Holmes has a real demonic feel to it. I’m getting this sick feeling in my gut about all this media coverage.

    1. Thomas says:

      I figured out the July 23, it was the day the picture of James E. Holmes, with the orange hair and orange cloths, was published.

      I don’t know if these shootings are created by demons on the other side, or demons working within our government, but this morning “Waterton” came to me as another premonition.

      Like I said just hours before the Dark Knight shooting, stay away from all mass media, the demons are using the mass media to get people rilled up for wars and civil strife.

      The number “signs” I keep seeing lately are 777 and 444. I keep getting déjà vu with Waterton. I wonder if it has something to do with JCD, Denise, and their “389” dreams? I keep wondering if Denise will be part of the exodus out of California heading north? I have the strangest synchronicities with the movie “Knowing,” and a dream JCD posted about a child born around December 2002.

      1. Thomas says:

        Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:51 am

        “I woke up thinking of FFs and “Waterton” came to me.”

        I can’t provide a link here, because the last time I tried my post disappeared. I wrote the above post on Oroborus Forum.

        As you probably know by now, Watertown Mass. was shut down for a manhunt.

        Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:28 pm

        “Florida just popped up in my mind for some reason.

        I’m looking at Denise Siegel’s stuff right now.”

  3. zoma777 says:

    Very perceptive. You’re both right. There is tremendous darkness right now. This is why I stopped blogging for so long. I felt it coming and I was literally getting physically very ill from it and had to take a break and reinforce my protection and separate myself from the collective energy for a while.

    1. Thomas says:

      I picked up on that train station blast in Russia in my dreams on December 28, plus something about tomorrow (Monday).

      Be very careful about watching the media. Don’t watch any television if you can help it.

      There was something interesting published about brain damage to children via radio waves, from the Web Bots guy (Half Past Human). He picked up that damage to children will be permanent, and people will become so angry that they will start destroying cell towers.

      I had a premonition last year to get rid of as many stray radio waves around my house as possible, so I hard wired my computer to the internet.

      Stay as Earth grounded as possible, and avoid the mass media.

      1. Thomas says:

        I had an unusual synchronicity with my post time on another forum, 12:33, and the trolley the blew up today was #1233. The other day I heard the number 1223 as I was waking up.

        I’ve been trying to figure out last night’s dream, a starving Killer Whale in a swimming pool, and hearing the name Tyler or Taylor. It might have something to do with this Taylor Swift parody song called, “You Can’t Trust A Killer Whale,” which had some controversy when a trainer was killed by a Killer Whale after the song was released.

      2. Thomas says:

        I don’t know what it means yet, but I created a thread in a forum where I keep a record of the songs I wake up hearing, and one of last night’s songs was “De Camptown Races,” by Stephen Foster (1850).

        There’s a synchronicity with the crop circle braille and the song lyrics, “De blind hoss stuck sticken in a big mud hole.”

        Okay, this is really weird. I just checked the numerology on “De blind hoss sticken,” and it equals “192.”

      3. Thomas says:

        P.S. My user name in the forum where I record the songs I wake up with is “One,” another synchronicity with the braille.

      4. Thomas says:

        This just a guess using the synchs, but putting things together I might say the people living in the San Francisco area are blind to their fate of liquefaction, where buildings and infrastructure sink in the mud during an earthquake?

        The other song I woke up with was “We Built This City” by Jefferson Starship.

  4. Speaking of darkness, there is also intense heat – literally. So many parts of the globe are having massive heat waves. Where I am now in the EU it is 9 degrees (celsius) warmer than the usual for this time of year.

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